Court martial of Jack Dunn

Court martial of Jack Dunn

Private Jack Dunn, Wellington Battalion (bare-headed, lower left), hears his death sentence read out in front of his unit, Quinn’s Post, 18 July 1915.* Dunn had been on the peninsula since the landing on 25 April 1915. He had only recently returned from hospital after contracting dysentery. In mid-July, after having earlier reported sick, Dunn fell asleep on sentry duty. He was court martialled and sentenced to death for endangering the safety of his unit. General Sir Ian Hamilton rescinded his sentence on 5 August 1915. Three days later, Dunn died on Chunuk Bair. 

*Sources vary as to the date this photo was taken. Some say 18 July – the day of the court martial. Other sources suggest 5 August - after the sentence was remitted - as it was not policy to inform soldiers charged with serious offences of their penalty until it was confirmed (by Hamilton, in this case).

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