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Landing at Anzac, April 25, 1915 by Charles Dixon


The landing at Anzac, April 25, 1915, by Charles Dixon.

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Charles Dixon (1872–1934) was an English artist who specialised in marine scenes, working in both oils and watercolours. Best known for his depictions of activity on the Thames in London, he is also known for his paintings of major events in maritime history. He was not an official war artist, but in the April 1986 issue of Antique Collection, Stuart Boyd wrote that:

his titles at the Royal Academy between 1914 and 1918 suggest he probably had more than a covert role to play in portraying the events of the war at sea, with such evocative titles as In Line Ahead 1915, Jutland 1916, Anzac 1916, The Wounded Warrior 1917 and Allies 1918.


Archives New Zealand
Reference: NCWA Q388

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