Lounge on the Captain Cook immigrant ship

The corridor lounge on the port side of the Captain Cook. 

The Captain Cook brought assisted immigrants to New Zealand via the Panama Canal from 1952 to 1960.  See Wikipedia entry and community contributions below for more information.

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Posted: 07 Feb 2016

My brother and I traveled on the Captain Cook from Glasgow arriving in Wellington NZ in November 1958. On the 1st night out my mother was taken ill with bronchial phenomena and was in the hospital for the whole trip. My brother 6 was not placed in a cabin with mum and I aged 7 and this meant that for the whole trip we were on our own. We had lessons everyday and when we passed through Panama and Curecao some kind people took us a shore for the day. My memory of this trip was my brother and I pretty much had the run of the ship and we did what we wanted. When we crossed the equator there was much festivities and we had fancy dress costumes some kind people had made us out of crepe paper. When we arrived in Wellington we were met by Dad. He had been on an earlier passage through the Suez Canal in February. My father was a Chef with Graham Kerr in the NZ Airforce, stationed at Hobsonville. Because my mother was still unwell the Airforce provided us with flights to Whenuapei. We (the Lowe family) settled in Henderson Valley in the Waitakere Ranges

Bernadette Dungey

Posted: 04 Feb 2016

Me my brother mum and dad the Fry family left Glasgow in 1957 on the Captain Cook to arrive at Wellington, in Nov 1957, then we took the Cook strait Ferry the Rangatira to Lyttelton, we we stayed with friends of my dads till we could find a place. I was nearly four and my brother was about 2 years old, I have a few memories of running around the decks of the ship having a great time, and my dad who used to be a seaman holding me up as we went through the panama canal and telling me whats going to happen. stopping off at Panama city, and and seeing lots of black people all dressed in white that I had never seen before. also seeing flying fish for the first time, and crossing the equator
r, and drinking Lime juice with ice cubes, that always reminds me off being on the Captain cook drinking lime juice in the heat and looking at the sparkling waters. :)

Lee Murray

Posted: 22 Nov 2015

My dad went to New Zealand around 1957 or 1958 on the Captain Cook, he was a free fare. His name is Douglas Murray. He met another man on there, Adam Langford. They still see each other now and again. Both now in their early eighties. Anybody happen to remember them or have photos?

Elizabeth Hazelwood

Posted: 05 Oct 2015

I shared a cabin with three girls Elizabeth Humphries Brigid Kirk Lyn Hutton we were all single.My father sent me a message wishing me bon voyage I came second in the fancy dress I still correspond with Brigid we sat on deck most of the time.I will be 80yrs in November still going strong are the other girls out there? The year I arrived in Wgton was 1959.

yvonne reeves

Posted: 09 Sep 2015

My family were from Cockburnspath in Scotland and arrived in Wellington in June 1959. We travelled to Taumarunui...then on to Piriaka where my father ( William "Bill" Edgar) worked as a signalman on the railway. I was 2 years old and my brother David, was almost 4. My mother's name is Margaret Edgar.

Vicki Dakers nee Barbour

Posted: 27 Jun 2015

I was on board tis ship in 1958


Posted: 01 Jun 2015

Hello Would Betty Mileham N.. please contact me re: travelling on TSS Captain Cook in 1954? Dianne

Betty Mileham nee Wilson

Posted: 05 Apr 2015

I had my 18th birthday on TSS Captain Cook, traveling alone sailed from Glasgow 13th April 1954 arrived Wellington 19th May; crossed the line 2nd May. I remember going to the mission to seamen in Curacao, I think it was a Sunday. Shared a cabin with Mary McNeil and Margaret McCaffrey.

Geraldine Hughes

Posted: 26 Mar 2015

I came to NZ with my parents on the Captain Cook, leaving Glasgow on 10th February 1959. Does anyone know the date that voyage arrived in Wellington? I was less than 2 years old and have no memories of the voyage but do have a couple of photos - one of me in a Santa suit at, I believe the fancy dress party crossing the equator! I would love any info about this particular voyage or if anyone recalls my family. My father was Irish and my mother, English, they were Brendan and Phyllis Hughes

Jimmy Duncan

Posted: 02 Mar 2015

Did anyone come on the sailing that arrived in Wellington on St Patricks Day 1959 which I believe may have been the second to last voyage before it was taken off. Reading some of the other comments has brought back a lot of memories. We sailed when I was nine years old and remember having to spend some time at school learning about the Maoris and the earthquakes. I remember also the crossing of the equator ceremony with King Neptune and being dunked in the pool.The other memory I have is looking over the side of the ship in Panama and seeing a sea of black faces.....an unusual sight if you had spent your formative years only ever in Dundee.
Our family was 'nominated' by my uncle and Dad had to work in a prearranged job for a period of two years. We were a family of four . Unfortunately my Mum and sister became terribly seasick on the journey and spent some time in the hospital.Meanwhile I learnt to play table tennis .
We crossed Cook Straight In the Maori (and got a badge) and travelled on the train from Lyttelton to the now gone railway station in Christchurch. From there we were collected by my uncle in his 'Rugby' car. My sister and I then went to a new primary school in Hoon Hay and I remember the freedom we had both in the classroom and out in the acres of grass. It was wonderful! My parents (92 & 86) and sister still live in Christchurch but I moved to Dunedin with my family in 1986.