9 March

Sutherland Falls climbed

1890 Sutherland Falls climbed

Young surveyor William Quill needed only basic climbing equipment, including a billhook and an alpenstock, to scale the side of the ‘great Sutherland waterfall’, which cascades down for 580 m near Milford Sound. Read more...
Death of Opo the friendly dolphin

1956 Death of Opo the friendly dolphin

‘Opononi George’ or ‘Opo’ was a young female bottlenose dolphin which warmed the hearts of thousands of people at Opononi in Hokianga Harbour between June 1955 and March 1956. Read more...
First Golden Shears competition

1961 First Golden Shears competition

First held at the Masterton War Memorial Stadium in 1961, the Golden Shears competition has become the iconic event for the shearing and wool-handling industry in New Zealand. Read more...