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  • Fintan Patrick Walsh


  • 13 Aug 189416 May 1963

As a leading trade unionist from the 1930s until his death in 1963, Fintan Patrick Walsh established himself as one of the most powerful figures in New Zealand. The ruthless way he dealt with opposition aroused great loathing in his enemies.

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The 1951 waterfront dispute

  • The 1951 waterfront dispute

    The 1951 waterfront dispute was the biggest industrial confrontation in New Zealand’s history. Although it was not as violent as the Great Strike of 1913, it lasted longer – 151 days, from February to July – and involved more workers.

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  • Page 4 – Division and defeat

    The watersiders’ militancy had isolated them from most unionists and Walter Nash’s Labour Party Opposition sat uncomfortably on the fence, denouncing government repression but

  • Main image: Fintan Patrick Walsh

    Fintan Patrick Walsh, c1956. Walsh is perhaps best remembered as a controversial opponent of striking waterside workers during the bitter 1951 waterfront dispute.

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