New Zealanders who resisted the First World War

Page 4 – Military defaulters list, 1919

In May 1919 the government published a Military Defaulters List’ containing the names of men it considered had failed to perform their civic duties under the conscription system during the First World War. This included men who had directly refused military service (conscientious objectors), those who deserted from the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, and those who failed to present themselves for military service when called upon to do so. Conscientious objectors who had refused military service on religious grounds were exempt from inclusion in the list.

Military defaulters were deprived of these civil rights for 10 years from 10 December 1918:

  • the right to work for the Crown or any other local or public authority;
  • the right to be elected or appointed to serve as a Member of Parliament or on any other local or public authority;
  • the right to be enrolled to vote in elections for Members of Parliament or any other local or public authority.

Any defaulter who was overseas on 10 December 1918 was banned from returning for 10 years. Defaulters were banned from changing their names without permission.

The original list published in May 1919 included 2373 names, of which 99 were subsequently removed on appeal. Forty-six names were subsequently added, making the final total 2320.

The men on the defaulters’ list had their civil rights restored in September 1927, more than a year earlier than originally intended. You can download this table as a spreadsheet containing more detailed information here.

Abbot, Frederick Mechanic Mosstown, Wanganui  
Abbott, George Company-manager "Ryecroft," Symonds St, Auckland 
Abbott, Henry Robert Cook Albermarle Hotel, Wellington (s.s. "Koromiko "). Deleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Abel, Charley, or Charley Abel Labourer Raetihi  
A'Court, Stanley WiltonLabourer46 Braddon St, Addington, ChristchurchAdded to list 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Adams, Samuel Scrub-cutter Victoria Private Hotel, Palmerston North   
Adin, Henry Flax-cutter Foxton 
Agnew, William McGregor Tinsmith care of Mrs. J. Taylor, Dunlow, Aparimo Point, Southland Deleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Ahern, Patrick Labourer Kirikau, Kaitieke  
Aiken, Charles Seaman s.s. "Moeraki," care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Ainsworth, James Labourer Taihape 
Aitken, William Sawyer St. Andrew's, Waimate 
Aitkenhead, Herbert Stanley Flax-cutter Box 46, Shannon  
Alexander, Thomas Robinson Marine Fireman care of U.S.S. Co., Port Chalmers 
Allan, Robert Sinclair Labourer 62 Custom St West, Auckland  
Allely, Brian Andrew Telegraph Messenger Avondale  
Allen, Alfred Sawmiller Ngahere  
Allen, Charles Stewart Labourer 34 Edinburgh St, Newton, Auckland  
Allison, Daniel David Contractor Kauroo Hill, Waitaki  
Allsop, Harold Verran Marine Steward s.s. “Takapuna,'" Wellington   
Alto, William Seaman 19 Broadway Terrace, Wellington  
Ambrose, Frederick Labourer Harihari  
Andean, Laurence Carpenter 246 Willis St, Wellington  
Anderson, Charles Slaughterman care of Mr. McDonald, Ngakonui, Wairarapa  
Anderson, Charles Alfred Cook Carterton  
Anderson, Harold Alfred Seaman care of Hyde Bros., Tarras 
Anderson, Henry Alfred Drummond Shift Bosscare of Mrs. Grange, Wilson Street, Waihi  
Anderson, Thomas[NR] care of Mr. Rutherford, “Lochiel," Culverden   
Anderson, William Trucker Waihou  
Anderson, William Labourer Te Kuiti 
Andrews, Edward Scrub-cutter Care of Mrs. E. J. Andrews, P.O., Kaupokonui, Taranaki 
Andrews, Henry Shearer Masterton 
Angles, James Scrub-cutter Anedale Station, Tinui  
Angliss, John Seaman s.s. "Ulimaroa," U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Arekatera, Mariu Labourer Tahuna  
Armer, William Labourer Dominion House, 295 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch  
Armstrong, Benjamin Herbert Engine-driver Waipukurau  
Armstrong, David Horse-driver Abbotsford St, Hamilton  
Armstrong, James Seaman 160 Sawyers' Arms Rd., Papanui Deleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Armstrong, John Labourer 287 Willis St, Wellington 
Armstrong, William Farmer Miller's Flat  
Armstrong, William Frederick Labourer care of Dan Jamieson, Paerata  
Ashman, James Charles Labourer Private Hotel, Ngahauranga, Wellington  
Astle, Ngamuka Navvy Ngaruawahia  
Atkins, Harry Gardener 44 Cuba St, Palmerston North 
Atkinson, Harry Driver 295 Cargill Rd, South Dunedin   
Atwell, Henry Girling Labourer Harvey's Camp, Cape Runaway  
Ault, Ernest William Picture-showman Patutahi  
Austin, Ernest Miner Kenny St, Waihi  
Babbage, George Fireman t.s.s. "Maori," Wellington  
Bacon, Walter Fireman s.s. "Mokoia," Bluff  
Baikie, James William Station-manager Doonholm Station, Tolaga Bay  
Bailey, Herbert James Labourer Boardinghouse, Chelsea  
Baillie, Thomas Station Hand Church St, Palmerston North  
Baker, Edward John Arthur Butcher Napier 
Baker, Frederick Stanley Carpenter 28 Howe St, New Brighton  
Baker, Henry William Farm Hand Tatunui, Piako 
Baker, John Henry Trucker Don Cafe, Manchester St, Christchurch  
Baker, Leonard Henry Frederick Joseph Dairy Assistant care of Dairy Co., Mangawhare  
Baker, William George Robert FarmerCommercial Hotel, Ashburton  
Balmforth, Ernest Alfred [NR]81 Marine Parade, NapierDeleted 29 May 1920 (NZG 1920 p.1799)
Banks, George Seaman 33 Martin Square, Wellington  
Bannon, John Steven Fireman s.s. "Kaituna," U.S.S. Co., Westport &nbsnbsp;
Banwell, Albert Henry Carter A Coy, 34th Rfts., Dunedin 
Barber, Robert Jockey 76 Taranaki St, Wellington  
Barker, Charles Henry Steward R.M.N.Z.T. 35, Wellington  
Barker, Clarence Labourer Orawia  
Barnes, Alexander Sydney Draper 251 Balmoral Rd, Mount Albert, Auckland  
Barnett, Alfred Carter 19 Pitt St, Newton, Auckland 
Barnett, John Michael Fireman St. John's Hill, Wanganui  
Barraclough, John William Hairdresser Mount Eden Rd, Auckland  
Barras, Andrew PIumbing Apprentice 52 Roseneath Terrace, Wellington  
Barras, George L. Carpenter 52 Roseneath Terrace, Wellington  
Barrett, Edmond Dairy-farm Hand Kaikoura  
Barrett, Frank Labourer care of B. Richards, Invercargill 
Barrett, Thomas Labourer Details (late C. Co., 36th Rfts.), Wairoa, Hawke's Bay  
Barrett, William Henry Labourer Portland, Whangarei  
Barron, Edward Alfred Charles Fireman Kaipara   
Barrow, William Edward Traveller care of Mrs. Stanyon, Roy Street, Newtown, Wellington 
Barry, Denis Plasterer Wellington  
Barry, Thomas Station Hand Bushy Hills, Akitio  
Barton, Lawrence Clerk 58 St. Hill Street, Wanganui  
Bassett, George Henry Steward Wynyard Rd, Mount Eden, Auckland 
Bates, Arthur Espy Shepherd care of Randall Sherratt, Ngatapa  Deleted 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Batten, Allen Percy Broom-maker 15 Parrish Road, Mount Albert, Auckland  
Batten, Harry AlfredMotor Mechanic 15 Parrish Road, Edendale, AucklandAdded to list 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Batten, Louis Beer Cutter Parrish Rd, Mount Albert, Auckland  
Batten, Samuel Wain Paper-cutter Bellevue Rd, Mount Eden, Auckland  
Baxter, Donald Farm Labourer Brighton, Otago  
Baxter, HughFarm-worker Brighton, Otago  
Baxter, James Fireman R.M.S. "Matai" care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Baxter, William Brighton Ida Valley  
Beaton, Alister Labourer care of J. Madden, Noutoa Estate, Manawatu  
Beattie, Felix JosephCarrier30th M.R., TaihapeAdded to list 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Beaucham, John Flax-cutter Wairoa Flax-mill, Hawke's Bay  Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Beaumont, George Labourer Aratika, Westland  
Beazley, Percy Farmer Wendon  
Beck, Andrew Labourer care of Mr. Guin, Sawmiller, Tautuku  
Beck, Sidney Gardener care of J. F. Walters, Lower Hutt  
Beckett, John Thomas Labourer care of Terminus Hotel, Wanganui  
Beech, Joseph Carter 82 Dublin St, Wanganui  
Beedham, Frank Steward 98 Dixon St, Wellington  
Begg, William Halford Steward U.S.S. Co., s.s. "Monowai," Wellington  
Belcher, Alfred Miner Waihi  
Bell, Henry Martin Driver 141 Tory St, Wellington  
Bell, Norman Murray Student and Teacher Roseneath, Richmond, Christchurch 
Bell, Thomas Ostler Coal-miner St. Albans St, Kaitangata  
Bellshaw, Ernest Farm Labourer Tongaporutu, Clifton  
Benjamin, John Scow-master 23 Richmond Avenue, Grey Lynn 
Bennett, Frederick Labourer 23 Onepu Rd, Kilbirnie, Wellington 
Bennett, George Henry Marine Fireman 166 Hanson St, Newtown, Wellington  
Bennett, John Henry Farm Labourer Green Bay, Avondale South, Auckland  
Bennett, William Labourer Te Kena, Kakahi  
Bennett, William Labourer Wanganui  
Benson, Len Iron and Steel Moulder 494 Cashel St, Linwood, Christchurch 
Bentley, Harold Draper Trocadero Hotel, Wellington  
Bentley, Thomas Atkinson Draper 100 Grafton Rd, Auckland  
Bergersen, Archibald Hilsen Contractor Bideford  
Bergerson, Henry Fred Labourer Makaretu 
Bergin, James Farm Labourer E Co., 31st Rfts., Gonville, Wanganui  
Bernard, Mervyn Assistant Nurseryman 164 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland  
Berry, William Ewart Labourer Rippenvale, Cromwell 
Berryman, Clarence Fellmonger Helensville Hotel, Helensville  
Beynon, George Driver 18 Webb St, Wellington  
Biffen, Thomas Shearer care of H. Atkinson, Woodbank, Culverden  
Binns, Harold Steward care of U.S.S. Co., Bluff  
Birch, James Flax-worker Tuaham, Wairoa  
Birkett, William Edward Trocadero Hotel Wellington  
Birt, Richard Shearing-shed Hand Lismore Station, Makirikiri  
Bishop, Alexander Plumber B Co., 31st Rfts., Church St, Marton  
Black, Leslie Stuart Farm Labourer Cairnbrae, Ashburton Deleted 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Black, William JohnBricklayer Pukekohe, AucklandAdded to list 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Blackburn, Edward George Donald Polisher 51 Western Terrace, Beckenham, Christchurch  
Blackham, James Labourer Murray Creek Gold-Mine  
Blackman, Alexander Miner Post-office, Millerton  
Blackwell, George Douglas Mill HandOkahukura  
Blair, Donald Attrill Seaman 101 Ghuznee St, Wellington 
Blair, Gordon Mechanic 40th to 43rd M.R., StratfordDeleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Blake, Richard Navvy care of P.O. Box 62, Ohutu  
Blakley, William James Machine Shearer care of Mrs. Ham, Boardinghouse, Napier 
Blanchett, Thomas Hairdresser Fairlie Deleted 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Bland, John Farmer D Coy, 32nd Rfts., Buckland, Waikato, Auckland  
Blaney, Oswald Fireman care of U.S.S. Co., Dunedin  
Blick, Charles [NR]Otago  
Bohan, James, jun. Labourer Otira  
Bolton, Charles Edward Driver Otahuhu, Auckland  
Boothman, David Puller 111 King St, Hastings 
Borrows, Arthur Railway Employee 83 Tilford St, Woolston 
Boulton, Arthur Donald Goulding [NR]Christchurch  
Bourke, Eric Ship's Steward care of U.S.S. Co., Dunedin 
Bourke, Philip Henry Labourer Carlton Boardinghouse, Masterton  
Bowen, Chesney Joseph Steward care of G.P.O., Wellington  
Bowers, George Henry Fireman 9 Normanby St, Wellington South  
Bowles, George Joseph Station Hand Opouiti, Waitoa  
Bowrey, Ernest Harold Farm Hand Moawhango  
Boyce, Patrick Joseph Fireman 62 Customs St West, Auckland  
Boyce, Thomas Cowman Paritu, Gisborne  
Boyd, Andrew Labourer Crown Hotel, Napier 
Bracken, Thomas Shearer Makirikiri Valley, Wanganui  
Bradbury, Albert William Shipwright 224 Willis St, Wellington  
Bradcock, Stanley Seaman s.s. "Mania," Auckland Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Bradley, Andrew Milker Post-office, Foxton  
Bradley, Bernard Farm Labourer Upper Ferndale, Mataura  
Bradley, James Farmer Ferndale, Mataura 
Bradley, Reginald William Stanley Tinsmith 175 Victoria Avenue, Wanganui  
Bradley, Roy Ormond York storeman 101 Edward Avenue, St. Albans, Christchurch  
Bradshaw, George Engineer Glasgow Restaurant, Dunedin  
Brady, John Fireman care of Post-office, Port Chalmers  
Brady, Patrick Flaxmill Hand Te Rou  
Brailsford, John Annesley Journalist care of F. M. Silver, 1 Downer St, Lower Hutt  
Bramfield, Robert Shearer Blenheim 
Bramley, Edwin [NR]Morrin St, Ellerslie  
Bramley, Maurice William [NR]Stanley Bay, Auckland  
Brannan, John Seaman Seamen's Union, or 21A Abel Smith St, Wellington  
Brazendale, Edwin Christopher Steward s.s. "Mararoa," Wellington  
Breen, Edward Plasterers' Labourer care of Freezing-works, Masterton  
Breen, Thomas Labourer care of Phillips, Wright, and Co., Hastings 
Breen, William LabourerAohonga  
Brellisford, Robert JohnLabourerPublic Works Department, Matawai  
Brennan, Terence Coal-miner Post-office, Huntly  
Brett, Lloyd Station Hand Tangowahine, North Wairoa 
Brewer, Charles Stanley Marine Fireman Featherston Details, N.Z.R., Queenstown  
Briscoe, FrancisBushman Metropolitan Hotel, Wanganui  
Brogan, Thomas William Labourer 67 Maida Vale Rd, Roseneath, Wellington 
Brokenshire, Norman Labourer Details (F Co., 33rd Rfts.), Auckland 
Bromley, Thomas WardShip's Fireman 11 Miro Rd, Auckland  
Brosnahan, PatrickShearer Central Hotel, Palmerston NorthAdded to list 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Brosnahan, Patrick Shearer Central Hotel, Palmerston North  
Brosnan, Daniel Labourer Matata, Bay of Plenty 
Brosnan, Timothy Contractor Post-office, Owhango  
Broun, Albert Fireman Dunedin  
Brown, Albert Asher Waterside Worker F Co., 31st Rfts, Fox St, Parnell  
Brown, Austin Labourer care of A. Hibbs, Cameron's  
Brown, Charles Henry[NR] Blaketown, Greymouth  
Brown, Frank Flax-mill Hand River Mill, Rangiotu  
Brown, Harry Steward care of Cooks and Stewards' Union, Wellington  
Brown, Henry Ploughman Aohanga  
Brown, Henry Francis James Bushman Henderson  
Brown, Herbert Patrick Clerk care of C.P.O., Dunedin  
Brown, Jack Leo Engineer care of N.Z. Shipping Co., s.s. “Opawa," ·Wellington  
Brown, John Labourer Tuparae, Masterton 
Brown, John Seaman care of Seamen's Union, Wellington  
Brown, John Henry Flax-worker care of Mrs. Dalzell, Tokomaru  
Brown, Joseph seaman s.s. "Moana," care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Brown, Leonard Labourer Owenga, Chatham Islands 
Brown, Leonard William Shepherd Care of Mrs. Pyke, Ranui, Manatuke  
Brown, Richard William Farmer, Durham Rd, Inglewood, Taranaki   
Brown, Robert Ploughman Waihaorunga, Waimate 
Brown, Robert Farmer Whenuakura Valley, Patea  
Brown, Thomas Shed Hand care of Pane and Sutherland, Admiral Station, Gladstone, Wairarapa  
