Contributions to Pensions Department roll of honour

A roll of honour board for staff of the Pensions Department who served during the First World War was unveiled in its building in March 1922. The cedar board with white lettering was made by ‘General Engraver and Die Sinker’ William Bock of Wellington at a cost of £12. It was similar in style to the Audit Department board. It contained the following names:

Killed in action

  • G.O. Morgan (Gallipoli) 11 May 1915
  • A.W. Robertson (France) 22 June 1916
  • D.J. McBride (France) 7 June 1917

Proceeded overseas

  • B.E. Murphy                                                      
  • H. Digby-Smith                                                 
  • H. Harris
  • A.H. Parfitt                                                         
  • P.A. Keddell                                                      
  • I.K. Hodge
  • E.W. Fulton                                                        
  • B.F. Waters                                                        
  • C. Dunn
  • R.P. Smyth     
  • P. Cunningham                                                
  • G.A. Fortune

In camp at Armistice

  • E.J. McEldowney                                             
  • W.H. McLean
  • L. McKinnon                                                      
  • J.H. Boyes

Although unveiled by the minister of pensions, Hon G.J. Anderson and the minister in charge of war pensions, Hon Sir R. Heaton Rhodes, the board was funded by contributions from the department’s staff. The subscription list pictured shows that most contributed one or two shillings. It is not known what became of this board.

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