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John Key

Personal details

Full Name:

John Phillip Key

Prime Minister:

19 Nov 2008–12 Dec 2016

Age on becoming Prime Minister:




Political Party:



John Key
John Key’s prime ministerial parliamentary apprenticeship is the shortest since David Lange’s. Like Lange, he is one of the few recent PMs without prior Cabinet experience.


Housing the Prime Minister

Almost 150 years after the government purchased the first official premier's residence on Tinakori Road, Wellington, the address of Premier House remains the same. But in the intervening years the building has been extended, renamed, abandoned and refurbished. Read the full article

Page 4 - Vogel House and Premier House

Since 1975 the official prime minister's residence has been at Vogel House and, since 1990, Premier

Debate in the last few decades about a new New Zealand flag has led to referenda scheduled for 2015 and 2016.