Brown, Thomas WalterLabourerBalcluthaAdded to list 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Brown, Tom Bently Farm Labourer Ranfurly St, Hornby Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Brown, William [NR] care of G.P.O., Dunedin  
Brown, William Bushman Commercial Hotel, Raetihi  
Browne, Alfred Ernest Carpenter 47 Thorndon Quay, Wellington  
Browne, George Henry Labourer Point Halswell, Wellington 
Bruce, James Roadman Mangoihe, Waimarino  
Bruce, William Edward Cyril Seaman S.S. "Ngakuta," Wellington 
Bruce, William Gray Seaman troopship "Ulimaroa," Wellington  
Bryant, Harry Cook "Watarangi," Martinborongh  
Bryant, Henry Wharf Labourer Workmen's Home, Tory Street, Wellington  
Bryant, James William Marine Fireman 13 Bute St, Wellington  
Bryne, Owen Ship's Fireman care of Mrs. Reynolds, Johnsonville, Wellington (sometime care of Mr.J. Allan, Port Chalmers)  
Buchanan, George Henry Farm Hand Eastern Bush  
Buchanan, J. Gardener NeIson  
Buchols, Adam Horseman care of J.G. Cruickshanks, East Gore  
Buckingham, Walter Thomas Labourer C. Co., 30th Rfts., 36 Horatio Street, Christchurch  
Buckland, Alfred Reuben Cooper Nolantown, Hawera  
Buckley, Cornelius Labourer care of A. H. Cameron, Castlepoint, Masterton  
Buckley, Edward John Labourer Waikeria, Kihikihi  
Buckley, George Labourer Gisborne  
Bucknell, William Frank Driver B. Co., 43rd Rfts., 8 Kent Terrace, Wellington  
Burch, James Dealer 12A Wingfield St, Thorndon  
Burger, Emille Miner Kumara  
Burgess, George Farm Hand Wyndham, Southland  
Burgess, Kenneth Farm Labourer care of Mr. Symes, Tangiwai, Karioi  
Burke, George Flax-worker care of Norman's Flax-mill, Whakatane  
Burke, Redmond Scutcher care of F. Walls, Flax-mill, Martinborough  
Burling, James Henry Carrier Opiki Rd, Masterton 
Burman, Albert John Seaman Wellington  
Burnett, Whiteside Labourer Kakariki, Halcombe  
Burns, Francis Joseph Daniel Telegraphist 61 ElIice St, Wellington 
Burns, Frank Trucker Murray Creek, Reefton 
Burns, James [NR] Commercial Hotel, Raetihi, Waimarino  
Burns, John Greaser Troopship "Willochra," Wellington  
Burns, P. J. [NR]Glasgow House, Moray Place, Dunedin  
Burns, Peter Labourer Burnside, Martinborough  
Burns, Robert Coach-driver Kear's Boardinghouse, Pukekohe  
Burt, Charles Carpenter 143 Forbury Rd, St. Clair, Dunedin  
Burton, John William Storeman Napier 
Bush, James Carpenter 50 Durham St, Christchurch  
Bush, Thomas Hall Scrub-cutter Orui, Masterton  
Bushett, Charles Labourer care of Avendale Boarding-house, Palmerston North  
Bustin or Busher, George Fireman s.s. "Karori," Wellington  
Butcher, William Thomas Farm Labourer Shannon Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Butel, Peter Farmer Balfour 
Butel, Robert Farmer 35th New Zealand M.R., Balfour, Southland  
Butler, DanFarmerRoyal Hotel, GisborneAdded to list 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Butler, Joseph Joiner 2 Fisherton St, Grey Lynn, Auckland   
Butler, Pierce JosephPrinterCommercial Hotel, GreymouthAdded to list 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Butler, Thomas Edward Dentist New Plymouth   
Butler, William Fireman s.s. "Ulimaroa," care of Huddart-Parker Co  
Byrne or Burns, James Farm Assistant Kapuni  
Byrnes, Walter Carter Malvern Terrace, Auckland  
Byron, W. Philip Wool-buyer Royal Oak Hotel, Wellington  
Cain, Leonard Confectioner 119 Manners St, Wellington  
Calpin, James Scrub-cutter Franklin Bush Farm, Tinui 
Cameron, Allan Miner Glen Massey, Raglan  
Cameron, George Labourer Hikutaia, Thames  
Cameron, James Foreman of Works Martinborough  
Cameron, Nolan Maxwell Farmer Belmont Rd, Hutt County  
Cameron, Robert Labourer Royal Hotel, Greymouth  
Cameron, Samuel Photographer Konini Rd, Kilbirnie  
Cameron, William Fireman 214 Willis St, Wellington  
Cameron, William Farm Labourer Aomarama, Maraekakaho  
Campbell, –  Cook and Waiter care of Nathu, Barber, Tauranga  
Campbell, Colin Miner Nugridge Bros., Ohakune  
Campbell, Donald Labourer Glenhope, Waimea  
Campbell, George Labourer 149 Willis St, Wellington  
Campbell, Henry George Labourer Heriot  
Campbell, HughFarmerMatawai, GisborneAdded to list 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Campbell, Hugh House-painter 26 Brighton St, Parnell, Auckland  
Campbell, Jack Farm Labourer Five Rivers, sometime of St. Leonard's Station, Culverden Deleted 14 October 1925 (NZ Gazette 1925 p.3026)
Campbell, James Carter care of Philip, Flax-miller, Tokanui 
Campbell, James Driver Mount Eden Gaol, Auckland  
Campbell, John Fleecer Ferniehurst, Kaikoura  
Campbell, John William Driver Wellington  
Campbell, William Labourer 677 Manchester St, Christchurch  
Canfield (or Caufield), Patrick Telegraph Lineman Papakura 
Cannon, Ernest[NR]Te Kuiti   
Carey, Albert Farm Hand Hereford Park, Walton  
Carey, Patrick Joseph Miner Howard, via Murchison  
Carian, George Lorry-driver 27 Princess St., Palmerston North  
Carlene, J. D. Farm Labourer care of Mr.Charters, Ury Park, Mosgiel   
Carlyle, Henry George Labourer Diamond Harbour, Lyttelton  
Carmichael, Joseph Jersey-cattle Breeder Hastings 
Carnahan, James Dunlop Ironworker 400 King Edward St, South Dunedin  
Carpenter, Thomas Fireman 93 London St, Lyttelton 
Carr, Thomas Ploughman 97 Villa St, Masterton  
Carrington, Karaitiana Labourer Awapuni, Gisborne  
Carroll, Francis Joseph Farmer Glen Oroua  
Carroll, John Labourer care of G.P.O., Wellington  
Carroll, John Labourer 44 Victoria St, Hawera  
Carroll, Martin John Bushman Glenhope  
Carroll, Thomas James Dairyman Te Ore Ore, Masterton  
Carroll, William Francis Dairy-farmer Glen Oroua  
Carter, Arthur Labourer Te Awaite  
Carter, Charles Irvine Steward s.s. "Moeraki," U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Carter, Frederick Labourer Murchison  
Carter, Leonard Ernest Malcolm Soldier Somes Island  
Casey, Eugene Station Hand 5 Mill Rd, Gisborne  
Casey, James [NR]Pongaroa  
Casey, John Labourer Auckland  
Casey, Thomas Farm Hand Pukuiti, Culverden  
Casey, Tom Railway Employee Railways, Invercargill  
Cash, James Carpenter Windmill Rd, Mount Eden Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Casserly, James Fireman care of Clisby's Hotel, Lumsden  
Cassidy, Patrick Motor-driver 1 Glencoe St, Wellington  
Cathcart, William Hirst Steward s.s. “Paloona," care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington 
Cathro, James Murray Jockey care of C. Cathro, Wanganui  
Catt, Joseph George Butcher 20 Wilson St, Wanganui  
Cauchi, Spiro Labourercare of C. W. Morrisoll, Great South Rd, Otahuhu  
Chalmers, George FarmerHorahora, Churchill  
Champion, Charles Stanley Ship's Fireman care of U.S.S. Co., Lyttelton  
Chapman, Arthur William Labourer Glasgow Restaurant, Moray Place, Dunedin  
Charlton, Vernon Hughes Sailor People's Restaurant, Wellington 
Chaytor, Edward Turnbull Miner Post-office, Tapu, King-country  
Cheetham, John Motor-builder 54 Forth St, Invercargill  
Chippendale, Clarence Henry Steward s.s. "Maitai," care of U.S.S. Company, Wellington  
Choat, James Labourer care of Freezing-works, Horotiu 
Choate, John Ernest Carpenter Manor House, Hastings  
Chubb, Frederick Seaman 20 Albert St, Redfern, Sydney  
Church, William Bushfeller Koroniti  
Clancy, Joseph Martin Labourer Ohakune  
Clark, Charles Seafarer care of U. S.S. Co., Wellington  
Clark, Daniel Labourer Tokomaru  
Clark, George Miner Puponga, Collingwood 
Clark, John Ploughman Te Houka, via Balclutha  
Clark, John Bushman Tauranga  
Clark, Louis Labourer care of G. Swainson, Hayward's  
Clark, Robert Fireman 35 Albert St, Auckland 
Clarke, Frank Farm Labourer 42 Dickens St, Napier  
Clarke, George Joseph Greaser H.M.H.S. "Marama," care of U.S.S. Co., Dunedin  
Clarke, Harry Fireman care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Clear, Frederick William Sailor s.s. “Squall," care of Richardson and Co., Wellington Deleted 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Cleary, Charles Shepherd Masterton  
Cleary, Martin Ship's Fireman care of U.S.S. Company, Wellington  
Cleave, George Michael Sawmill Tallyman Tuatapere, Southland  
Clement, Albert William David Labourer Featherston Deleted 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Clements, Henry John Labourer G.P.O., Featherston  
Clements, James Roderick Draughtsman 63 Garden, Rd, Northland, Wellington  
Clerke, Thomas Adam Labourer Kakariki, via Halcombe 
Coad, James Alexander Scheelite-miner Wellington  
Cochrane, Ernest Samuel Plumber Thompson St, Greymouth  
Cochrane, John Archibald Station Hand care of Morgan Davis, Wanstead, Patangata  
Cody, George School-teacher Heddon Bush, Southland  
Cody, John Farmer Heddon Bush, Southland Deleted 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Cody, John Farmer Riversdale, Southland  
Cody, Lawrence Farmer Riversdale, Southland  
Cody, Luke Farmer Riversdale, Southland  
Cody, Michael Farmer Riversdale, Southland 
Cody, Patrick Farmer Riversdale, Southland  
Cody, Thomas Civil Servant 148 Wellington Terrace, Wellington   
Cody, Walter Thomas Teacher Heddon Bush  
Coffey, Phillip Labourer Ngakawau Post-office, via Westport  
Coffey, Thomas George Labourer 1 Peter St, Wellington  
Coffey, William Ploughman Temuka  
Cole, Alfred Frank Exchange Clerk 12 Worcester St, Palmerston North  
Cole, Arthur Mill Hand Gap Rd, Winton  
Cole, Edward Hubert Bushman Hunterville  
Cole, Thomas Labourer care of Post-office, Napier 
Coleman, George Patrick Labourer Opouri Valley, Nydia Bay  
Coleman, Thomas Joseph Farmer South Rd, Inaha  
Collings, Henry Tram-layer Taihape  
Collins, Charles Joseph Labourer 13 Hanson St, Wellington  
Collins, Cornelius Sarsfield [NR]Invercargill 
Collins, Daniel Labourer Hazelburn, Pleasant Point  
Collins, Denis Farm Hand Ohakune Junction, Wanganui  
Collins, Ernest Seaman care of G.P.O., Auckland 
Collins, Henry Samuel Cook s.s. "Mapourika," Wellington  
Collins, Patrick Labourer Pleasant Point  
Collins, William Labourer 8 Grey St, Gisborne  
Collinson, Eric [NR]"Clovelly," Lower Symonds St, Auckland  
Condon, Martin Bootmaker Otane 
Conlon, James Joseph Miner Howard, Murchison  
Connell, George Scrub-cutter Queen's St, Wairoa  
Connelly, Felix Labourer Waikato House, Auckland  
Conner, Walter [NR]Kerepehi  
Connolly, William Navvy Seven-mile Rd, Runanga  
Connor, Gerald Farmer Clarke Valley, Korero, Nelson  
Connor, T. [NR]care of Philip's Flax-mill, Tokonui 
Connors, John James Builder and Contractor Wairoa, Hawke's Bay  
Connors, Percy Carpenter P.W.D., Featherston  
Conrad, Agnew Heemskirk Bushman care of D. O. Dwyer, Motu  
Constable, Sydney Clerk 93 Petersborough St, Christchurch  
Conway, Daniel Salesman 173 Lowe St, Gisborne  
Conway, Edward Joseph Labourer Greymouth  
Conway, James Francis Road-widener Ohura Post office  
Cook, Alfred Fireman s.s. "Warrimoo," U.S.S. Co., Auckland 
Cook, Charles Bushman care of W. Warren, Hotel-keeper, Hokitika  
Cook, Frank Labourer 5 Water St, Whangarei  
Cook, Gordon Sinclair Farmer Burnham 
Cook, William Survey Lineman Waimarino  
Cook, William Flax mill Hand Thornton, Whakatane  
Cooke, Frederick Farm Hand Matawai  
Cooke, Thomas Hotel porter National Hotel, Wellington  
Coombs, Charles Frederick Seaman s.s. “Palouna," care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Cooper, Arthur Dairy Worker Windermere, Scotia Place, Auckland  
Cooper, Charles Steward s.s. “Manuka," care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Cooper, Charles Harry Ship’s Carpenter Columbia Hotel, Wellington  
Cooper, Harry Cleaner141 Willis St, Wellington  
Cooper, Henry Wharf Labourer 1a Dixon St, Wellington  
Cooper, James Labourer Waiau Station, Tokomaru Bay 
Cooper, James Wilson Labourer care of R. Kidd, Woodlands Wharf, Clevedon  
Copeland, Malcolm Sailor 97 College Hill, AucklandDeleted 24 May 1924 (NZ Gazette 1924 p.1316)
Corbett, James Thomas Bushman Ruru, Otira Line  
Corcoran, John Labourer care of Gasworks, Miramar, Wellington  
Corkery, Thomas Saw-mill Hand Railway Hotel, Owhanga  
Corkill, Robert Top Brake Stockton Deleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Corkill, Thomas Clerk 1 Sidney St, Wellington  
Cormack, Alfred Laird Pressman Tonks Grove, Wellington  
Cormack, William Carpenter 8 Tonks Grove, Wellington  
Cossey, Edward Sash-hook Maker 16 Royal St, Berhampore, Wellington  
Cossgrove, David Arnold Dairy-farmer care of A. MacPherson, Eketahuna  
Costello, Frank Printer care of A. and T. Burt, Wellington  
Cotter, William JosephBootmaker 99 Adelaide Road, WellingtonAdded to list 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Courtney, John Plasterer care of Post-office, Ruatiti  
Courtney, John Baker Harboro St, Timaru  
Coutts, George Seaman t.s.s. "Maori," U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Cowie, Robert Carter 25 Reid Rd, Dunedin  
Cowx, John Farm Labourer Te Awamutu 
Cox, Ernest Frank Farmer Opunake, Taranaki  
Cox, Joseph Charles Carpenter 234 Willis St, Wellington  
Cox, R. William Seaman Wellington 
Cox, William [NR] 97 Dixon St, Wellington 
Cox, William James Seaman Waimarino  
Craig, Alexander Labourer Sumner, Christchurch  
Craig, John McNabEvangelist BainhamAdded to list 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603); deleted 29 May 1920 (NZG 1920 p.1799); imprisoned objector
Craig, Robert Blacksmith Dominion Rd, Auckland  
Cramer, Frederick Thomas Electrician Dransfields, Waiuta  
Crane, Sydney James Assistant Steward care of U.S.S. Co., Lyttelton Deleted 29 May 1920 (NZG 1920 p.1799)
Cranston, Frederick Patrick Labourer Tarakohe  
Crawley, James Station Hand Smith's Mill, Mataroa 
Cray, Michael Fireman s.s. “Kokiri,” Lyttelton 
Crennell, Frederick Gardener 383 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch  
Crerar, James Train-examiner 172 Lowe St, Gisborne  
Cripp, Arthur Mechanic Post-office, Palmerston North  
Cripps, Charles Cannon Farmer G.P.O. Auckland  
Crockett, Jack Farm Labourer Elbow Hotel, Lumsden  
Crompton, John Fireman s.s. “Kini”, Napier 
Cronin, Cornelius Labourer Tikitapi Station, Rotorua  
Cronin, Henry Daniel Motor-engineer Suffolk St, Dunedin  
Cross, Daniel Donkeyman care of Huddart-Parker Proprietary (Limited), Bluff 
Croston, Edwin James Labourer care of Post-office, Dannevirke  
Crow, Michael Labourer Spring Hills  
Crowe, Edward Labourer care of C. P. O., Masterton  
Crowe, Michael Labourer Limehills  
Crowley, Daniel Seaman Public Works, Featherston  
Crowley, David Farm Iabourer Ruatapu  
Crowley, Frederick Brett Station Hand Mount Royal, Palmerston South  
Crowther, Arthur Cook H.M.T. "Ulimaroa."  
