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16 May 1840Sheet 8 — The Cook Strait (Henry Williams) Sheet

On 16 May 1840, Anglican Church Missionary Society missionaries Henry Williams and Octavius Hadfield travelled to Waikanae, where 20 signatories from Te Āti Awa added their marks to the Cook Strait (Henry Williams) copy of the Treaty of Waitangi.

The fourth signatory on the day, Ngā-raurekau, is likely to have been a woman. Apart from Matahau, who wrote his own name, each of these signatories made a unique mark next to their name.


Signature Number Signed as Probable Name Tribesort descending Hapū
105 Ngakaue Ngākanae?
106 Pukerangiora Puke-rangiora
110 Hohepa Matahau Matahau Ngāti Raukawa
97 Rere tauwangawanga Te Rere-tā-whangawhanga Te Āti Awa Manukorihi
98 Witi Wiremu Kīngi Te Rangitāke Te Āti Awa Ngāti Kura, Ngāti Mutunga
101 Te Heke Te Heke Te Āti Awa Patupo
102 Tuamane Tuainane Te Āti Awa
112 Hiangarere Hiangarere Te Āti Awa
104 Te Patukakariki Wiremu Te Patu-kākāriki Te Āti Awa, Ngāti Toa? Ngāti Tuaho, Ngāti Tihina?
115 Pehi Pēhi Te Āti Awa?
116 Ketetakere Kete-takere Te Āti Awa?
99 Te Patukekeno Te Patu-kēkino Te Āti Awa?
100 Ngaraurekau Ngā-raurēkau Te Āti Awa?
107 Kukutai Paora Kūkūtai Te Āti Awa?
108 Koinaki Koinaki Te Āti Awa?
109 Raranga Raranga Te Āti Awa?
111 Kiha Kiha Te Āti Awa?
113 Hurerua Urerua? Te Āti Awa?
114 Te Wehi Te Wehi Te Āti Awa?
103 Ngapuke Ngāpuke / Ngāpaki Te Āti Awa? Ngāti Raukawa?

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