Government Life Insurance roll of honour board

Government Life Insurance roll of honour board

Government Life Insurance Roll of Honour

A roll of honour board for staff of the Government Life Insurance Office who died during the First World War was unveiled in the vestibule of its building in October 1925. The bronze tablet, set within a laurel wreath, was designed and constructed by Joseph Ellis of Wellington Technical College at a cost of £22 17s (equivalent to $2120 in 2015). The men named on the board were Harry J. Cameron, Patrick Neville, David Mackay and Archibald Frederick Robbie.

The project was instigated by former soldiers working in the office, led by J.B. Ferguson. The fact the office had not taken the initiative caused some consternation among these men. Replying to a letter from Ferguson and others soliciting contributions, J.S. Prentice noted that he ‘gladly’ enclosed his contribution and was appalled ‘that the necessary action has had to be taken by the returned men themselves’ (pictured).

It is not known what became of this roll of honour board. The Government Life Insurance Office became a separate statutory body with the passing of the Government Life Assurance Act in 1953 and has since undergone a number of further changes.

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