Crumlish, Frank Fireman 52 Federal St, Auckland  
Cuddihy, John Bernard Farmer Surrey St, Gore  
Cuff, Archibald Arthur Labourer Taniwha Station, Te Nui 
Culloty, Eugene Driver 39 Molesworth St, Wellington  
Cundy, Ernest Carpenter 14 Martin St, Wellington  
Cunliffe, Arthur Seaman Palmerston North  
Cunliffe, Ronald Farm Hand care of Keith Bros., Waerenga, Waikato 
Cunningham, Anthony Labourer Wairoa Freezing Works, Gisborne  
Curran, James Joseph Shearer care of F. Baker, Puketawa, Tolaga Bay  
Currie, Herbert Garfield Butcher Hihitahi  
Currie, John Labourer Masterton 
Currie, Peter Leslie Gardener Hardington St, Onehunga  
Curtin, John Platelayer Ngaruawahia  
Dagg, William Oliver Striker s.s. "Paloona," U.S.S. Co., Wellington 
Dalgety, Alexander Labourer Mokai Line, East Taupo  
Dalglish, Anthony Postman care of G.P.O, Wellington  
Dally, William Gordon Clifford Miner Okahukura, Ohura  
Dalton, Herbert (Huburt) [NR]Ohinewai  
Daly, John Bushman Orwell Creek, Ahaura  
Daly, Owen James Shearer Ardgowan, Oamaru  
Daly, Thomas Sailor Salvation Army Workmen's Home, Wellington   
Daly, Thomas Gethin Flax-worker Exe St, Oamaru  
Daly, Timothy Joseph Wool-drier Hastings  
Dambro, David Labourer 22 Haydon St, Auckland  
Daniels, William Henry Cook Waiouru  
Dargaville, Walter ScottLabourer care of W. Gibbs  
Darmedy, Phillip Thomas Bushman Gisborne  
Darmedy, Thomas Patrick Labourer Martinborough  
Daughiney, Dennis Well-borer Tuhitarata, Featherston Deleted 29 May 1920 (NZG 1920 p.1799)
Davenport, Arthur Fireman Seamen's Union, Wellington  
Davenport, Charles Ganger Birkenhead, Auckland  
Davidson, Benjamin Miner Carmine's Hotel, Millerton  
Davidson, George Ploughman P.O. Box 78, Glasnevin, Amberley  
Davidson, William Jockey Royal Oak, Onehunga  
Davies, Alexander Cook Seamen's Institute, Wellington  
Davies, Arthur Sydney Seaman care of Residential Chambers, next Pier Hotel, Customhouse Quay, Wellington  
Davies, Joseph Labourer Karioi, Waimarino 
Davies, Robert John Tailor Tutumuri Station, Martinborough  
Davies, Thomas Engineer 24 College Street, Wellington  
Davies, William Tinsmith's Labourer 25 Russell St, Auckland  
Davin, Mark Labourer 1 Box Hill, Brooklyn, Wellington 
Davin, Thomas Labourer Bluff, Southland  
Davis, Edward Public Hospital Wellington  
Davis, Thomas Francis Kitchen Hand Brent's Bathgate House, Rotorua  
Davis, William Labourer Lyttelton  
Dawson, Arthur Labourer Post-office, Moutoa 
Dawson, Herbert Farmer Matawai  
Dawson, John Labourer Portland, Whangarei  
Dawson, Samuel James Labourer Taradale  
Dawson, William Gore Moulder Windsor Boardinghouse, Manchester St, Christchurch 
Day, Duncan Labourer Dunedin  
De Jongh, Arnold Grocer 62 Symonds St, Auckland 
De Rose, Reuben Farm Hand care of Frew, Rangiwaea, via Mataroa  
Deakin, David Swan Flax-mill Hand Cattle Flat, Balfour 
Dean, Thomas Henry Steward care of Union Steamship Company, Wellington  
Deane, George Labourer Ashburton 
Dee, Albert Telephone Lineman Kaiti, Gisborne  
Deighton, Claud Pantryman care of E. Newman, 79 Mein St, Newtown, Wellington Deleted 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Delaney, Michael Ploughman Victoria St, West Auckland  
Demuth, Frederick WilliamShip's Steward R.M.S. "Niagara," Auckland Added to list 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767); deleted 29 May 1920 (NZG 1920 p.1799)
Densley, Walter Labourer Kurow  
Desmond, Thomas Labourer Te Kuiti, care of Government Quarry  
Devereux, Russell William Labourer Junction Hotel, Longburn 
Devine, Richard Seaman 91B Cuba St, Wellington  
Devlin, Charles Steward Metropolitan Hotel, Wellington  
Devoy, Patrick Storeman Tramway Hotel, Wellington  
Dew, Charles Albert Farm Hand The Cliffs, Masterton  
Dew, James EdwardSawmill employeeOhakune East 
Dewsbury, FrankPresserLa Bon House, Customhouse Quay, Wellington 
Diamond, PatrickLabourer Cambridge 
Dick, David Lineman Waihi  
Dickie, CharlesMilkercare of Mrs Luck, Post-office, Waihi, ThamesAdded to list 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Dickson, James Heathers Otira  
Dignan, John Joseph Labourer care of s.s. "Paloona," Wellington 
Dillon, Edward Jeremiah Carpenter 12 Ghuznee St, Wellington  
Dimmock, John Labourer Tauherenikau  
Disney, Charles Waiter 35 Dixon St, Wellington 
Divane, James Farmer Opononi, Hokianga  
Dixon, Godfrey John Wharf Labourer 23 Jessie St, Wellington  
Doherty, Hugh Labourer care of W. Polson, Manawhero, Fordell  
Donaghy, Edward Farmer Waituna West  
Donaldson, William Fireman Residential Chambers, Wellington  
Doney, Thomas Albert Edward Farmer Hopper St, Wellington   
Donnelly, Henry [NR] s.s. "Katoa," Auckland  
Donnelly, William Fireman care of Brown's Boardinghouse, Wellington  
Donoghy, James Labourer Maranui, Wellington  
Donovan, Frank Miner care of Mr. Bevelland, Millerton  
Donovan, John Steward 159 Vivian St, Wellington  
Donovan, William Bertram Flax-cutter care of Mrs. Coffey, Taumarunui  
Doody, Michael Farmer Tokomaru 
Doohan, Daniel Farmer Te Kuiti 
Douglas, Arthur Fencer Summer Hill, Hinakura  
Douglas, William Henry Groom 38 St. Paul's St, Auckland  
Dowell, Ernest Dealer 21 Sussex St, Newton, Auckland 
Downing, James Labourer Kaihere  
Downing, Stanley Robert Saddler Brown St, Avondale, Auckland  
Dowsett, Edward Henry Electrical Engineer Lake Road, Northcote, Auckland  
Doyle, James Bertrand Wharf Labourer 86 Waghorn St, Port Ahuriri, Napier 
Doyle, John Steven Engine-driver Waghorn St, Napier 
Doyle, WiIIiam Farm Hand Mohaka, Wairoa  
Doyle, William John Labourer Government Quarry, Te Kuiti 
Doyle, William Thomas Labourer Waghorn St, Napier 
Dragovich, Ivan Lower Ruakaka Whangarei  
Dransfield, Richard Miner Waiuta  
Driscoll, Jeremiah Fireman 169 Tory St, Wellington  
Driscoll, Thomas Michael Flax-cutter Koputoroa, Shannon  
Dromgool, Thomas Farmer Tuakau 
Drought, Percy Edward Railway Cleaner N.Z.R., Christchurch  
Drumm, Edward Thomas Labourer Panmure  
Drury, William [NR]Australia Private Hotel, Auckland  
Duffy, Bernard John Butcher Victory St, Reefton 
Duggan, John Farm Labourer Aohanga   
Duncan, George Flax-miller care of Mr. Asher, Tokamaru, East Taupo   
Duncan, William Labourer care of Miller, Feilding  
Duncan, William Insurance Agent 8 Bond St, Arch Hill  
Dunford, Sidney Thomas Fireman 43A Majoribanks St, Wellington  
Dunlop, John Fireman s.s. “Flora," care of U.S.S. Co., Auckland  
Dunlop, William John Watchmaker 497 Barbadoes St, Christchurch  
Dunn, Donald Labourer care of Mr Stokes, Wairoa  
Dunn, John Miner Hikurangi  
Dunn, Robert James Labourer Wellington  
Dunn, Stanley Clyde Butcher Greytown  
Dunn, William Joseph Labourer Green Island  
Dunne, Thomas Labourer 101 Lambton Quay, Wellington  
Dunning, Alexander Seaman care of U.S.S. Co., Dunedin (s.s. " Marama ").  
Durham, Arthur Musician Princess St, Invercargill  
Dutton, Henry John [NR]Colac Bay  
Dwyer, James Patrick Bushman Hicks Bay, East Coast  
Dwyer, Norman Farm Labourer care of C. Wilson, Lantoft, Marton  
Dwyer, PatrickFarmer(28th Reinforcements), Porowhita, WinchmoreAdded to list 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Dwyer, William Michael Bushman Murray Creek, via Reefton  
Dye, Thomas Farm Labourer Toatoa, Opotiki 
Easthope, John David Fisherman Putiki, Wanganui  
Eaton, Ernest William Ship's Steward care of s.s. “Victoria," Huddart-Parker Co., Auckland  
Eaton, James Labourer Nelson  
Eaves, Arthur Labourer care of Aldridge, Post-office, Awakeri  
Eden, Clifford Labourer Post-office, Palmerston  
Edgar, William James Labourer Featherston  
Edmonds, Albert Sawmill HandHunterville  
Edwards, Albert Station Hand Enmore Station, Oamaru  
Edwards, Walter Farm Hand Victoria St, Hastings  
Eeles, George Frederick Motorman 112 Park Rd, Auckland  
Egan, James Farmer Riversdale, Southland  
Egan, Robert Kenny Labourer Miranui Flax-mill, P. O. Box 46, Shannon  
Elder, John Bushman Taoroa  
Ellison, Percy Roadmaker Post-office, Te Kuiti  
Ellman, Henry Labourer 49 Rosewarne St, Papanui  
Emery, William Thomas Hotel Porter Cambridge Terrace, Wellington  
England, Philip R.A. Clerk 4 Summer St, Auckland  
Enoka, Tiri Flax-mill Hand Tuakau 
Eruera, Whakaahu Labourer Te Kuiti  
Erwin, John Farm Labourer Mountain Rd, Henderson  
Essam, Frank David Seaman Sailor's Home, Auckland 
Essery, Edmond George Seaman Care of Huddart Parker S.S. Co., Wellington  
Ettrick, Abraham Labourer Clevedon  
Evans, Alfred Lloyd Waiter Rutland Hotel, Wanganui  
Evans, David [NR]care of Warren's Boardinghouse, Tuhua, via Taumarunui  
Evans, George Edward Labourer Kaitaia  
Evansen, George Arthur Station Hand Wharekopae, Gisborne  
Evanson, John [NR]care of Mrs. Thomas Isbister, 23 Trent St, Island Bay, Wellington  
Evett, Richard John [NR]s.s. " Hurunui," Wellington  
Ewin, James Station Hand South Head, Kaipara, Helensville  
Exeter, Harold Claude Scheelite-miner 20 Aitken St, Wellington  
Fahy, Hugh Labourer 92 Dixon St, Wellington  
Fahy, Thomas Labourer Otorohanga, Waitomo  
Faithfull, James Labourer 213 Wilson's Rd, Christchurch Deleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Fanning, Michael Fireman 7 Jessie St, Wellington  
Farmer, Walter Matzen Labourer Niger St, Arch Hill, Auckland 
Farrar, William Carpenter Sydenham, Christchurch  
Farrell, Michael Francis [NR]Kakatahu, Wanganui  
Farrell, Peter Salesman Care of G.P.O., Wellington  
Farrow, Thomas Fireman 81 Hamilton Rd, Kilbirnie Deleted 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Faulkner, Harry Carter for State Coal 16 Keith St, Wanganui  
Fay, Joseph Farmer His Lordship's Hotel, Christchurch  
Fellow, Paul Motor-mechanic Auckland  
Fenson, William Fireman care of s.s. " Kauri," Wellington  
Ferguson, Arthur William Tunneller Avoca Coal-Mine North Canterbury 
Ferguson, Leslie Bushman 51 Murray St, Greymouth  
Ferguson, Maurice [NR]Otahome Station, via Masterton  
Fester, Alexander Waine Labourer Trocadero Hotel, Wellington  
Field, Len Bricklayer Dannevirke 
Findlay, Stanley William Coal-miner Electric House, Stratford St, Dunedin  
Findlay, William Stevedore Young's Hotel, Wellington  
Finney, John Marine Stoker care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Finney, Walter [NR]Whitehead's Coffee Palace, Auckland 
Fish, Thomas Clayton Tailor's Presser People's Palace, Cuba St, Wellington  
Fisher, Frank Edward Chief Cook care of s.s. “Katoa," Union Steamship Company, Wellington  
Fisher, John Steward U.S.S. Co, Wellington  
Fisher, Laurie [NR]Southland Hospital, Invercargill  
Fitzgerald, David Labourer Bluff  
Fitzgerald, Gerald Teamster Wanaka Station, Pembroke  
Fitzgerald, Jack Labourer Burke's Pass  
Fitzgerald, Thomas Sailor care of U.S.S. Co., Auckland 
Fitzgibbon, Michael Labourer Runanga  
Fitzgibbons, Arthur Labourer Manawa St, Castlepoint, Masterton  
Fitzpatrick, Francis Horse-driver Mangarata 
Fitzpatrick, Patrick Carter and Contractor Mount Andrew Rd, Dunedin  
Fitzroy, Harry Labourer Erua 
Flaherty, John Fireman U.S.S. Co., Port Chalmers  
Flanagan, James T. Farm Labourer Balfour Post-office, Southland Deleted 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Flanagan, Thomas Labourer Naike, Raglan County  
Fleming, Joseph Michael Seaman care of Huddart Parker S.S. Co., Bluff  
Fleming, William Alfred Porter Emerson St, Napier 
Fletcher, Jack Cook Leviathan Hotel, Dunedin  
Fletcher, John Douglas CarterFortification, Waimahaki, Invercargill  
Fletcher, Joseph Paul Roadman care of S. Main, Hunterville  
Fletcher, Thomas [NR]s.s. " Talune," care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Flood, David Flax-cutter Tokomaru, Manawatu  
Flutter, Alfred Labourer Albermarle Hotel, Wellington  
Flynn, Frederick Civil Service Clerk 48 Hill St, Wellington  
Flynn, George Farm Assistant Te Aroha  
Flynn, John Driver 24 Malcolm Lane, Tinakori Rd, Wellington 
Flynn, Louis Adolphus Yardman Egmont Box Co., Ohutu  
Flynn, Percy Farmer Te Aroha  
Flynn, Walter Farmer Te Aroha 
Fogarty, William Farmer Norsewood  
Foley, John Labourer Matawai, Gisborne  
Foley, Lawrence Scrub-cutter Gilligan's Boardinghouse, Wairoa 
Ford, Edward Joseph [NR]care of Mrs. McLean, Taupo Quay, Wanganui  
Ford, Jack Miner Ti-tree Point, Weber 
Forrest, James A. Labourer care of County Council Office, Masterton 
Forrest, Thomas Bench-loader Matemateaonga  
Foulkes, Frederick Shearer Waipawa  
Fowler, Ernest Edmund James Alfred [NR]care of Mrs. J. H. Anderson, Terrace End, Palmerston North  
Fox, Charles Wharf Labourer 224 Cuba St, Wellington 
Fox, Vincent Steward 3 Nelson St, Auckland 
France, Albert Edward Miner Morrinsville  
Francis, Frederick B. Actor "Marino," Parnell, Auckland  
Franks, Roy Ship's Steward care of U.S.S. Co., Dunedin  
Fraser, Alexander Casual Labourer Young' s Private Hotel, Lambton Quay, Wellington  
Fraser, Charles Engineer 96 Dixon St, Wellington  
Fraser, Daniel Douglas Farm Labourer Motueka  
Fraser, Norman Blindmaker Invercargill  
Fray, Alick Chef Limestone Island  
Frederick, Alexander Gardener Pukepapa Rd, Palmerston North 
Freeland, James Ernest Teamster Springfields  
Freeman, Arthur Arial Painter Abbotsford St, Hamilton  
Freeman, Sydney Charles Ship's Steward Wellington 
Freyne, John Cheesemaker Kapuni, Hawera  
Frost, Cecil F.N. Milk Vendor Peach Grove, Fitzherbert East  
Frost, W.B.F.T. General Farm Worker Peach Grove, Fitzherbert  
Fryer, Wilfred J. Rigger Columbia Hotel, Wellington  
Fulton, John Seaman s.s. "Marama," Dunedin  
Funnell, Thomas Labourer Pori, Alfredton Deleted 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Furey, Reginald Patrick Motor-driver 35 Millais St, Ponsonby  
Fyfe, William Arthur Farm Labourer 236 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch  
Gadd, Benjamin William Waterside Worker 112 Abel Smith St, Wellington  
Gadd, Richard Storeman 62 Essex St, Linwood, Christchurch 
Gailey, William Thomas Salesman 41 Albert Rd, Devonport  
Gainer, John Labourer Mangaohuhu. 
