Labour Department roll of honour board

The Labour Department prepared a roll of honour as early as October 1915. This roll contained the names of enlisted men – those who had gone to the front and those in training.  

In 1919 the department framed a list containing images of staff who served from 1914 to 1919 with notations where they had received military honours, or been wounded or killed. It contains the names and pictures of six men who died: Victor Bernard (4th row), John Burgess (2nd row), Robert Cameron, William Evenden (2nd row), Reuben Newman (3rd row, centre) and Kenneth Tait (2nd row, centre).

As the department chose to include ex-members of staff, not all of those who died appear on the public service roll of honour as Labour Department employees. Victor Bernard is listed as a staff member of the Audit Department. Robert Cameron, who served in the Royal Flying Corps, is not listed on the public service roll at all. It is not clear when he worked for the Labour Department.

It is not known what became of this board.

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