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Scavenger hunt 4

NZHistory and Te Ara The Encyclopedia of New Zealand might help you in your hunt, but feel free to use other sources to find the answers.

1. True or false?

  • In 1935 New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world in which women had the right to vote in parliamentary elections?
  • With victory in the 1999 general election, Helen Clark became New Zealand’s first woman Prime Minister?
  • In 1982 the sheep population of New Zealand reached a peak of 70 million, roughly 22 sheep per person living here?
  • McDonalds became the first of the big brand American fast-food brands in New Zealand when they opened in Porirua in 1976?

2. Famous animals in NZ history

NZ History quiz

NZHistory/D. W. Sinclair, 19 Battlion and Armoured Regiment (1954)

  • Major the dog, became a military mascot at the start of the Second World War. When Major joined his master, Captain Williams, he was registered as No. 1 New Zealand Dog. After rising through the ranks, what was the highest military rank Major achieved?
  • Only four of the more than 10,000 horses New Zealand sent overseas during the First World War returned home. Bess, the best known, is commemorated in a private memorial near Bulls. Bess was allocated to the Wellington Mounted Rifles Regiment and selected by Captain C.G. Powles, who renamed her Bess. What was Bess’ original name?
  • Between 1888 and 1912 a four-metre Risso’s dolphin regularly accompanied ships as they journeyed through French Pass, the dangerous passage separating D’Urville Island from the mainland. Māori recognised him as the taniwha Tuhirangi but by what name was he better known?
  • According to some tribal narratives, Kupe was the first Polynesian to discover the islands of New Zealand. His journey here was triggered by difficulties with fishing in Hawaiki, his homeland. The problem was a creature belonging to Kupe’s rival, Muturangi. Kupe set out in his canoe to kill this creature. The pursuit brought Kupe to Aotearoa. What type of creature did Kupe pursue from Hawaiki to Aotearoa?

3. Prime Ministers of NZ

  • List these Prime Ministers in the correct order (from most recent) according to when they were in office:
  1. Mike Moore
  2. William Massey
  3. Peter Fraser
  4. Jack Marshall

4. Connect four

  • Which organisation connects the following Māori women:
  1. Whina Cooper
  2. Prue Kapua
  3. Miraka Szászy
  4. Areta Koopu

5. Flags of NZ

NZ History quiz

NZHistory/Alexander Turnbull Library, MS-Papers-0009-09-01

This is New Zealand’s first official flag. By which name is it better known?

NZ History quiz


This flag became New Zealand’s official flag in which year?

NZ History quiz


This is the Māori (Tino Rangatiratanga) flag. It was launched shortly before Waitangi Day 1990. In which year did it fly for the first time over the Auckland Harbour Bridge as well as at Parliament, Premier House, the National War Memorial and other government buildings to commemorate Waitangi Day?

NZ History quiz


This flag is flown on all occasions, even taking precedence over the New Zealand Flag, when which person is present?


This scavenger hunt is for teachers (or parents) to do with their students (or children). We have decided not to put the answers online but if you need help email [email protected]. If you or your students want to share scavenger hunts relating to New Zealand history that you think would be suitable feel free to get in touch.

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