Gallagher, Charles Labourer Riverside House, Te Kuiti  
Gallagher, Ernest Farm Labourer Parinui, Pipiriki  
Gallagher, Joseph Henry Labourer Pongaroa  
Gallagher, Tom Labourer Matawai, Waikohu 
Galloway, James Fireman s.s. "Marama." care of U.S.S. Co., Lyttelton 
Galt, Peter Baker Campbelltown  
Galvin, William John Roadman Tauangatutu, Taumarunui 
Gambirazzi, Benedict Labourer Waimata Valley, Gisborne  
Gamble, William John Scutcher Whitaunui, Shannon  
Gardiner, Eric Car-driver WimbledonDeleted 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Gardner, John Farm Labourer Winslow  
Gardner, Robert William Labourer Central Temperance Hotel, Bridge St, Nelson  
Garlick, Thomas Sailor 6 Gower St, Lyttelton  
Gash, W. G. Seaman s.s. "Paloona," Wellington  
Gaskell, Ivor Seaman 80 Ghuznee St, Wellington  
Gaskell, Kenneth Steward s.s. "Navua." Wellington  
Gaudion, George Miner Bealey Flat, Tawera  
Gavigan, John Fencer Matawai, Waikohu  
Gavin, Peter Fireman 34 Cleveland St, Brooklyn, Wellington  
Gavin, Thomas James Miner Dundonald House, Waihi  
Gawith, Harry Labourer Ruatiti  
Gay, William John Miner Post-office, Waiuta  
George, Alfred Edward Storeman Upper Queen St, Auckland 
Gibb, John Painter OutramDeleted 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Gibson, Andrew Horse-driver Eketahuna 
Gibson, Frederic St. George Seaman 44 Webb St, Wellington 
Gilchrist, Edward Brown Violinist care of Allan Wilkie Co., or G.P.O., Wellington  
Giles, Samuel Benjamin Seaman s.s. "Canopus, " Lyttelton  
Gilks, Arthur Seaman care of S.S. and A. Co., Christchurch  
Gill, Henry Platelayer Tokirima, via Ohura Deleted 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Gill, Thomas Patrick Farm Labourer West Bush Rd, Masterton  
Gillen, James Park Marine Fireman care of N.Z.S. Co., Wellington  
Gillespie, Lawrence Power-station Employee 14 Nelson St, Timaru  
Gillespie, Patrick James Fireman U.S.S. Co., Dunedin  
Gillstrom, Olaf August Labourer Palmerston NorthDeleted 30 August 1919 following appeal (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Gilmour, George Gardener Meadow Bank, Ellesmere 
Gittins, Alfred Chef Rotorua 
Gleeson, Herbert General Carrier Lansdowne, Masterton  
Gleeson, Joseph William Seaman 5 Hawkhurst Rd, Lyttelton 
Godden, Ernest George Labourer care of Mrs. Moffat, Islington 
Goldman, Hyman Salesman 285 Great North Rd, Auckland  
Goldsmith, T. A. Labourer 62 Perry St, Masterton  
Gooch, Herbert Chef Sailors' Home, Auckland 
Goode, Charles Labourer Wellington  
Goodisson, Robert Carpenter Haverstook Rd, Edendale, Auckland 
Goodson, Cornelius Flax-miller Moutoa, Shannon  
Goodwin, David Farmer Wiora, Westmere, Wanganui  
Gordon, Thomas Marine Fireman Sailors' Home, Dunedin  
Gordon-Forbes, P. Cowboy Flat-point, via Masterton  
Gould, Robert Fisherman 4 Tinakori Rd, Wellington  
Gower, Albert Labourer G.P.O., Christchurch  
Gowland, Frank Labourer care of W.R. Hunt, Wakefield  
Grace, Ambrose Albert Bushman Tangiwai  
Graham, David James Horse-driver s.s. "Paloona," Wellington  
Granger, Herbert Edward Labourer Pareora  
Grant, Harry Labourer Tauranga 
Grant, Henry Arthur Cordial-factory Employer care of J. J. Moore, Lyall Bay, Wellington  
Grant, John Labourer Carlton House, Masterton 
Grant, William Cowman Mount White, Cass  
Granville, MauriceFarmerTrentham Details, Mangamingi, ElthamAdded to list 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Gray, Hugh Radford Farmer Okonga, Great Barrier 
Greatbatch, Harold Bush Contractor Matawai  
Greatbatch, Vernon Bushfeller Matawai  
Green, Robert Trimmer 12 Manchester St, Petone  
Green, Thomas Labourer care of Seaman's Union, Wellington  
Greene, Patrick Labourer 160 Peel St, Gisborne  
Greengrass, George Cook s.s. "Pateena," care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Greenhalgh, George Henry Porter 3 Hardinge St, Auckland  
Greenidge, Allan Labourer care of Salvation Army, Wellington  
Greer, Norman Joiner care of Union Sash Factory, Palmerston North  
Grey, John Bushman Taumarunui  
Griffin, Tom Labourer Ohakune  
Griffiths, Clarence Cook care of Post-office, Masterton  
Griffiths, Harry Hairdresser 5 Huntly Avenue, Newmarket  
Grimmer, Arthur Charles Labourer s.s. "Te Anau," U.S.S. Co., Dunedin  
Grogan, John Joseph Seaman Scow “Moonah," Auckland  
Grogan, Patrick Farmer Paparatu Station, Gisborne  
Grover, James William Labourer Moxham Avenue, Kilbirnie 
Groves, Albert Scheelite-miner Glenorchy  
Groves, Harry Ship's Steward care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Groves, John [NR]care of Mrs. Groves, Carterton  
Groves, Lewis Farmer Glenorchy Lake 
Guilford, Francis Henry Gordon [NR]Martin St, Wellington 
Guilford, Henry Tracey Butcher Waimiha Deleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Guillosson, Alfred Contractor Federal Hotel, Wanganui  
Guiney, EddieFarmerAylesburyAdded to list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919 p.2081)
Gunn, Daniel [NR]20 Cobden St, Newton, Auckland  
Gunning, David Traveller care of G.P.O., Auckland 
Gunter, Charles Gas Company Employee 144 Leinster Rd, Merivale, Christchurch  
Gwynne, Richard Station manager Hastings Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Hagan, James Miner Dominion Hotel, Blackball  
Haggar, James William Henry Wharf Labourer care of E. F. Buckle, 9 Lincoln St, BrooklynDeleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Haimoana, Hone [NR]Te Poi 
Haine, Herbert Norris Labourer Trentham Details, 4 Hawkestone St, Wellington Deleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Haines, Thomas George Labourer Tokomaru  
Hair, Oscar Jolland Labourer 9 Park Place, Wanganui  
Halcrow, James Labourer Raukokore  
Halkett, Roland GordonCook Tokomaru Bay  
Hall, Arthur Edward Bushman Mangamahu, Wanganui  
Hall, Frank Plumber 7 Fairfax St, Roslyn  
Hall, James Farm Labourer Mayfield  
Hall, Joseph Dunlop Clerk 64 Shortland St, Auckland 
Hall, Peter FrancisPorter Trentham Details, Matawai, GisborneAdded to list 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Hall, Peter Thomas Porter Matawai, Gisborne Deleted 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Hall, Robert Arthur Flax-miller Craw's Hill, Linton  
Hall, William [NR]Carlton House, Masterton  
Hall, William Labourer Orawia, Southland  
Halligan, Francis Farm Labourer Industrial School, Burnham, Christchurch  
Halvey, James Navvy Ongarue, Ohura 
Hamilton, Alexander Maitland Casing-cleaner 29 Nixon St, Wanganui  
Hamilton, Ernest Arthur Painter Invercargill  
Hamilton, Philip Beaconsfield Gardener Tahitarata, Featherston 
Hammond, John Fencer Wanganui, Timaru, or G.P.O., Wellington  
Hamsley, James Labourer care of T. Whyte, Kapuni  
Hanan, John Labourer Portland, Whangarei 
Hanlon, Francis Lino-layer, &c. 137 Great King St, Dunedin  
Hanna, Arthur Malcolm Labourer Wanganui  
Hannam, Edward Carpenter 369 Tuam Street, Linwood, Christchurch 
Hannigan (or Halligan), John Labourer care of Mrs. Darby, Victoria Hotel, Westport  
Hanning, James Bushman Ryall Bush, Southland  
Hanrahan, Daniel Sarsfield Salesman Greymouth  
Hanrahan, George Carrier 77 Tainui St, Greymouth 
Hanrahan, Richard Patrick Cabinetmaker care of George Hanrahan, Greymouth  
Hansen, Archie William Farm Hand Ngaturi, Pahiatua  
Hansen, Charles William Cattle dealer Consols St, Waihi  
Hanui Labourer Mataitai  
Hapeta Labourer Mataitai  
Harberson, James Seaman 16 Argyle St, Wellington  
Harding, Alfred William Waterside Worker 10 College St, Wellington  
Harding, George Alfred [NR]Willis St, Palmerston North  
Harding, James Labourer care of W. Rowley, Miranui, Shannon 
Harland, Charlie CarpenterDunedin  
Harney (or Harvey), Albert Edward Reporter 169 The Terrace, Wellington 
Harper, Charles Bacon-factory Hand Ngahauranga  
Harper, Harry Labourer Rotherham, Amuri  
Harris, Frank Carter Argyle Boardinghouse, Morrinsville 
Harris, Frederick James Labourer Club Hotel, Kaikoura  
Harris, George Evangelist Opotiki  
Harris, Henry DrainerAwakeri 
Harris, Sidney Labourer 18 Howard St, Dunedin  
Harris, Walter Charles Sydney Seaman Tui St, Kaiti, Gisborne Deleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Harrison, Henry W. Farm Labourer Park Rd, Papakura  
Harrison, Robert James Hotel Worker Egmont Hotel, Hawera  
Harry, William Agricultural Worker Waverley Boardinghouse, Christchurch  
Hart, James Tinsmith 120 North Avon Rd, Christchurch  
Hart, Percy Shearer Methven  
Hartley, Alfred Fitter Mawai St, Eastown, Wanganui  
Hartley, Thomas Labourer care of Alexander Bradley, Putorino, Awatuna  
Hartnell, James Farmer Maungakaramea 
Hartwell, Joseph Electrician 68 Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn, Auckland  
Harvey, Edward Labourer nbsp;Tauranga   
Harvey, Edward Parnell Maltster 88 Taranaki St, Wellington  
Harwood, Frederick OwenGlass-beveller Jones's Boardinghouse, Wellington  
Harwood, William George Fireman N.Z.R., Fairlie  
Hassett, Mick (Jack) AssayerKarangahake  
Haumu Labourer Tirau  
Hawthorne, Robert Engine-worker 4 Finch St, Morningside, Auckland  
Hawthorne, Thomas Gilchrist Miner Stockton, Ngakawau 
Hay, Daniel Clerk Wellington 
Hay, James Stuart Grocer's Assistant care of Armstrong and Haisty, Blackball 
Hayden, William Herbert Electric Lineman Devon St, Rotorua 
Haydn, George Farm Labourer care of J. T. Tanner, Ngongotaha, Rotorua  
Haydon, H. Traveller Wellington 
Hayes, FrankLabourerMaungaroa Station, OpotikiAdded to list 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Hayes, James Navvy care of Rangataua Timber Company, Horopito  
Healy, David Timber-worker Matata, Bay of Plenty 
Healy, Francis Charles Labourer River View Boardinghouse, Huntly  
Healy, Jeremiah Fireman s.s. "Warrimoo," care of U.S.S. Co., Auckland 
Healy, Thomas Battery Hand Waikino  
Heaps, Walter Hotel Porter Putaruru  
Hearne, Thomas Robins Storekeeper 12 Corunna Avenue, Wellington South. 
