geoffrey palmer

Personal details

Full Name:

  • Geoffrey Winston Palmer


  • 21 Apr 1942

Prime Minister:

8 Aug 1989–4 Sept 1990

Age on becoming PM:



Christchurch Central

Political Party:



Geoffrey Palmer, the hardworking, loyal deputy who became PM when David Lange resigned dramatically in August 1989, knew that Labour was doomed. ‘What I got from Lange was a hospital pass.’

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Housing the Prime Minister

  • Housing the Prime Minister

    Almost 150 years after the government purchased the first official premier's residence on Tinakori Road, Wellington, the address of Premier House remains the same. But in the intervening years the building has been extended, renamed, abandoned and refurbished.

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  • Page 4 - Vogel House and Premier HouseSince 1975 the official prime minister's residence has been at Vogel House and, since 1990, Premier
  • Main image: Geoffrey Palmer

    Environment Minister, Geoffrey Palmer (later Sir), holds the petition signed by the inhabitants of the sea who ask for protection. The petition was delivered from out of the ocean by four divers, 3 August 1989.

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