Lounge on the Captain Cook immigrant ship

Lounge on the Captain Cook immigrant ship

The corridor lounge on the port side of the Captain Cook. 

The Captain Cook brought assisted immigrants to New Zealand via the Panama Canal from 1952 to 1960.  See Wikipedia entry and community contributions below for more information.

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Andy Klyen

Posted: 27 Nov 2019

Hello everyone, my parents Lewis Klyen and Faith West both came to New Zealand on the Captain Cook in the late 50s under the £10 assisted program. They were on the same voyage but only new each other vaguely meeting again later and marrying. My mother helped entertain people by singing apparently and I have a couple of pictures of my fathers ‘crossing the equator’ fancy dress costume if anyone is interested. After marrying they moved to Taupo where I was born. Great to find this forum. Thanks everyone.

Patricia Leeson (née Smith)

Posted: 11 Nov 2019

I travelled on the Captain Cook, from Glasgow to Wellington in 1959.... I was 15-years old at the time....we were very lucky to be entertained by a fantastic singer, Bill Mullins, throughout the trip, he liked to sing Buddy Holly songs in particular....myself and my family have often thought of him over the years. Hope all went well for him in Christchurch..

Sharon Hutchins (nee Prizeman)

Posted: 25 Oct 2019

My parents sailed from England to New Zealand in 1952. They met on board and married when they were living in the Trentham immigration camp just outside of Wellington. My Mother’s name was Angela Stanford and my Father was Derek Prizeman. My Dad passed away in 1978, and my Mum has since returned to the UK, and is 92 years old this year. She speaks very fondly of her time on the Captain Cook’ and the many friends she made while she was aboard. I was born in New Zealand, and came to live in the UK in 1980. If anyone remembers my parents and would like to contact me, then my email address is [email protected].

Brenda Rye Née Featherstone

Posted: 06 Oct 2019

Hello Sandra Lowe ( if you are reading). I was on the same sailing as you, arriving in Nov 1958. I was 5 years old. I have video footage of the fancy dress you are talking about, and you could be in it. Please e mail if you are interested . [email protected] I remember eating separately from my parents, with all the other children, so we probably ate meals together. Please contact if you would like to see the old movie footage. I am now in Wanganui.

Brenda Rye

Posted: 01 Oct 2019

Hello, I immigrated to NZ via the Captain Cook, with my parents . I think in 1958, or maybe 1959. I was about 6 years old. I have footage of the children’s fancy dress, and crossing the line ceremony. My e mail address is [email protected] if anybody else was aboard about that time.

Val Marshall

Posted: 25 Aug 2019

I sailed on the Captain Cook arriving in Wellington Nov 1958. Wonderful trip through the Panama Canal..food was good, ship really clean. Did our washing and had washing lines up on deck. Passengers made their own entertainment. There was dancing, piano recitals....we did a wonderful show at the end of the trip singing "At Sea on the Captain Cook....Every morning the stewards brought cups of tea to the cabins..saying "Rise and Shine on the Donaldson Line" Always remember the food.... hands up for eggs? in the mornings.
Worked in the travel department of the Bank of New Zealand. Married a kiwi and we now live in Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Paul Kerr

Posted: 20 Aug 2019

Hello Angela,

Our mother was on the 'Captain Cook' with your family, which departed Glasgow on 17 June 1958, arriving into Wellington on 24 July 1958 and we'd dearly like to make contact with you, as we are currently researching her journey. Please contact us at - [email protected]

Unfortunately, Graham Lowe seems not to have returned to the forum in recent times (see post below yours), but we do have some information to share with you ...

Paul Kerr.

Angela Parry

Posted: 01 Aug 2019

Graham Lowe

Posted: 10 Jun 2011

Hello Graham. Have just seen these postings about TSS Captain Cook - 17/6/1958. My family also emigrated to NZ on this ship. You mentioned sharing a cabin with others - presumably all single men. Do you remember if one of the men was called David Parry. My mum and three kids shared a cabin and David (12 years old) had to share a cabin with single men

Paul Kerr

Posted: 22 Jul 2019

Admin - How can we make contact with those that have previously posted on this forum, some a while ago, if they have not returned to this site to post a reply ?
Can our email address be forwarded to them, along with this message, by yourself ?
Our father and mother, both arrived into Wellington on 4 April 1958 and 24 July 1958, respectively and the people of direct interest to us, for family research purposes are - Ray Foster, Graham Lowe and Carol Moore (Nee Adams).

Norman & Olive Allen

Posted: 03 Jun 2019

Reference Heather Blanshards question the arrival date in Wellington was 10th February 1954. Stops en route were as mentioned. My wife & I met on the ship for RNZAF & Nursing.