Lounge on the Captain Cook immigrant ship

The corridor lounge on the port side of the Captain Cook. 

The Captain Cook brought assisted immigrants to New Zealand via the Panama Canal from 1952 to 1960.  See Wikipedia entry and community contributions below for more information.

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Ray Foster

Posted: 29 Jun 2016

I and my wife and our 18 month old daughter came on the 'Cook' from Glasgow in February 1958 and arrived on 5th April 1958 which just happened to be Good Friday that year. this turned out to be very unfortunate as the dockers refused to work [a holiday y'see].
Best I say nothing about the consequences [unless asked particularly] I see that Carol Moore a 14 year old was in that 1000 of us but as yet no comments from these 999 others of 'em.
We had one of the best cabins it seems on A Deck and the voyage was largely smooth with no breakdowns at all.
We came across the 'Hobson' that had conked out and talking to others that had come to NZ that way this was nowhere near the only time.
As a plumber I was treated with 'kid-gloves' no-one ever called me an 'anything' pom and in no time folks would knock on my door to see if I could 'do' their plumbing.
We arrived in the country with just £9 to splash out with so yes of course I will......and did.....often.
Best move I ever made!!

Eileen Lewis (Chadwick)

Posted: 26 Jun 2016

I came to NZ as an assisted immigrant on the Captain Cook in 1953 with my parents Fred and Margaret Chadwick, brother Roy (6yrs) and David (6 months) I was 7 at the time. We boarded the ship in Southampton on 6 June but I believe the ship started its voyage in Glasgow. Arrived Wellington 22 July 1953 and caught a train to Levin where we were met by an ex RAF friend of my father who we stayed with for several weeks until a house was available at Raumati Beach. My father had a job waiting for him as an aircraft engineer at Paraparaumu airport. The sea on the trip over was quite rough at times because I can remember being told to stay off the deck because the waves were high. We were not allowed to leave the ship at Panama because a passenger/s had tb and as a result we were quarantined.

Alan Waddams

Posted: 23 May 2016

I sailed on the SS Captain Cook from Glasgow in Dec. 1953 Arriving in Wellington N Z about the
10th February 1954. Would love to know the actual dates of departure & arrival.

Graham Naylor

Posted: 19 Mar 2016

I am replying to Geraldine Hughes question about the date of arrival in Wellington of the 10 February 1959 sailing from Glasgow. We arrived on 18 March 1959. As I recall we should have arrived on 19 March but made such good time that we arrived one day early.

Jan Saundercock

Posted: 09 Mar 2016

Seeking to make contact with emigrants on board the TSS Captain Cook in 1956. Recently purchased a photo album in a second hand shop with photos which may belong to Jessie and Davie whose surname may be Shiels. Some photos in album of Lily and Alister Martin, Jean Lennox and Christopher McGregor.
Davie was a photographer from Peebles ex-services Highland Pipe Band. Contact [email protected]

Sandra Omson

Posted: 16 Feb 2016

My family left London OCTOBER 1956 and went by train to Glasgow to join the SS Captain Cook. My father was already in NZ and we were finally joining him. We were a large family, Mum, 3 boys and 3 girls. Two of my brothers were working age. We had school on the ship, courtesy of passengers that were teachers. This was disappointing! Had a marvellous but long trip and landed in Wellington 8 December. We went to Christchurch. Does anyone remember the Bishop family?

Ronald B Cole

Posted: 10 Feb 2016

I arrived in Wellington Nov 1957 after a very interesting voyage from Glasgow.
Us single lads quartered astern and marrieds in the mid decks as I rememver. Sergent at arms patrolled the decks to see no one strayed. Lots of fun on the ship some very rough seas and a couple of breakdowns. Plenty people seasick.
I then went on the overnight ferry to Christchurch. lived there about 12 years before moving my family to Australia. I have only a couple of photos and would love some more if any one has any ?? [email protected] is my e-mail


Posted: 07 Feb 2016

My brother and I traveled on the Captain Cook from Glasgow arriving in Wellington NZ in November 1958. On the 1st night out my mother was taken ill with bronchial phenomena and was in the hospital for the whole trip. My brother 6 was not placed in a cabin with mum and I aged 7 and this meant that for the whole trip we were on our own. We had lessons everyday and when we passed through Panama and Curecao some kind people took us a shore for the day. My memory of this trip was my brother and I pretty much had the run of the ship and we did what we wanted. When we crossed the equator there was much festivities and we had fancy dress costumes some kind people had made us out of crepe paper. When we arrived in Wellington we were met by Dad. He had been on an earlier passage through the Suez Canal in February. My father was a Chef with Graham Kerr in the NZ Airforce, stationed at Hobsonville. Because my mother was still unwell the Airforce provided us with flights to Whenuapei. We (the Lowe family) settled in Henderson Valley in the Waitakere Ranges

Bernadette Dungey

Posted: 04 Feb 2016

Me my brother mum and dad the Fry family left Glasgow in 1957 on the Captain Cook to arrive at Wellington, in Nov 1957, then we took the Cook strait Ferry the Rangatira to Lyttelton, we we stayed with friends of my dads till we could find a place. I was nearly four and my brother was about 2 years old, I have a few memories of running around the decks of the ship having a great time, and my dad who used to be a seaman holding me up as we went through the panama canal and telling me whats going to happen. stopping off at Panama city, and and seeing lots of black people all dressed in white that I had never seen before. also seeing flying fish for the first time, and crossing the equator
r, and drinking Lime juice with ice cubes, that always reminds me off being on the Captain cook drinking lime juice in the heat and looking at the sparkling waters. :)

Lee Murray

Posted: 22 Nov 2015

My dad went to New Zealand around 1957 or 1958 on the Captain Cook, he was a free fare. His name is Douglas Murray. He met another man on there, Adam Langford. They still see each other now and again. Both now in their early eighties. Anybody happen to remember them or have photos?