Anzac Mounted Division on the charge

Anzac Mounted Division on the charge

The Anzac Mounted Division on the charge in Palestine, 1917. It is unclear whether this photograph was taken during battle or staged for the camera.

In his history of The New Zealanders in Sinai and Palestine (p. 150), Lieutenant-Colonel C.G. Powles summarised the importance of mounted troops in the Battle of Ayun Kara in November 1917: 

The day’s action brought into play the full attacking powers of the mounted arm against an enemy in position. There was the mounted advance to the first fire position by one regiment, and then its systematic capture of enemy trenches on foot as infantry with rifle and bayonet and Hotchkiss and machine guns, and its rapid reinforcing on horseback of the successive positions when captured. With the other regiment there was the advance mounted under cover of artillery fire to successive fire positions; the rapid seizing of small tactical features at the gallop; the outflanking of the enemy position by aid of the mounted man’s mobility; and finally there was the magnificent mounted charge by which the red knoll was captured.

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