Wellington College students killed in Belgium

Wellington College students killed in Belgium

The impact of the First World War on local communities and institutions such as clubs and schools is starkly illustrated by the experience of Wellington College. During the war 1643 of this school’s former pupils served overseas. Of these, 222 were killed, and a further 350 were wounded.

This map of Wellington shows the location of the homes of some of the 40 college old boys who were killed on the battlefields of Belgium (including 11 who had been boarders at the college). In a pattern repeated throughout New Zealand, few streets or suburbs were untouched by the fatal consequences of war. Many residents would have known or been related to one or more of these men.

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Posted: 17 Mar 2015

There is 223 Coll boys who died in WWI
I have a teacher who wrote a book that we had to read so that is my evidence


Posted: 03 Nov 2008

I think the difference with the numbers might be because we have included students who died later from wounds - see this page for a break down of the figures. (I am happy to double check this, but I understand the figures were compiled in consultation with the College.) It would not be possible to have an accurate map of where they died in Belgium as often this was not known. The point of this map is really just to give some idea of the impact on people at home - what it would be like to have that many kids from your school killed in such a short period of time and the impact this would have on not only the school but families and neighbourhoods as well. It would be good if your teachers could contact us directly if they are concerned with the accuracy of information on our site - this way we can make any changes should they be required. They can email us at [email protected] Jamie Mackay Web Editor www.nzhistory.net.nz

Coll boy

Posted: 03 Nov 2008

i go to wellington college and my headmaster says this is a lie. only 38 were killed in belgium. also my history teacher says that those locations are pointless, you could have showed where they died. also, my geo tacher says those locations are most likely off by about 1 or 2 k's each