First NZANS nurses leave New Zealand

First NZANS nurses leave New Zealand

The first New Zealand Army Nursing Service (NZANS) nurses to leave New Zealand, on the deck of the SS Rotorua, April 1915. Back row (left to right): Annie Buckley, Kate Wright, Emma Harris, Elizabeth Nixon, Janet Moore, Christina Lowe, Florence Siddells, Christina Gibbon, Alice Searell, Daphne Commons, Jean Ingram. Next row: Isabella Scott, Maud Mitchell, Matilda Fricker, Fanny Wilson, Emily Curties, Kathleen Davies, Mary Sutherland, Margaret Samson, May Chalmers, Jean Cormack, Fanny Speedy, Jean Dodds. Third row (standing): Ina Bennett, Vida Maclean, Carrie Young, Marie Wilkie. Fourth row: May Foote, Mabel Crook, Eva Livesey, Fanny Price, Edith Harris, Lily Burke, Marton-in-Chief Hester Maclean, Sarah Clark, Emily Nutsey, Captain Sutcliffe, Bertha Nurse, Theresa Butler, Louisa Bird, Edna Pengelly, Isla Stewart. Front: Alicia Inglis, Jane Miller, Mary McBeth, Elizabeth Smailes, Ethel Taylor, Grace Calder, Kate Barnett. Missing: Cora Anderson and Agnes Williams.


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