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Scavenger hunt 1

NZHistory and Te Ara The Encyclopedia of New Zealand might help you in your hunt, but feel free to use other sources to find the answers.

1. Who am I?

Portrait of a woman

NZHistory/Alexander Turnbull Library, F150372 1/2

Kate Sheppard helped prepare the way for me to become New Zealand's first woman MP.

NZ History quiz

Te Ara The Encyclopedia of New Zealand/New Zealand Herald

I was a key leader (shown on the left) who fought for the land rights of Ngāti Whātua at Takaparawhau (Bastion Point) and later became a Labour Party MP.

NZ History quiz

NZHistory/Alexander Turnbull Library, EP/1974/0627/26

I was the first Māori Queen and reigned for 40 years before my death in 2006. I am shown here with Queen Elizabeth II at Tūrangawaewae marae, Ngāruawāhia, in 1974.

2. What happened here?

Rainbow Warrior boat half sunk at wharf


This is the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior, at Marsden Wharf, Auckland, in July 1985. What happened to this ship while it was berthed at Marsden Wharf?

3. NZ history in numbers

  • By what name was New Zealand’s 28th Battalion from the Second World War better known?
  • In recent times there has been much talk of our ‘team of 5 million’ but in which decade did the New Zealand population reach 3 million?
  • In what year did television first go live in New Zealand?
  • In 1840 more than 500 rangatira (chiefs) signed Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the Treaty of Waitangi. How many separate sheets or copies of Te Tiriti were taken around the country to gather these signatures?
  • Put the following events from our past in the correct chronological order:
  1. The sinking of the Lyttelton–Wellington ferry Wahine
  2. New Zealand declares war on Germany during the First World War
  3. He Whakaputanga, the Declaration of Independence of the United Tribes of New Zealand, is signed
  4. The first shipment of frozen meat left New Zealand

4. Where did this happen?

  • In which Auckland suburb did the infamous Bassett Road machine-gun murders of 1963 occur?
  • The invasion of Waikato in 1863–64 began when British and colonial forces crossed which river?
  • Protestors occupied which ground during the controversial 1981 Springbok Tour forcing the cancellation of the game?

5. NZ sporting history

  • Violet Walrond was New Zealand’s first female Olympian. She was only 15 when she competed at the 1920 Antwerp Games. In what sport did she compete?
  • What 1981 incident was New Zealand Prime Minister Robert Muldoon referring to when he described it as ‘an act of true cowardice’?
  • Who was the first player to score for New Zealand at a FIFA World Cup finals?

6. NZ cultural history

  • Which Kiwi musician recorded one of the world’s best-selling albums of 2014?
  • Who were the ‘bewigged musicians’ referred to by a city councillors when he complained about the ‘hysteria, antics, adulation, rioting, screaming and roaring’ associated with ‘their visit to Auckland in 1964?
  • Who is Lynley Dodd’s most famous literary creation?

7. NZ political history

  • Who was New Zealand’s first female Prime Minister?
  • In which year did Wellington become the capital of New Zealand?
  • In which year did New Zealand become nuclear free?


This scavenger hunt is for teachers (or parents) to do with their students (or children). We have decided not to put the answers online but if you need help email [email protected]. If you or your students want to share scavenger hunts relating to New Zealand history that you think would be suitable feel free to get in touch.

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