Heavy, William Labourer 139 Taranaki St, Wellington  
Hedges, Robert Assistant Caretaker 2 Martin St, Wellington 
Heemi, Pakaru Labourer Te Poi, Matamata 
Heffernan, Phillip Plumber Dunedin 
Heffernan, William Farmer Moonlight, Otago  
Heffron, Robert James Trade-union Organizer 24 Grosvenor St, Grey Lynn, Auckland  
Hegarty, John Denis Waterside Worker People's Cafe, Wellington 
Henderson, George William Steward care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington 
Henderson, Harry Wilson Bushfeller Woodhill, Waitemata  
Henderson, James Flax-mill Hand care of Mr. Gibbs, Flax-miller, Maitai Mill 
Hendra, Stewart Charles Fireman 64 Hopper St, Wellington  
Hennessy, Albert William Cook care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington 
Henry, CharlesBushman Ohakune, Main Trunk  
Hesse, George Adam Stewards.s. "Manuka," 45 Willis St, Wellington  
Hessey, James Greengrocer Campbell St, Hawera  
Hetherington, Frank Miner Nelson 
Hewitt, John Labourer Featherston  
Hey, John Arthur Store Carter 175 Adelaide Rd, Wellington 
Hickey, Joseph Labourer Otoko 
Hickey, Morto Vernon Farmer Opunake 
Hickey, William Ernest Labourer Taihape  
Hickman, John Fireman s.s. "Komata," Wellington 
Higgins, Eugene [NR]77 Russell St, Westport  
Higgins, Francis Farmer Seddon  
Higgins, Harry Labourer Ti-tree Point, Weber 
Higgins, James [NR]Green St, Wellington  
Higgins, Patrick Flax-cutter care of Post Office Hotel, Foxton  
Higgins, Timothy John Steward Wellington  
Higgins, William Thomas Fireman s.s. “Ihumata," Auckland  
Highland, Charles John Blacksmith Hermitage, Mount Cook 
Hiko, Joe Labourer Rangiriri, Waikato  
Hilder, Leslie Contractor Taumanarui, Dunedin  
Hilditch, Henry Cornelius Fireman s.s. “Victoria," Dunedin  
Hill, Allington Charles Labourer Otaki Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Hill, Charles Pedlar 18 Lower Vincent St, Auckland 
Hill, Fred Ploughman Spring Hill Station, Mohaka, Wairoa  
Hill, George Stanley Signal-erector 142 Ohiro Rd, Brooklyn, Wellington 
Hill, Guy [NR]142 Ohiro Rd, Wellington  
Hill, Harold Eustace Fellmonger "Westland"," Monckton St, Feilding 
Hill, Herbert Seaman 122 Ghuznee St., Wellington  
Hill, Jack Armstrong Tailor care of G.P.O., Auckland 
Hill, John Gilmer Farmer Omoto, Greymouth  
Hill, Joseph Labourer Waiwhare Station, Hastings  
Hill, Joseph Labourer P. O. Box 46, Shannon 
Hill, William Charles Frederick Gardener 44 Oxley St, St. Albans, Christchurch 
Hills, Albert Labourer Post-office, Waitotora 
Hine, Archibald Henry Rent-collector Mount Eden, Auckland 
Hine, Cyril Bates Clerk Auckland  
Hines, John Miner Tinui, Castlepoint 
Hislop, John Scott Hunter Slaughterman care of Mr.Bennett, Cape Runaway  
Hobson, Charles Ship's Fireman 7 Graham St, Auckland  
Hodge, John Labourer 106 Madaggan St, Dunedin 
Hodges, Francis James Labourer Rakauroa, Gisborne  
Hodgetts, Stanley Tailor Gilmer Hotel, Greymouth 
Hodgkinson, William Labourer Family Hotel, Foxton 
Hodgson, Joseph Labourer Christchurch 
Hoera [NR] Houhora  
Hoera, George Secretary Koheroa 
Hoeto, Riki [NR]Rangikahu  
Hoey, Wilfred Teamster Anomata, Wairoa  
Hoffman, Robert Bee-farmer Martinborough  
Hogan, Jack Sylvester Tailor Lyttelton 
Hogan, James Miner Addison's Hotel, Addison's 
Hogan, Joseph Stanley Carpenter Matamata Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473); imprisoned objector
Hogan, William Gum-worker 39 Hepburn St, Auckland 
Holihan, William Milker Eketahuna  
Holland, Edward Labourer Junction Hotel, Dannevirke 
Holland, Francis John Bushman Kumara, West Coast 
Holland, Jack Labourer 20 Hatrick Terrace, Wanganui  
Holland, John Miner 126 Russell St, Westport  
Holland, William Henry [NR]G.P.O., Dunedin 
Holley, William John Driver care of Public Works Department, Wellington 
Holleyman, George Henry Telegraph Lineman Wanganui 
Holliday, James Labourer Kiokio, King-country 
Hollow, HoraceShearer Bushy Hills, Pongaroa, Akitio  
Holmes, Alfred Fireman Transport "Waihora," U.S S. Co., Wellington  
Holmes, Allan Labourer Ohutu, Rangitikei 
Holmes, James Charles Miner Mount Eden, Auckland  
Holmes, Richard Henry John Steward U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Hono, Te Farmer Marokopa  
Hood, Alfred Labourer Workmen's Camp, Featherston 
Hood, Joseph Ship's Cook s.s. "Kakari," U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Hooey, Robert Selby Farm Employee care of Harry Ramsey, Churchill, Waikato  
Hope, John George Labourer Gonville 
Hopkins, Richard Ploughman care of Post-office, Otokia, OtagoDeleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Horan, JamesLabourer Taihape  
Hordle, Walter Steward s.s. "Rosamond," Napier 
Horgan, Alfred Francis Shearer Mill Rd, Waimate  
Hori, Hiakairiri Labourer Te Poi, Matamata  
Horn, Walter Ernest Carpenter 10 Grey St, Gisborne 
Horne, Hope Whitfield Ironmonger 152 Cannon St, St. Albans, Christchurch  
Horne, John RalphLabourercare of W. Cartwright, Allandale, FairlieAdded to list 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Horne, Richard Farm Hand MatawaiDeleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Horning, Reginald Osborne Electrical Engineer Auckland 
Horton, Walter [NR]Mataroa  
Hosking, Philip Waterside Worker 276 Cuba St, Wellington  
Hoult, Austin John Drapery Manager care of M. Hannan, Solicitor, Greymouth   
Howard, Herbert Manufacturing Chemist 45 Church St, Devonport  
Howick, GilbertStorekeeper KarameaAdded to list 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603); deleted 29 May 1920 (NZG 1920 p.1799)
Hoy, Albert William Hotelkeeper Duntroon, North Otago 
Hubert, Clifford Frank Well-sinker Christchurch 
Hudner, Richard Station Hand Te Rumu Station, Hunterville 
Hudson, Gee Boden Labourer WimbledonDeleted 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Hudson, James Henderson Billiard-saloon Proprietor Taumarunui 
Hughes, Arthur Dairy-farmer Te Teko, Bay of Plenty  
Hughes, Charles Carrier Box 291, Coker's Hotel, Manchester St, Christchurch 
Hughes, George Henry Bricklayer Post-office, Patea  
Hughes, Henry Labourer Hedgehope, Southland 
Hughes, William [NR]9 Filleul St, Dunedin 
Hughes, William Edward Labourer Pig-farm, Trentham Military Camp  
Huirama, Rangi Labourer Waingaro 
Hume, John Seaman Seamen's Union, Wellington  
Hume, William George Student Takapuna, Auckland 
Humfrey, Arthur Charles Waiter 168 Lambton Quay, Wellington 
Humphries, Charles Drover Tinui, via Masterton  
Hunt, Robert Dalmore [NR]People's Palace, Cuba St, Wellington  
Hunter, Hugh Labourer Post-office, Dunedin 
Hunter, Robert Gold-digger Ikamatua, Inangahua  
Hunter, William Farm-manager 20 Tole St, Ponsonby, Auckland  
Hunter, William JenkinsNavvy care of A. Tent, Culverden  
Hurley, Alfred Joseph Labourer Waimauku, Waitemata  
Husband, George Ploughman Alford Forest, Ashburton  
Husband, Joseph Charles [NR]Mangapehi, Waitomo  
Husking, Joseph Labourer Patumahoe  
Hussey, James Madden Hairdresser Waiuta 
Hussey, John Joseph Engine-driver Murray Creek, Inangahua County 
Huston, Leonard Tuner North St, Oamaru Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Hutcheon, Alfred Bushfeller Admiralty Bay, Sounds  
Hutchison, Thomas Labourer care of Railway Boardinghouse, Ohakune  
Ilott, Richard Sidney Clothier's Assistant 48 Stafford St, Dunedin  
Ingham, Ashfield Miner 19 Eden St, Newmarket 
Inman, George Labourer Ngakonui, Hinakura  
Inwood, Frederick Arthur Labourer care of Mrs W. Inwood, Westport  
Ireland, Alfred Labourer South Rd, Moturoa, New Plymouth 
Irving, Herbert Miner Bridge St, Reefton  
Irving, Thomas Miner Mill St, Runanga  
Ivin, John Arnold Shearer care of A. J. Overton, Pukeokahu, Taihape 
Jackson, Henry Flax-cutter Poplar Flax-mill, Moutoa 
Jackson, JamesBoilermaker Napier 
Jackson, Joseph Andrew Travelling Fitter Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch  
Jackson, Joshua Wharf Labourer 72 Boulcott St, Wellington 
Jackson, Robert Wharf Labourer Bluff  
Jackson, W. A. Waiter Public Works Department, Featherston  
Jackson, William Labourer 16 Brown St, Ponsonby, Auckland  
Jakes, Louis James Waiter Whangamomona  
James, Albert Labourer Dunedin  
James, Robert Flax-mill Hand care of Bell's Mill, Tokomaru  
James, William Henry [NR]4 Garrett St, Wellington  
Jamieson, Hugh Journalist Eltham 
Jaques, Edward Carpenter Masterton  
Jeffares, Joseph Lawrence Carpenter Waverley Hotel, Marion St, Wellington  
Jefferies, John William Sailor 169 Hobson St, Auckland  
Jeffreys, Archibald Joseph Flax-worker care of H. Jarvis, Flax-miller, Kairanga.  
Jenkins, Clyde Henry John Carpenter 88 Roxburgh St, Wellington Deleted 21 April 1921 (NZG 1921 p.1037)
Jenkins, Geoffrey Farmer Karapiro, Cambridge  
Jenkins, Gerald Arthur Farm Hand care of Norman Garland, Karapiro, Cambridge Deleted 12 August 1920 (NZG 1920 p.2477)
Jenkins, James Fireman care of Huddart-Parker Co., Port Chalmers  
Jennens, Claude Labourer care of Park Hotel, Greymouth  
Jenson, John [NR]244 Thorndon Quay Wellington, (sometime of Lower Valley, Masterton)  
Jessup, Lionel George Navvy Buchanan St, Auckland  
Johansen, Charles Fireman Brown's Boardinghouse, Willis St, Wellington  
John, Herbert Transport Fireman Seamen's Union, Queen's Chambers, Wellington  
Johns, Charles Labourer Featherston   
Johnson, Arthur Labourer Anama, Ashburton  
Johnson, Bert Wheeler King St, Hikurangi  
Johnson, Charles Howard Steward care of P. Elson, Waterloo Rd, Johnsonville  
Johnson, Charley Manure-mixer 30 Swanson St, Auckland  
Johnson, Cyril Seymour Cook 3 Clark St, Kingsland, Auckland 
Johnson, John Fireman Kihikihi  
Johnson, John Labourer Waipukurau  
Johnson, N. J. [NR]Post-office, Petone  
Johnson, Richard Hardwick Commercial Traveller Seafield, Khandallah 
Johnson, Robert Scutcher Shannon  
Johnson, Samuel Farmer Mount Eden, Auckland  
Johnson, William Sawmiller Ashburton  
Johnson, William Welsh Station Hand Tinui  
Johnston, James Labourer WindsorDeleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Johnston, John Seaman s.s. "Canopus," Lyttelton  
Johnston, John Seaman Scow "Kapua, " Auckland  
Johnston, Michael Farm Labourer Kaiata, Greymouth Deleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Johnston, Robert Seaman Sailors' Home, Auckland  
Johnston, Sholtow [NR]North Rd, Oamaru  
Johnston, William Labourer Whangarei Heads  
Johnstone, Charles Labourer Invercargill  
Johnstone, Frederick Labourer 55 Abel Smith St, Wellington  
Johnstone, George Lawrence Stoker 36A Union St, Auckland  
Jolliffe, Frederick Seaman s.s. " Moeraki," U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Jones, Benjamin Carter 12 Fitzherbert St, Petone  
Jones, Charles Labourer Mangapehi  
Jones, Charles Henry Painter 33 Henry St, Kilbirnie  
Jones, Eric Levi Farm Hand care of F, Martin, Waeranga, Waikato  
Jones, Frank Navvy Patumahoe 
Jones, Henry Bricklayer Potter's Boardinghouse, Hawera 
Jones, James Tramway Employee People's Palace, Auckland  
Jones, James Flax-mill employee Pirinoa, Featherston  
Jones, Joseph Herbert Casual Labourer 95 Ghuznee St, Wellington  
Jones, Philip T. Bricklayer 78 Main Rd, Karori, Wellington Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Jones, Walter Boatswain Seamen's Mission, Wellington Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Jordan, Henry Mechanic 302 Manchester St, Christchurch 
Jordan, Sam Labourer Mangere  
Jowsey, Hughie Teruki Labourer Ruapuke Island  
Joy, Robert Miner Inglewood, Reefton  
Joyce, Thomas Labourer 1 Station St, Newmarket  
Junge, Louis Alexander Seaman s.s. "Rakanoa," Auckland 
Kaipia, Robert [NR]Rangiriri  
Kalidas, Madhaw[NR] Waitoa  
Kalson, Maurice Carpenter 6 Richmond Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland 
Kamana, Iti Labourer Marokopa 
Kane, JamesFarm Labourer care of S. Hammond, Private Bag, FeildingAdded to list 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Kanie, Jione Ship's Steward and Seaman s.s. "Talune,” Auckland 
Kapi, Hoti Labourer Te Poi  
Karaka, Taherere [NR] Huntly 
Karaka, Tione [NR] Kohanga  
Kay, Edward Surfaceman Woodhill Deleted 12 August 1920 (NZG 1920 p.2477)
Kay, Thomas Fireman 12 Peel St, Grey Lynn  
Kaye, Geer Labourer care of W. V. Verran, Waipawa  
Kearnes, Benjamin Station Hand Mangaohane, Hawke's Bay 
Keary, Michael Labourer 160 Sydney St, Wellington   
Keating, Clarry Bushman Metropolitan Hotel, Wanganui 
Keefe, David [NR]Anderson's Hotel, Palmerston NorthDeleted 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Keehan, Patrick Ploughman Methven 
Keenan, Hugh Patrick Gold-miner Upper Moonlight, via Blackball  
Keenan, John Railway Porter 20 Thomson St, Wellington  
Keenan, Patrick Seaman s.s. "Poherua," Wellington  
Keenan, William, Labourer, Ohura   
Kelleher, Timothy Labourer Makarewa, Southland  
Keller, Francis Shearer Masterton 
Kells, Thomas Henry Albert Farmer ManawaruDeleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Kelly, Austin Patrick Cattle-dealer Te Roti, Hawera 
Kelly, Daniel Labourer 49 Hobson St, Auckland 
Kelly, Ernest James Bushman Rangiriri  
Kelly, Owen Surfaceman Conical Hills, Southland  
Kelly, Pat Labourer Palmerston South.  
Kelly, Patrick [NR]G.P.O., Christchurch 
Kelly, Patrick Labourer Portland, Whangarei  
Kelly, Patrick Shearer care of Napier Bros., Strathden, Alfredton, Eketahuna  
Kelly, William Farm Labourer Harihari, South Westland 
Kemp, Anthony Trucker care of Westport Coal Co Mine Creek, Granity 
Kenealy, Walter James Farm Labourer Te Kuiti Deleted 12 August 1920 (NZG 1920 p.2477)
Kennedy, Alfred Seaman Lorne St, Wellington  
Kennedy, Daniel Farm Hand Waimate  
Kennedy, David Labourer Ferntown, Collingwood  
Kennedy, Frederick James Sailor s.s. "Storm," Headquarters, Christchurch  
Kennedy, James Labourer Rocklands, Westport  
Kennedy, John Farmer Totara Flat, Grey  
Kennedy, John Foreman 65A Holloway Rd, Mitchelltown, Wellington   
Kennedy, John Hugh Stewart Gardener care of Mrs. Hayes, Centrewood, Waimate  
Kennedy, John William [NR]Post-office, Blenheim 
Kennedy, Michael Fireman s.s. "Talune," Auckland  
Kennedy, Peter Fireman Post office, Dunedin  
Kennedy, Phillip Sawyer Arahura  
Kennedy, Sydney David Miner Wakamarina, Deep Creek  
Kenney, CharlesFarm workerHumphrey's, HokitikaAdded to list 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Kenny, Charles Farm Hand Aria, Waitomo  
Kenny, Dan Labourer Kairoa, Tiniroto  
Kenny, William Surfaceman care of Mr. Hegh, Waingaro, Raglan  
Kenny, William Fireman Sailors' Home, Auckland  
Kent, Leonard John Cook s.s. “Manuka," care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington 
Kern, Charlie Fruiterer Heretaunga St, Hastings  
Kerr, Alexander Fireman s.s. “Mokoia," Wellington  
Kerslake, Thomas Fireman Victoria Rd, Takapuna  
Kiely, Michael Farmer Auckland  
Kiely, Thomas Boniface Tailor 11 Williams St, Greymouth  
Kilminister, Harry Shepherd Pakiera Station, Cape Runaway 
Kimber, Sidney Engine-smith Brown St, Wellington  
Kinch, John Station Hand Mesopotamia Station, Mount Somers  
King, Albert Ernest Fireman s.s. "Koromiko," U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
King, Arthur Labourer Gridiron Hotel, Dunedin  
King, Edward Labourer Gisborne 
King, George Cook Martinborough Hotel, Martinborough  
King, George Edward Farm Hand Nireaha  
King, James Henry Packman and Horse-driver R. Derritt's Stables, Upper Riccarton.  
