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Scavenger hunt 3

NZHistory and Te Ara The Encyclopedia of New Zealand might help you in your hunt, but feel free to use other sources to find the answers.

1. What happened first?

  • Put the following events from our past in the correct chronological order:

  1. The first successful trans-Tasman flight completed by the illustrious Australian aviator Charles Kingsford Smith
  2. Kate Edger became the first woman in New Zealand to gain a university degree and the first woman in the British Empire to earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  3. The New Zealand government officially apologises to the Chinese community for the injustice of the historic poll tax, first imposed in 1881
  4. New Zealand’s 1056-man Kayforce arrives in South Korea as part of the United Nations’ ‘police action’ to repel North Korea’s invasion of its southern neighbour
  5. Pōtatau Te Wherowhero becomes the first Māori king.

2. Where in the world?

NZ History quiz

Te Ara The Encyclopedia of New Zealand/New Zealand Herald

  • The landmark Te Maori exhibition was a milestone in the Māori cultural renaissance. It toured the United States from 1984 to 1986. Which famous New York museum was first to host Te Māori?
  • What was the first overseas conflict to involve New Zealand troops?
  • In 1981 New Zealand opera star Kiri Te Kanawa took centre stage when she sang at the highly anticipated wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer. Where did this performance/wedding take place?
  • In 1973 the New Zealand government sent two navy frigates, HMNZS Otago and Canterbury, to which location in the Pacific to oppose French nuclear testing?
  • In 1967 New Zealand motorcycle racer Burt Munro set a world record for the fastest time for an under-1000 cc motorcycle. This record still stands. Munro was 68 and was riding a 47-year-old bike. His exploits were the topic of the popular movie The World’s Fastest Indian. Where in the world did he set this record?

3. Who am I?

NZ History quiz

NZHistory/Alexander Turnbull Library, G-826-1 (left); Wikipedia (right)

  • The man on the left was our first and the woman on the right our most recent. Who are they and what is the connection between them?
  • I was one of five local Māori who helped the crew of the brig Delaware get ashore when it was wrecked on rocks in rough weather near Nelson in 1863. In rough conditions I went into the water repeatedly, alongside my husband Hemi to help the crew. Who am I?
  • I was born in Wellington in 1964. I dabbled in music in the early 1980s, performing under the stage name ‘Russ Le Roq’, although I am best known for my performances on the big screen, winning an Oscar in 2000. Who am I?
  • I was born in Brisbane in 1968. I began working on television in New Zealand in 1990 as a presenter of the children's television series The Early Bird Show. While working largely on children’s television I was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars New Zealand. Who am I?
  • My first novel, Mutuwhenua: The Moon Sleeps, was published in 1978. It was about the relationship of a Māori woman and Pākehā man and their experiences of racial prejudice. It was inspired by the experiences of my parents. Who am I?

4. NZ women at the Olympics

NZ History quiz

Te Ara The Encyclopedia of New Zealand/New Zealand Herald

On 23 July 1952 Yvette Williams became the first New Zealand woman to win an Olympic medal, winning gold in the long jump in Helsinki, Finland. Her jump was a new Olympic record. How far did she jump?

NZ History quiz

Te Ara The Encyclopedia of New Zealand/Private collection

I was born in Christchurch and was the first person from the Southern Hemisphere to win a medal at the Winter Olympics when I won silver in the slalom at Albertville, France in 1992. Who am I? 

NZ History quiz

Te Ara The Encyclopedia of New Zealand/Getty Images

I competed in my first Paralympic Games at the age of 15 in Beijing in 2008 where I won three gold medals and one silver medal. Four years later in London I won a further three gold medals and three silver medals. At the 2016 Paralympics I continued to dominate in my sport with three gold and two silver medals. I have medalled again at the Tokyo Paralympics. Who am I?

NZ History quiz

Te Ara The Encyclopedia of New Zealand/New Zealand Herald

I was New Zealand’s only gold medallist at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and just the second New Zealand woman to win an Olympic title. I would eventually compete at four more Olympic Games, winning silver at Atlanta in 1996 and bronze at Sydney in 2000. I was New Zealand Sportswoman of the Year on four occasions. I am seen here being held up by some of my fellow Olympians in 1992. Who am I?

NZ History quiz

Olaf Kosinsky/Wikipedia

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, I became New Zealand's most successful Olympian. I have won a total of five gold medals and one bronze medal in the three Olympic games I have attended. Four of my medals I have won on my own with the other two being secured as part of a team. Who am I?


This scavenger hunt is for teachers (or parents) to do with their students (or children). We have decided not to put the answers online but if you need help email [email protected]. If you or your students want to share scavenger hunts relating to New Zealand history that you think would be suitable feel free to get in touch.

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