Lieutenant Florence Crimmin

Lieutenant Florence Crimmin

Photograph of Lieutenant Florence Crimmin, published in the Auckland Weekly News on 6 September 1917. From Te Karaka, near Gisborne, Crimmin was farming in Argentina when war broke out and hurried to Britain to enlist. He was commissioned in the North Devon Hussars in September 1915. He was sent to Salonika in 1916 and posted to the 10th Battalion of the Devon Regiment. On 24 April 1917, he was reported missing during the first Battle of Doiran.

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Sheila Kennard

Posted: 05 Oct 2014

I am at present typing up letters written by my husband's Grandfather, Harold Musson written in 1916/17, before his death. Florence Crimmin was friend of his, both left Argentina for England to join up. They played polo together for a team called the Borderers. He was known as Flurry and is remembered in a verse of a poem written by Harold:

"The first to be mentioned is “Flurry”
Who is always ahead in a scurry
On any old screw
He will back up his crew
And gets many a goal in a hurry."