King, John Francis Farmer Kaponga 
King, John WilliamFarmer Taumarunui Added 29 May 1920 (NZG 1920 p.1799)
King, Joseph Patrick Seaman Sailors' Home, Auckland 
King, Thomas Dairy-farm Hand Pungarehu 
King, Tom Butcher Hastings 
Kinsey, Evan Wilson Farm Hand care of S. H. McLaren, Hinakura 
Kirby, Denis Labourer Timaru  
Kirby, Jeremiah Fireman Waikeria, Kihikihi  
Kirby, Thomas Labourer Pamhahana, Karioi  
Kissel, Philip Arnold Porter Family Hotel, Otaki  
Kjistrup, John Fencer Wairoa 
Knape, Reuben Percy Gold-miner Waihi  
Knight, Edward Labourer Workmen's Camp, Featherston  
Knight, Ernest Reginald Claude Steward U.S.S. Co., Port Chalmers  
Knight, Robert Marine Fireman Seamen's Union, WellingtonDeleted 12 August 1920 (NZG 1920 p.2477)
Knox, William Baker 204 Leith St, Dunedin  
Kui, Timi Settler Taringamotu  
Kuri, Huru Farmer Waiteika  
Laffan, Edward Murray Claud Mariner s.s. "Niagara," U.S.S. Co., Auckland 
Lagan, Mathew Farm Labourer care of E. Mulligan, Kauru Hill  
Lake, Edward Charles Labourer Orede, Franklin  
Lally, Patrick Flax-cutter Foxton 
Lampey, Walter Fireman 135 Albany St, Dunedin  
Langman, Alfred Joel Nobes Sailor Matapouri, Whangarei 
Lardner, Harry Face Worker Manchester Hotel, Feilding 
Larkin, Robert Ernest Bushman Alexander Hotel, Auckland   
Law, John Labourer Poole's Store, Mangawai, Otamatea  
Law, Walter Fireman Seamen's Union, Wellington  
Lawlor, Richard Shepherd Opouiti, Gisborne  
Lawson, William Arthur Bushfeller 70 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington  
Leahy, Daniel Christopher Patrick Customs Clerk 2 Douglas St, Wellington  
Leahy, Frederick Carpenter Union St, Kia Ora, Waitaki County  
Leahy, Palmerston Thomas[NR]PuaoAdded to list 12 August 1920 (NZG 1920 p.2477)
Leake, Roy Steward s.s. "Victoria," care of Huddart-Parker Co., Wellington  
Leckie, Archibald Ernest Labourer Kyeburn  
Lee, David Alexander Waddell Stripper-keeper Mokorita, Southland 
Lee, George Laundryman Invercargill 
Lee, Norman DallasFarm LabourerMasonic Hotel, South Princess St, Dunedin Norman Dallas Lee served in the NZEF 1916-18 and was listed as a defaulter in error
Lee, Patrick Francis Fitter 100 Dixon St, Wellington 
Lee, Roydon Flax-cutter care of W.O. Hall, Ruatiti 
Lee, William Joseph Labourer Tuatapere, Main Trunk Line 
Leece, James Marsden Stone-carver 19 St. Albans Rd, Mount Eden  
Lees, Henry Storekeeper care of E. J. Taylor, Hill St, I Ravensbourne, Dunedin 
Legg, Thomas Labourer Te Aro Tea-rooms, Taranaki St, Wellington  
Lehndorf, Ernest Frederick Salesman Gisborne  
Lennie, Alexander Labourer Marlborough House, Hobson St, Auckland  
Lennox, Gilbert Labourer Horotiu 
Leonard, Edward Patrick Farmer Rakahouka  
Leonard, Percy Miner care of Botterill’s Private Bag, Mahirakau  
Leslie, William Government Employee Colombo St, Christchurch  
Lethwick, Benjamin Labourer Greytown 
Lewis, Frederick Edwin Seaman Schooner "Irene," care of J. J. Craig, Paeroa  
Leyden, John Cook 2 Murphy St, Wellington Deleted 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Leyland, Alfred Phillip Grocer 27 Mein St, Wellington  
Light, Warren Alex. Fitter G. P. O., Wellington  
Lilley, Leslie Gordon [or Lilly]Mariner care of U.S.S. Co., Dunedin Deleted 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Lindborn, Herbert Clive Bushman Pipiriki  
Lindner, Henry Shearer Waimate  
Lindross, Carl Seaman Sailors' Home, Auckland  
Lindsay, Stephen Earl [NR]New Plymouth  
Lindsay, William John Shepherd Makino  
Linehan, John Flax-mill Hand Shannon  
Liston, Albert Bushman Waitomo Caves  
Little, James Sidney Seaman s.s. "Putiki," Wellington  
Livesey, Walter John Bower Clerk St. Vincent St, Nelson  
Livingstone, Edward Fireman Sailors' Home, Auckland 
Lloyd, Charles Bushfeller Christchurch  
Lloyd, George Hubert Labourer Ohakune 
Lloyd, James Thomas Fireman care of Mrs. J. Barr, 26 Cargill St, Dunedin  
Lloyd, Joseph James Entertainer Tikitiki, Port Awanui  
lnksmith, JamesLabourer Opunake, Taranaki  
Loftus, John Joseph Fireman Auckland  
Logan, John Andrew Bushman care of Railway Hotel, Owhango, Main Trunk Line  
Logan, Thomas Scutcher Nathan Terrace, Shannon  
Logan, William John Blacksmith Whakataki  
Long, Thomas Shearer Eketahuna  
Longhurst, Ernest Mechanic Central House, Rotorua  
Loughrey, John Miner Avoca Home, Shakespeare Rd, Napier 
Louie, Joseph William Contractor Waimata Valley  
Love, James Farm Labourer care of H. Richards, Methven 
Lovell, Colin Shearer 85 Thorndon Quay, Wellington  
Lovell, Lance Shearer 85 Thorndon Quay, Wellington  
Low, Charles 12 Arney St Wellington Deleted 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Lube, Edward Labourer Barker St, Wellington  
Lundie, Alfred Navvy Wairoa  
Lusty, Norman Engineer Richmond, Nelson Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Lynch, George Flax-cutter Kopuku, Franklin  
Lynch, Martin Labourer Paparatu Station, Waingake, Cook  
Lynch, Patrick Labourer care of E. Hall, Hunterville 
Lynch, William Joseph Shearer Post-office, Seadown 
Lyne, Cornelius Surfaceman Rangitata, South Canterbury  
Lyng, James Labourer G. P.O., Wellington  
Lyng, James Ship's Cook St. Elmo House, 11 Nelson St, Auckland  
MacBeth, Harry Gordon Traveller Post office, Napier 
MacDonald, Albert Labourer care of Sunnex, Maranui  
MacDonald, Charles Stuart Labourer care of Mr. McLaren, Post-office, White Cliffs.  
MacDonald, George Seaman 142 Symonds St, Auckland 
MacDonald, Robert Ernest Storeman 17 Hanson St, Wellington  
Mackay, Michael Bushfeller Shannon  
MacKenzie, Fred Sam Shearer Victoria Avenue, Dannevirke 
Mackenzie, John Labourer Whangarei  
MacLean, William Adam Fruitgrower M. Trembath's Boardinghouse, 319 Hereford St, Christchurch  
Madden, James Labourer Waituhi, Taringamotu  
Maddigan, George Labourer Waingawa 
Maddren, William Arnold Brass-finisher 76 Queen St, Sydenham, Christchurch  
Magee, Edward A. Coal-miner Carroll, St, Runanga 
Magnus, Olof Wilfred Marine Engineer Bankburn, Avonside 
Maho, Toe Labourer Te Hoe  
Mahon, John Labourer Marokopa 
Mahoney, Moran Hotel-manager Christchurch  
Mahoney, Peter Labourer Matiere  
Mahoney, William James Labourer Picton Gaol  
Mahony, Jack Farm Hand Taumarunui  
Main, Daniel Seaman s.s. “Kennedy," care of Anchor Steamship Company, Nelson  
Malley, William Drainer Poplar Flax-mill, Moutua  
Maloney, John Joyce Teamster Hunterville  
Maloney, John Robert Nicholas Farmer West Plains  
Maloney, Lawrence Wheelwright Southland Hotel, Gore  
Maloney, Thomas Blacksmith Arrowtown  
Mangan, Denis Labourer Meringa, Taringamotu  
Mangan, Hugh Henry Traveller Port Chalmers  
Mann, Frederick Burridge Seaman 6 Alma Lane, Wellington  
Mann, William Fireman care of U.S.S. Co., Dunedin 
Mann, William John Operator 325 Thorndon Quay, Wellington  
Manning, William Labourer Post-office, Masterton  
Mannox, Albert Bushman Woodlands, Rakauroa  
Manship, Edmund John Trimmer Dixon St, Wellington 
Marsh, Alfred Steward 19 Ferguson St, Wellington  
Marshall, Albert Ernest Labourer Te Kuiti  
Marshall, Francis Labourer Tinui  
Marshall, Muir Henry Bushman Tolaga Bay  
Martin, Carl Labourer Mount Eden  
Martin, David Labourer Reden, Southland  
Martin, Francis Labourer Cave, Timaru  
Martin, Harry Motor Electrician and Motor Specialist Tainui St, Palmerston North 
Martin, Henry Albert Machinist, Auckland   
Martin, James Steward 201 Tory St, Wellington  
Martin, Michael Engine room Assistant 54 Stanley St, Parnell  
Martin, Richard William Labourer Firth Pumice-works, Ohinewai  
Martin, Thomas Farmer Henderson 
Marumaru, Harihari Labourer Ngaruawahia  
Mason, Walter Lawrence Sailor Sailors' Home, Lyttelton  
Mason, William Labourer 102 Villa St, Masterton  
Massey, Arthur Labourer care of J. D. Hall, Hororata 
Matene, Hare Settler Taumarunui  
Mathers, Richard [NR] Prebbleton  
Matheson, Eddie Ploughman Box Company, Ohutu  
Matheson, Thomas Hector Labourer care of W. Hannam, Preston Rd, Greymouth  
Mathieson, John Station Hand care of Mr. Barbour, Te Hau Station, Omahanui.  
Matt, William Frederick Barman Victoria Hotel, Victoria St, Auckland  
Matthews, William Driver 16 York St, Newton, Auckland  
Maumille, George Miner Waiuta  
Maxwell, George Carpenter Egmont Hotel, Courtenay Place, Wellington  
Maxwell, Harold Francis Sawmill-trucker Ridgelands, Oroua County  
Maxwell, Richard Labourer care of T.M. Blour, Waipawa  
May, Alexander Dealer Electric House, Stafford St, Dunedin  
May, CecilSteward care of s.s. "Manuka," Wellington  
May, John Waterside Worker Trent St, Island Bay, Wellington  
May, William Labourer Dominion Rd, Auckland  
McAleer, Andrew Builder Mountain Rd, Mangere 
McAlister, Alfred [NR] care of Post-office, Waipara  
McAlister, Dominick Ship’s Fireman s.s. "Maori," Wellington  
McAlister, John Drainer Naumai. 
McAlister, John Farm Labourer care of Mrs. A. J. Huston, Tinwald, Ashburton  
McAlister, Robert Kitchen Hand Rutland Hotel, Wanganui   
McAllister, William Ploughman care of Sir W. Buchanan, Tupurupuru, Masterton 
McAnderson, Robert Miner Mahirakau, Taringamotu  
McArthur, John Sawmill Hand Horopito  
McAuley, John Mental Magnetic Healer 56 York Place, Dunedin  
McAweeny, Frank Wharf Labourer Bluff  
McCabe, Michael Labourer Kaikohe, Auckland  
McCabe, Owen Attendant G.P.O., Auckland  
McCall (or McColl), Daniel Fireman s.s. "Moana," U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
McCallum, Edward Scrub-cutter Wanganui  
McCallum, Norman Labourer Albert Palace, Victoria St East, Auckland  
McCallum, Robert Shearer care of Kerr's Boardinghouse, Raetihi  
McCallume, A. W. Labourer Sailors' Home, Auckland 
McCarry, Daniel Labourer care of Post-office, Mangapai  
McCarthy, Arthur Gregory Locksmith 41 Roseberry St, Mornington, Dunedin  
McCarthy, John Joseph Bushman Hicks Bay, Waiapu  
McCarthy, Michael Grocer's Assistant 9 Coromandel St, Wellington 
McCarthy, Robert Labourer City Hotel, Invercargill 
McCarthy, Thomas Peter Grocer's Assistant 61A Brougham St, Wellington  
McCarthy, William Labourer care of August La Lelivre, Akaroa  
McCaul, Adam Farm Hand Keilwarra, Hunterville  
McClean, Richard George Labourer care of Mrs. Jew's Boardinghouse, Wellington  
McClintock, Lewis Cooper Carpenter care of Mr. Te Comple, Hasbury Avenue, Mount Eden  
McClymont, Thomas Shearer care of E. Thomas, Ngamatapouri  
McConnell, John Soldier Turua, Thames River 
McConville, John Labourer Ponsonby, Auckland  
McConville, William Labourer Wanstead, Waipukurau  
McCormack, James B. Bauchup Carpenter 35 Brixton Rd, Mount Eden, Auckland  
McCormack, Thomas Labourer Kaingaroa  
McCormick, Edward Shearer Hunterville  
McCoy, Richard Thomas Shearer Ma-waro, McKenzie  
McCullock, John Steward care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
McCullough, David Thomas [NR]Napier 
McCullough, Ronald Gavin Plumber 16 Princess St, Riccarton, Christchurch 
McCune, Andrew [NR] G.P.O., Wellington 
McCusker, Frank Rouseabout Tophouse Run, Tophouse  
McDevitt, William JamesMail-carrierRongotea, Manawatu CountyAdded to list 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
McDonagh, John James Marine Fireman s.s. "Kokiri," care of U.S.S. Co.  
McDonagh, Joseph Marine Fireman Glasgow Restaurant, Moray Place, Dunedin (s.s. "Ulimaroa").  
