bill sutch

Personal details

Full Name:

  • William Ball Sutch


  • 27 Jun 190728 Sep 1975

Even before his arrest, trial and acquittal on spy charges in the 1970s most New Zealanders had heard of Bill Sutch. He was a prominent citizen – known for his work as an economist, writer, public servant and diplomat.

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Events In History

  • 27 September 1974
    William Sutch charged with spying

    On a rainy night in Wellington’s Aro St, the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) gatecrashed a meeting between William Sutch and Dimitri Razgovorov. They believed Sutch, a prominent economist and former senior public servant, was passing information to Razgovorov, a Soviet diplomat. Read more...


The Cold War

  • The Cold War

    Although the origins of the so-called Cold War can be traced back to the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, this intense ideological struggle between the Western powers and the Soviet Union really began after the Second World War.

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  • Page 8 - War at homeApart from a period during the 1950s, New Zealanders remained relatively tolerant of communism.
  • Main image: William Sutch

    Economist Dr William Ball Sutch in 1975, back at work after being acquitted of a charge under the Official Secrets Act.