31 May

HMS <em>New Zealand</em> fights at Jutland

1916 HMS New Zealand fights at Jutland

In the misty North Sea on the last day of May 1916, 250 warships from Britain’s Royal Navy and Germany’s High Seas Fleet clashed in the First World War’s greatest and bloodiest sea battle. Read more...
Te Haahi Rātana established as church

1925 Te Haahi Rātana established as church

Founded in 1918 by Tahupōtiki Wiremu Rātana (1873–1939), the religion that bore his name provided hope for many dispossessed Māori and later became a force in Māori politics. Read more...
Mona Blades vanishes

1975 Mona Blades vanishes

Eighteen-year-old Mona Blades was last seen sitting in the back seat of an orange Datsun station wagon. Her body was never found and her disappearance has never been explained. Read more...