McDonald, Alex Ploughman East Chatton  
McDonald, Donald Fireman Te Aro  
McDonald, Douglas Farmer Care of Post-office, Newton, Auckland  
McDonald, Horace Storekeeper Arney Crescent, Remuera  
McDonald, J. Motor-mechanic care of Mrs. J. Allan, Bates St, Wanganui  
McDonald, Jasper Samuel Blacksmith Karioi, Waimarino  
McDonald, John Labourer Alfredton  
McDonald, John Miner Nevesville 
McDonald, Michal Farmer Edgecombe Rd, Tauranga  
McDougall, Alexander Manager care of W. Letham, Laureston, Ashburton  
McElhinney, John Labourer care of Fisher's Hotel, Denniston  
McEnaney, Thomas Miner Marama, Awatera  
McEneaney, John Coal-miner Post-office, Huntly 
McErlain, James Francis Contractor Otago  
McEwen, James Miner Settler Hotel, Whangarei  
McFarlane, William Valentine Buttermaker care of Royal Hotel, Greymouth 
McGall, Andrew Labourer Auckland 
McGallan, William Barman Family Hotel, Lower Hutt 
McGee, Edward Dobin Storeman 16 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch 
McGee, Thomas Builder 42 Manukau Rd, Parnell  
McGill, Frank Labourer Pongaroa  
McGill, John Patrick Bushman Te Pohue, Hawke's Bay 
McGlade, Ernest Traveller 12 Douglas St, Newtown, Wellington  
McGloin, Hugh Patrick Cycle and Motor Mechanic Plunkett St, Spreydon, Christchurch  
McGonigal, John Marine Fireman Sailors' Home, Auckland  
McGrane, John William Faloon Carpenter Waitaha  
McGrath, John Labourer Grand National Hotel, Petone  
McGregor, Alexander Milkman 7 Lewisville Terrace, Wellington  
McGregor, Angus Fireman Ngaroma, Dublin St, Ponsonby, Auckland  
McGregor, Charles Robert Jockey Riccarton, Christchurch  
McGregor, David Tangiwai Waiouru  
McGregor, John Ship's Cook Post-office, Auckland  
McGregor, Kenneth Duncan Labourer Wainuiomata  
McGuire, James Telegraph Lineman Powerhouse, Lake Coleridge  
McHale, James Joseph Storeman 206 Sydney St, Wellington  
McIntosh, Duncan Miner care of Finegand Freezingworks, Balclutha 
McIntosh, James bell Driver Patetongo  
McIntyre, Robert Fireman 134 Willis St, Wellington  
McKague, Andrew Farmer Queen's Hotel, Oamaru 
McKay, John Labourer Masterton  
McKay, John Labourer care of G.P.O., Wellington  
McKay, William Woodcutter Gleniti, Timaru  
McKegney, ArthurFlax-mill hand and labourerWairoa Added to list 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
McKendrick, James Wharf Labourer Working Men’s Home, Buckle St, Wellington  
McKendry, William JamesWarehousemanWellingtonAdded to list 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
McKenzie, Charles Bushfeller Mangamahu   
McKenzie, Frank Seaman care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
McKenzie, JamesFlax-cutter Seifert's Mill, TokomaruAdded to list 16 September 1922 (NZ Gazette 1922 p.2631)
McKenzie, James Farmer Mangahina, Woodlands, Masterton Deleted 16 September 1922 (NZ Gazette 1922 p.2631)
McKenzie, John Labourer Tora Station, Martinborough Deleted 29 May 1920 (NZG 1920 p.1799)
McKenzie, Robert Farmer care of F. W. Rutherford, Wairama Downs, Onewhero  
McKenzie, WilIiam Flax-cutter Tane Hemp Company, Rangiotu  
McKernan, Thomas Fireman Sailors' Home, Auckland  
McKie, John [NR] Mokai, via Putaruru  
McKie, William Bushfeller Valley Rd, Whangamomona   
McKie, Wilson Crane-driver Harbour Board Quarries, Wanganui River 
McKinnon, Donald Seaman Hospital Ship "Marama," Dunedin   
McKnight, Frank James Labourer Woolston 
McKnight, William George Labourer Albury 
McLachlan, Albert MatIand Horse-trainer care of E. Griffin, Ashburton  
McLanders, Bruce Seaman care of s.s. "Poherua," U.S.S. Co., Greymouth  
McLaren, James Flax-miller Mokoreta, Southland  
McLaren, John William Seaman s.s. "Kanna," Wellington 
McLaughlin, James Labourer Wairau Valley  
McLean, Alexander Farm Hand Weraroa  
McLean, Archie Carpenter Public Works, Featherston Deleted 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
McLean, Donald Ship's Fireman care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
McLean, James Striker 248 Worcester St, Christchurch  
McLean, John Labourer Moutoa, Foxton 
McLenaghin, Edmond Farm Labourer Motukarara, Christchurch  
McLeod, Donald [NR]Invercargill  
McLeod, Tarcho Student Sacred Heart College, Auckland 
Mcllraith, Frank Logan Journalist 48 Bread St, Palmerston North  
McLoughIin, Cornelius Steward 60 Pipitea St, Wellington 
McLoughlan (or McLaughlin), John Lineman Patutahi, Gisborne  
McMahon, Thomas Road Contractor Post-office, Reefton  
McMahon, Thomas Seaman s.s. “Maori," care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
McMahon, William Horse-driver 21 Hobson St., Auckland 
McManus, John Labourer care of G.P.O., Wellington 
McMaster, James Traction-engine Driver Turakina Valley, Wanganui  
McMichel, James Fireman 28 Willis St, Wellington  
McMillan, Edward Wharf Labourer 107 Carlton Gore Rd, Auckland  
McMillan, Joseph Fruiterer 141 Victoria St, Christchurch   
McMullan, James Sawmill Hand Mananui, Hokitika  
McMullan, Thomas John Labourer Waikato House, Auckland  
McMurray, Charles Flax-mill Hand care of A. and F. Seifert, Shannon  
McNamara, John Ship's Fireman care of Seaman's Union, Wellington  
McNeill, Thomas Farm Labourer Moutoa, Manawatu  
McNicholl, Robert John Horse-driver Glenhu, Hinakura.  
McPherson, John Steven Accountant 36 LilIey St, Invercargill  
McQuaid, Patrick Farm Labourer Riverview House, Huntly, Waikato  
McRae, Fergus Alexander School-teacher Oturoa, Ngongotaha, Rotorua   
McRae, John Labourer Waimoka, Pakarae  
McRae, Roderick Allen Farmer Mareretu 
McRandle, William Labourer Windsor, N.Z.  
McSwan, Alexander Labourer Masterton  
McSweeney, Denis Timber-worker Dominion House, Manunui  
McSweeney, Richard Labourer Featherston  
McVeigh, David Quarryman Matata, Bay of Plenty 
Meades, James Samuel Gum-digger Matakohi, Otamatea  
Mears, Andrew David Gold-miner Upper Moonlight, Blackball  
Meech, Norman Wilton Painter 28 Adams Terrace, Wellington 
Melton, Bertie Edmund Cheesemaker Joll Dairy Company, Auroa 
Meredith, George Ambrose Steward care of Mission to Seamen, Lyttelton 
Meremana, Rapana [NR] Parawai  
Merrick, Joseph James Fireman Seamen's Institute, Wellington  
Metcalfe, Joseph Settler Otatara, Southland  
Middleton, Donald Hotel Porter Clarendon Hotel, Wellington  
Middleton, John Gilchrist Seaman care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Midgley, James Labourer 178 Taranaki St, Wellington  
Millar, William Nathan Salesman Grove Motor Garage, Napier 
Millard, Richard Labourer Te Akau, Raglan  
Millard, Samuel Edward [NR] Palmerston North  
Miller, Douglas Dewland Sailor care of s.s. "Paloona," Wellington  
Miller, Edward Fencer Liverpool House, Eketahuna  
Miller, Frederick Barman Empire Hotel, Feilding  
Miller, George Charles Nathaniel Carrier Post-office, Whangarei  
Miller, Hugh Labourer 418 Avenue Rd, West Hastings 
Miller, Jack Bushman Whakatane, Bay of Plenty  
Miller, John WilliamTransport Service Wharf Hotel, Dunedin  
Miller, Joseph Cyril Station Hand Waimimi, Whareama  
Miller, Patrick Labourer Waikari, Waipara  
Miller, Walter Roland Cook U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Miller, William Labourer care of J. Knowles, Glenorchy 
Mills, Charles Bernard Farmer H. B. Mills, Tuna, Midhirst. 
Mills, Ernest Scutcher Palmerston North  
Mills, Gordon Keith Seaman Masonic Hotel, Dunedin  
Mills, Harold Seaman s.s. " Mararoa," Port Chalmers  
Millson, George Carpenter Oteramika Rd, Invercargill  
Milner, George Frederick Fencer Tapuwaeroa Deleted 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Minogue, John Shearer and Station Hand Pine's Boardinghouse, Wanganui  
Minogue, Michael Patrick Labourer Wairere, Auckland 
Mitchell, Jack Labourer Wellington  
Mitchell, William John Labourer Aohanga  
Moet, Percy Officer care of U.S.S. Co., Picton.  
Moffatt, Henry Waterside Worker 24 College St, Wellington  
Moffatt, William Cook Royal Hotel, Auckland 
Moffatt, William John Labourer Gisborne  
Moles, Robert Labourer Tokomaru  
Moloney, Roderick Labourer Tai Waite Station, Martinborough 
Monahan, Arthur Labourer Whitehall Boardinghouse, Wellington  
Monson, Thomas Eugene Anderson Labourer 11 Thomas Burns St, Dunedin  
Montague, Charles Labourer Tawhata, Wanganui River 
Montgomerie, Leo James Fireman 19 Greenwood St, Eden Terrace, Auckland  
Montgomery, William James [NR] Amusement Parlour, Gladstone Rd, Gisborne  
Moon, James Seaman s.s. "Rakanoa," care of U.S.S. Co., Napier 
Moore, Alfred Labourer Linton, Kairanga 
Moore, Arthur Labourer Te Kuiti  
Moore, Ernest Labourer Tokomaru, Manawatu Line  
Moore, George Labourer Reseigh Hotel, Reefton  
Moore, George PercivalHairdresser Blackball, Grey  
Moore, James Seaman s.s. "Koromiko"  
Moore, Jim Labourer Matawai  
Moore, Sydney James MinerBell's Boardinghouse, Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch  
Moore, Thomas Walter Carpenter Blackball  
Moore, William John Storekeeper Waiuta  
Moore, William Luke Glennon Plumber 16 Horne St, Wellington  
Morel, Carl Farm Hand Argyle Terrace, Takapuna, Auckland 
Morgan, Jerry [NR] Mangatangi   
Morgan, John Labourer care of C.P.O. Huntly  
Moriarty, Thomas Philip Farm Labourer Flax-mills, Kaikoura  
Morley, Joseph Carpenter Mary St, Mount Eden, Auckland  
Morran, Thomas Labourer Brown's Coffee Palace, Cuba St, Wellington  
Morris, AndersonEngine-cleanerLoco. Department, PaekakarikiAdded to list 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Morris, Archibald Joseph Driver Walton St, Whangarei  
Morris, Bill Labourer care of Clinton House, Petone  
Morris, Fred Labourer 293 Tinakori Rd, Wellington  
Morris, Henry Miner Big River, Reefton  
Morris, James Driver Barrytown, Greymouth  
Morris, John [NR] 92 Adelaide Rd, Wellington 
Morris, Joseph Labourer Tokomaru Bay  
Morrish, Rhys Tudor Wool-classer Owaka, Clutha  
Morrison, David Baker Pukekohe, Auckland  
Morrison, Robert David Traveller Rugg's Hotel, Kumara  
Morrissey, Denis Corker 5 Auburn St, Auckland  
Morton, Alexander Labourer Public Works Department, Ngatapa, Poverty Bay  
Moti, Pakaru Casual Railway Surfaceman Ngatira  
Motu, Tame [NR] Mercer 
Mouldy or Hay, Cecil Walter Seaman s.s. "Kaituna," U.S.S. Co., Wellington Deleted 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Moye, James Engine-driver Albemarle Hotel, Ghuznee St, Wellington  
Moynihan, Arthur Farmer Momona, Taieri  
Mulgrew, Alfred Contractor Post-office, Tolaga Bay  
Mulholland, Bernard Porter N.Z.R., 6 Duke St, Palmerston North  
Mulkere, Martin Labourer Spring St, Onehunga 
Mullan, Thomas Contractor Post-office, Huntly, Waikato  
Mullen, John Joseph Ship's Fireman Albert Coffee Palace, Victoria St, Auckland  
Mulligan, James Labourer Mills, Marlborough 
Mullins, James Patrick Mate care of s.s. "Aotea," Helensville Deleted 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Mullins, Matthew Bricklayer care of D. Kennedy, Morven, Waimate County 
Mullins, William Henry Labourer and Slaughterman 5 Middleton Rd, Riccarton, Christchurch  
Mulloy, John Platelayer care of N.Z.R., Ohoka  
Mumb, Roy John Grocer Fire-station, Hamilton  
Mumford, Arthur Brown's Boardinghouse Wellington  
Munday, W. Fireman care of Seaman's Union, Wellington  
Munro, John Station Hand Waimanu, MacRae's Estate, Masterton  
Murdock, Daniel James Waterside Worker Lower Queen St, Onehunga 
Murley, Patrick Labourer C.P.O., Hokitika  
Murphy, Francis Henry Farm Hand Ngatea, Hauraki Plains  
Murphy, James Ship's Fireman care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Murphy, James Labourer65 Pipitea St, Wellington  
Murphy, John Coal-miner Blackball  
Murphy, John Fireman s.s. "Moeraki," care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Murphy, John Patrick Manager 45 Oliphant St, Ponsonby  
Murphy, Patrick Contractor 39 Molesworth St, Wellington   
Murphy, Peter Seaman s.s. "Maunganui," Wellington  
Murphy, Phillip Driver P.W.D., Featherston  
Murphy, William Fireman Albion Boardinghouse, MacLaggan St, Dunedin  
Murrane, Edward Mortimer French-polisher 396 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch  
Murray, Henry Richard Farmer Tahoraiti, Dannevirke  
Murray, John [NR] Whakatane  
Murray, Robert Labourer Matawhero  
Murray, Robert Driver care of Mrs. Nutch, Sheldon St, Herne Bay, Auckland  
Murray, William Labourer Canterbury  
Mussen, William Labourer care of Brown's Coffee Palace, Upper Willis St, Wellington  
Myles, James Porter "Bungalow," Hinemoa St, Rotorua  
Nancarrow, George Seaman s.s. "Mapourika," Wellington  
Nash, Michael Miner Island Bay, Wellington  
Neilson, Charles Peter Hamilton Farmer Awahou, Raumai  
Neilson, Otto Bushman care of – Patterson, Darby St, Feilding 
Nelson, George Ernest Labourer Wairoa Freezing Company  
Nelson, Jack Ploughman care of P. Swainson, Otorohanga  
Neves, Frank Miner Karangahake  
Neville, Archibald [NR] Shirling House, Auckland  
Newell, Thomas Isaac Farm Labourer Mangaweka  
Newell, William James Labourer Harihari, South Westland  
Newland, William Labourer care of G.M. Meyrick, Ridgeland, Feilding 
Newman, Joseph Patrick Clerk Kaiteratahi Post-office, Gisborne  
Newton, Arthur John Labourer Post-office, Foxton  
Ngapeka, Noah Labourer Otawa, Taheke, Hokianga 
Ngawharau, Dick [NR] Rangiriri.  
Nicholls, Clarence Labourer Gisborne  
Nicholls, John Farm-work care of J.D. Donner, Tahora  
Nicholson, George William Miner Ngakawau, Buller 
Nicholson, James Labourer Hastings  
Nicholson, Thomas Ship's Baker care of U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Nicolls, George Mill Hand Raetihi  
Niethe, Frederick William Leonard [NR] Palmerston North  
Nixon, Louis David Ship's Fireman s.s. "Talune," Auckland Deleted 29 May 1920 (NZG 1920 p.1799)
Nolan, Aloysius Patrick Farm Labourer Levels  
Nolan, Joseph Michael Stoker Mokau  
Nolan, Peter Roadman Karioi, King-country  
Noon, George Labourer Paterson's Boardinghouse, Ashburton 
Noonan, Thomas Miner Karangahake  
Norman, W. Cheesemaker Hurleyville  
North, George Henry Seaman 68 Customs St West, Auckland 
North, John Alfred Slaughterman Burnside, Otago  
Nunn, Frederick Wickerworker 16 Petone Avenue, Petone, Wellington  
Nunn, William Horace Ironmoulder 16 Petone Avenue, Petone 
Nylands, Robert Flax-mill Hand Kawakawa, Bay of Islands  
Oakes, Charles Clifford Labourer Spotswood, New Plymouth 
Oakhurst, Jack Boot Operator Greenmeadows, Taradale  
Oakley, Richard William Seaman Selwyn Terrace, Lyttelton Deleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
O'Brien, Cornelius Farm Hand Motea, Puketapu  
O'Brien, Henry James Engine-driver Arnold Siding, Greymouth  
O'Brien, James Surfaceman care of C.P.O., Wanganui  
O'Brien, Joseph Labourer care of Ellis and Burnard's Sawmill, Manunui  
O'Brien, Michael Flax-cutter care of Guy's Boarding Buffet, Tokomaru 
O'Brien, Patrick Jockey Takapuna, Auckland  
O'Brien, Robert Bushman care of Brown's Boarding-house, Cuba St, Wellington  
O'Brien, Thomas Francis Labourer Leviathan Coffee Palace, Manners St, Wellington 
O'Connell, John Farm Hand 40th or 43rd M.R., Post office, Waerengaahika. Deleted 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
O'Connor, Edward Springmaker Trentham Detai1s,  12 Madras St, Sydenham. 
O'Connor, Jack Farm Labourer Tapuhi  
O'Connor, James Labourer Ngatapa, Gisborne  
O'Connor, James Seafarer 31 Pitt St, Newton, Auckland  
O'Connor, James Timothy Miner Goldfields, Howard, Nelson 
O'Connor, John Labourer Kaiteratahi, near Gisborne 
O'Connor, John Farmer Trentham Details, Longridge, SouthlandDeleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
O'Connor, Martin William P. T. Cadet Details, Post-office, Havelock. 
