Christchurch railway workshops roll of honour board

In mid-1918, staff of the Railways Maintenance Workshop in Christchurch unveiled a roll of honour board listing colleagues serving in the First World War. The board was designed and made by members of the workshop. Made of rimu, it included the New Zealand coat of arms and depicted the names in gold paint. Two of the 12 names listed were marked as having been killed.

In 1920 the Railways Department considered erecting a board at Christchurch as part of its post-war plans to honour all railwaymen who died on 15 boards around the country, commemorating men from each rail district, the five main railway workshops and head office. It appears a board was erected in Christchurch, as there was discussion about restoring it in 1934. This board would have included the names of those from the workshops alongside those of other Christchurch district staff. The Railways Department commemorated all railwaymen who died in a roll of honour board unveiled at the department's head office in 1922. 

It is not known what became of the 1918 board or the post-war board.

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