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Sport, 1940-1960

  • Sport, 1940-1960

    The mid-century decades brought more mass participation in sport, the consolidation of many national competitions, and greater achievement at international level.

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  • Page 2 - Lydiard's legacyThe cult of masculinity had one positive spin-off: Arthur Lydiard. A runner of iron will but limited natural ability, he discovered that as he ran further he got fitter.


  • Walker, John George

    John Walker is one of New Zealand's track heroes. His athletic career was punctuated by memorable performances and noted for its longevity

  • Lydiard, Arthur Leslie

    Arthur Lydiard was a marathon runner and athletics coach, whose most notable trainees included Olympic and Commonwealth Games champions.

  • Main image: John Walker in 1982

    Runner John Walker after completing mile race around Queen's Park, Toronto on 18 September 1982.

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