3 December

Land confiscation law passed

1863 Land confiscation law passed

Parliament passed legislation for the confiscation (raupatu) of Māori land to punish tribes deemed to have ‘engaged in open rebellion against Her Majesty’s authority’ in the early 1860s. Pākehā settlers would occupy the confiscated land. Read more...
First female ascent of Aoraki/Mt Cook

1910 First female ascent of Aoraki/Mt Cook

Freda du Faur was the first female to complete the ascent of Aoraki/Mt Cook. Read more...
Bluff Island Harbour opened

1960 Bluff Island Harbour opened

The 40-ha man-made Island Harbour, eight years in the making, is the centrepiece of the modern port facilities at Bluff, New Zealand's southernmost commercial deepwater port. Read more...