whanganui war


War in Whanganui

  • War in Whanganui

    The confusion and uncertainty that had surrounded the New Zealand Company's land purchases in Whanganui erupted into violence in the autumn and winter of 1847. The conflict also involved long-standing rivalries between upper and lower Whanganui River Māori.

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  • Page 2 – Background

    From the outset there was confusion and uncertainty over the exact nature and extent of the New Zealand Company's purchase at Whanganui.

  • Page 3 – The Matarawa killings

    The killing of Mary Gilfillan and three of her children caused tension between upriver and downriver Māori as well as among Europeans.

  • Page 4 – The siege of Whanganui

    Te Mamaku led 700 Ngāti Hāua-te-rangi fighters who attacked Whanganui in May 1847.

  • Page 6 – The 1865 campaign

    Following the battle of Moutoa Island in 1864, Hīpango pursued the retreating Pai Mārire (Hauhau). Fighting continued from fortified positions upriver, near Hiruhārama.

  • Page 7 – Further information

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