O'Connor, Michael Contractor Opouiti, Wairoa  
O'Connor, Michael Labourer Wellington  
O'Connor, Patrick Farmer C Co., 31st Rfts., Rawhitiroa, Eltham 
O'Connor, William Labourer Waipiro Bay, Gisborne  
O'Dea, Patrick Labourer Marumaru Hotel, Wairoa 
O'Dea, Vincent James Seaman, 4 Turnbull St, Wellington   
O'Doherty, Thomas Patrick Labourer care of Miss Williams, Tasman Hotel, Nelson  
O'Donnell, Philip Law Clerk care of Mrs. Egan, Matamata  
O'Donnell, William Cook S.S. "Flora," Wellington  
O'Donoghue, Michael Farmer Waihou  
O'Donoghue, Patrick Farmer Waihou, Te Aroha 
O'Flaherty, John Wharf Labourer D Co., 35th Rfts., 5 Jessie St, Wellington 
O'Grady, Michael Francis Bushman Trentham Details, Leamington, Cambridge  
O'Grady, P. Farmer Pleasant Point, Timaru  
O'Grady, William Albert Farmer 39th N.Z.M.R., Oroua Downs, Palmerston  
O'Grady, William, jun. Farm Labourer Tycho Mail, Timaru 
O'Hagan, Arthur Contractor Oponae 
O'Hara, James M. Free Labourer Grand Hotel, Wellington  
O'Hara, John Fireman Leviathan Hotel, Manners St, Wellington 
O'Kane, Augustine Bricklayer F Co., 32nd Rfts., Hastings 
O'Kane, James Musician Seatoun Heights Rd, Seatoun, Wellington  
O'Kane, Timothy[NR] care of T. O'Kane, Timaru  
O'Keefe, Joseph Labourer Dixon St, Wellington  
O'Leary, Dan Ship's Fireman s.s. "Kaiapoi," Auckland 
Olley, Albert Harry Barman 41 Wellesley St, Auckland  
Olsson, Olof Bernaherd Bridge-builder Lyttelton Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
O'Meeghan, Michael Student E Co., 40th Rfts., Le Cren's Terrace, Timaru  
O'Neill, CharlesShearer Fordell  
O'Neill, Denis Joseph Farm Hand care of F. Tylee, Makuri 
O'Neill, James Labourer care of Harvey, Waipiro Bay  
O'Neill, JohnBushman Tisbury, Post-office, InvercargillAdded to list 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
O'Neill, John Miner Huntly  
O'Neill, John Stanislaws Labourer Wanaka Station, Pembroke  
Oram, Jesse Waterside Worker 14 Abel Smith St, Wellington  
Oram, Robert Grocer Runanga 
O'Reilly, Michael Patrick Engine-driver Shakespeare St, Greymouth  
Organ, Ernest Butcher Featherston Details, 24 Crescent Rd, Roseneath, Wellington  
Organ, John Saldthiel [NR] Groves Boardinghouse, Eltham 
Orr, Albert Sheep-farmer Wynyard House, Eden Crescent, Auckland  
Osborn, William Charlton Steward s.s. "Paloona," U.S.S. Co., Port Chalmers 
Osborne, Albert William Motor-mechanic Details, Christchurch  
Osborne, Ambrose James Bootmaker 29 Roy St, Newtown, Wellington  
O'Shea, Cornelius N.Z.R. Platelayer Petone  
O'Shea, John Separator Operator Monavale Factory, Cambridge  
O'Shea, Michael Shearer Harley St, Nelson  
O'Shea, Sylvester Telegraph Lineman Fenton House, Fenton St, Rotorua 
O'Sullivan, Benjamin Labourer George Rd, Southland  
O'Sullivan, Cornelius Labourer Paparatu St, Waingake, Gisborne  
O'Sullivan, Daniel Bushman Akitio 
O'Sullivan, Daniel Farmer Details, Opunake, Taranaki  
O'Sullivan, Timothy Tunnel-man Marumaru, Wiriroa, Hawke's Bay 
O'Sullivan, Timothy John Railway Employee Pitcaithly's, Wellington  
Owen, Harry Cholmondeley Trimmer Tuam St, Christchurch  
Owen, John Ship's Fireman care of s.s. “Moeraki," U. S.S. Co., Wellington  
Page, Frank Albert Trimmer s.s. "Maori," Wellington  
Page, John [NR]Brown's Boardinghouse, Willis St, Wellington  
Paine, Albert Edgar Labourer C.P.O., Palmerston North 
Pakanga, Tikou [NR] care of Makgill and Middleton, Horahora  
Pallet, William Farm Labourer Matiere  
Palmer, William Shopkeeper Queen St, Auckland  
Palmore, Raymond John Billiard-marker care of – Baraket, Tobacconist, Waihi  
Paora, Tauwehe [NR] Kohotea 
Parata, Wiremu LabourerOtorohanga  
Parema Flax-cutter Kopuku 
Pariti, Tiki Farmer Taringamutu  
Park, Thomas Farm Labourer Duntroon  
Parker, Charles James Labourer Post-office, Woodville  
Parker, James Albert Storekeeper s.s. "Manuka," U.S.S. Co., Wellington 
Parker, Richard George Labourer Bunnythorpe  
Parker, Walter Labourer Glenroy, Canterbury  
Parker, William Labourer Woodslee Downs, Wyndham 
Parker, William Burnard Labourer Owens Rd, Epsom, Auckland  
Parker, William Burnett Farm Hand Hikurangi Station  
Parkes, George Labourer Waimarino County Council, Raetihi  
Parkinson, John Shearer Trocadero Hotel, Wellington  
Parsons, Alphonsus Hugh Sawmill Hand Te Kopuru, Auckland  
Pascoe, Sydney George Farm Labourer Whakaronga  
Pate, Henuete [NR] Paparauma  
Paterson, Jack Davieson Cabinetmaker Port Chalmers  
Paterson, Robert&nbnbsp;Fireman Salvation Army, Buckle St, Wellington  
Patterson, James John Bushman care of Royal Hotel, Gisborne  
Patterson, John Fraser Miner Sterling Hotel, Seddon St, Waihi  
Patterson, Robert Fireman People’s Palace, Wellington  
Patterson, William Seaman R.M.S. "Marama," U.S.S Co., Wellington 
PauLabourer Marokopa, Te Kuiti  
Paul, George Butcher Albion Hotel, Gisborne  
Payne, Ernest Claude Seaman care of – Waters, Hastings Club.  
Payne, Henry Bernard Insurance Agent 247 Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch  
Peak, Henry Fireman Seaman's Union, Auckland  
Pearce, Frank Labourer care of F. Armstrong, Akitio Station  
Pearl, Harry James Farm Hand care of G.P.O., Wellington  
Pearl, John Alpheus Joiner Wellington South.  
Pearston, William Douglas Butcher 14 Gordon Avenue, St Albans, Christchurch  
Peat, Edward C. H. E. Labourer Clevedon, Papakura, Manukau, Auckland  
Peck, Henry Storekeeper Kohimarama 
Peck, JohnFarmer Woodville  
Penson, Charles George P.W.D. Conway Camp 
Perkins, Albert Labourer Onerahi House, Whangarei   
Perrett, Edward John Farm Hand Mahoe, Opunake  
Perry, George Francis Carter 86 Aro St, Wellington 
Petersen, John Bushman Weber 
Petty, Raymond Philip Foreman nbsp;10 Baden Rd, Wellington 
Peverill, Henry Joseph Labourer Westcourt Boardinghouse, Gisborne 
Phelan, John Labourer care of Mrs. Thompson, Johnsonville  
Phillips, Alan Scarborough Farm Hand Papakura  
Phillips, George A.V.Hotel PorterAucklandAdded 29 May 1920 (NZG 1920 p.1799)
Phillips, Heta Farm Labourer Mokau 
Phillips, James [NR] Y.M.C.A, Auckland  
Phillips, William Tram-construction Worker Ahaura  
Phillips, William Bushfeller Railway Hotel, Greymouth  
Phillis, Leslie Labourer Hawke's Bay  
Philps, Harold Farm Labourer Awahuri  
Pickard, Tom Arthur Marine Steward U.S.S. Co, Dunedin 
Pickering, Harry Labourer Waipū 
Pilling, Thomas Lawrence Traffic Labourer “Arawa," Mulgrave St, Wellington  
Pine, William Labourer Moeraki, Hillgrove  
Pironika, Tami Labourer Waipipi 
Pita, Wharekawa[NR] Tangoao  
Plunkett, Michael Joseph Bush Contractor care of E. Hurst, Waipuna Rd, Raetihi  
Plunkett, Thomas Alfred Porter care of Barrett's Hotel, Lambton Quay, Wellington 
Polar, Robert Henry Umbrella-maker Palmerston North  
Pollard, Charles Miner Post-office, Waiuta  
Pollock, George Labourer care of Post-office, Palmerston North  
Pollock, Glen Pork-butcher Kimbolton Rd, Feilding  
Pollock, Henry Thedford Fencer Tangihau, Rere 
Pollock, Leslie [NR] 27 Westland Terrace, Christchurch  
Polson, Mark Teamster Waverley Private Hotel, Christchurch  
Poninghaus, Fred Farm Hand Coffee Palace, Ashburton 
Poole, Francis Joseph Labourer Mokai, East Taupo 
Pope, Jock Bushman WellingtonDeleted 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Porter, Norman [NR] Motor-garage, Shannon 
Porter, Stanley Engine-driver Wantwood, Marlborough 
Portlock, Charles Miner Greytown  
Potter, Herbert Samuel Carpenter Palmerston North  
Potter, William Steward s.s. "Aurora," 50 Evans Bay Rd, Wellington  
Poulson, Edwin Labourer Waiotapu 
Poulton, Walter Cook P.W.D., Raurimu  
Powell, Jay Heath Electric Improver " Glenosmond," Symonds St, Auckland  
Powell, Richard Mill Hand 101 Franklin Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland 
Powell, Roy James Cadet Seaman barque "Rona," care of G. H. Scales (Limited), Wellington Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Power, Edward Henry Labourer 9 Tui St, Wellington  
Power, Thomas [NR] South Beach, Greymouth Deleted 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Pratt, John Coalgate Farm Labourer Poihakene, Cape Colville 
Prendergast, Thomas Peter Farm Hand Longbeach  
Price, Francis Henry Labourer Mangapai, North Auckland  
Prindable, Redmond Journalist 24 Cranmer Square Christchurch  
Pring, Robert GeorgeClerk 7 Threadneedle Street, GreymouthAdded 29 May 1920 (NZG 1920 p.1799)
Pringle, William Musician 27A Vermont St, Ponsonby, Auckland 
Puaha, Honee Labourer Port Waikato  
Puke, Take Labourer Hakarimata, Ngaruawahia  
Pullin, William Henry Engine-driver C.P.O., Auckland  
Punch, Frank Clerk Rangataua  
Puruhau, Hina Flax-cutter Hauturu  
Puturangi [NR]  Matamata  
Pyke, Harold Augustus Labourer care of Seifert's Flax-dressing Company, Shannon  
Quaife, Henry Edmund Contractor Paparoa  
Quarrie, James Ploughman Garguston, Kurow  
Quinn, George Henry Bushman Awaroa Line, Huntly  
Quinn, Hugh Labourer South Hillend  
Quinn, Hugh Labourer Raetihi  
Quirke, Timothy Labourer 14 Little Pipitea St, Wellington   
Radcliffe, John EdwardStablemanWaimarino  
Rae, SamuelSailorSeamen's Union, Auckland 
Ralph, CharlesChemist"King's Court," Auckland  
Ramsay, Peter ElderBakerMaungapapa Bakery, Auckland  
Randell, Jack LabourerTolaga Bay  
Rankin, WilliamBushfellerTe Awaite, Martinborough  
Ratcliffe, Frank CharlesHotel PorterCommercial Hotel, Waihi  
Raven, Jack AlbertMarine Cook "Ulimaroa," Dunedin  
Rawe, TukarohuLabourerTiorao  
Rawlings, Eric Basil Carriage-builderY.M.C.A., Willis St, Wellington 
Rawlinson, James ValentineBushmanWairoa  
Raymond, Frederick ThomasBushfellerCare of D Fulton, Pohanga  
Read, Arthur HuiaFarm Hand Eiffeltown, AshburtonAdded to list 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Read, Reginald CharlesFarmerWhenuakoa Deleted 30 August 1919 following appeal (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Rees, DavidLabourercare of J. Asher, Tokaanu, East Taupo 
Regan, Charles Josephplumber“Rangiora," Khyber Pass Rd, Auckland 
Regan, ChristyTiler31 Garrett St, Wellington 
Regan, Francis IgnatusPlumber200 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland  
Regan, PatrickLabourer40 Albert St, Gisborne  
Reid, AndrewFarmercare of Mrs McLeod, Riverton  
Reid, Charles WilliamLabourer7 Martin St, Wellington  
Reid, GordonSeafarers.s. "Clansman," Auckland  
Reid, GordonLabourerGisborne  
Reid, JamesMarine Stoker Glasgow Restaurant, Wellington  
Reid, Thomas BushmanMarokopa  
Reid, William Labourer Motu, Gisborne  
Reid, William Charles Farmer Mangatina  
Reilly, Henry William [NR]care of Public Works Office, G.P.O., Wellington  
Reilly, Richard John Ernest Labourer Glen Oroua  
Rennie, David [NR] care of T. Howard, Farmer, Pipiriki, Wanganui River 
Reynolds, John Henry Labourer Te Rehunga, Dannevirke  
Riach, George FraserLabourer Christchurch 
Rice, Roland ShearerTe Rehunga, Dannevirke  
Rice, Walter WilliamFlax-miller care of R Phillips, Waharoa, Rotorua Line  
Rice, William [NR]Wilson's Siding, Te Kuiti  
Rice, William Fireman Point Halswell  
Richards, Joseph Henry Fireman Central Fire Station, Wellington  
Richards, Thomas Taxi-driver Wellington  
Richardson, JohnStablekeeperManchester St, Feilding  
Richardson, Robert Seaman s.s "Gael," care of U.S.S Co., Auckland  
Richardson, Robert Buckingham Mechanic Raleigh St, Mount Roskill, Auckland  
Richardson, William James Farm HandYork Farm, Marton 
Riley, Ely alias Tom Whiteley Gardener New Plymouth  
Riley, John BushmanHaurangi, Martinborough  
Riley, John Trimmer care of h.s. “Marama," Wellington  
Riordan, TimothyFarm Hand P.O. Box 17, Putaruru  
Roberts, Alfred Merchant Seaman s.s. “Talune," care of U.S.S. Co., Auckland 
Roberts, Frederick Alfred Labourer care of Captain Hadfield, Ohakune 
Roberts, James Station Hand Makipiro, via Fernhill  
Roberts, James LabourerTuatapere, Wallace  
Roberts, James Henry Electrical Fitter 75 Cumberland St, Christchurch 
Roberts, John Presser90 Wildberry St, Woolston  
Roberts, John Flax-cutter Campbell St., Frankton JunctionAdded to list 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Roberts, OwenSeaman s.s. “Paloona," U.S.S. Co., Dunedin 
Roberts, Thomas James FencerRailway Hotel, Taihape 
Robertshaw, EdgarShepherd YM.C.A., WellingtonDeleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Robertson, Colin Robert Boot-operator 22 York St., Auckland  
Robertson, Edward Mill Hand Palmerston South  
Robertson, Erasmus Paisley Waterside Worker23 Waterloo Avenue, Wellington  
Robertson, Herbert [NR]21 Croslands, Hobsonville  
Robertson, William Labourer care of Mrs. Frewen, 1 Maclaggan St, Dunedin 
Robinson, Bertie Mill Hand Post-office, Ohakune 
Robinson, Christopher Robert Groom Stirling, Otago 
Robinson, Frank Moulder95 Tilford St., Woolston, Christchurch  
Robinson, Frederick Ernest Steward s.s. "Manuka,” U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Robinson, George Marine Steward s.s. “Maitai," Wellington 
Robinson, John Fireman Aparima Hotel, Riverton 
Robinson, John Quartz-miner Globe Hill, Reefton  
Robinson, John Frederick Labourer Auckland 
Robinson, John George Miner Stirling, Otago  
Robinson, Percival James Manufacturers' Agent415 Wellington Terrace, Wellington  
Robinson, Robert Labourer Otoko, Gisborne 
Robinson, William Nursery Gardener Christchurch  
Roche, William J. Shearer care of C. Thompson, Papanui, Christchurch   
Rock, Martin Stud Groom Mangatainoka 
Rod, Edward Steward t.s. “Ruahine," or 47 Constable St, Wellington Deleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Rodgers, HarryLabourer7 Boston Terrace, Wellington  
Rogers, Harry Farm Hand Cowes, Manukau  
Rogers, James Wool-presser Fernie Hurst, Kaikoura  
Rogers, John [NR] 272 Hereford St, Christchurch  
Rosa, Herbert Contractor MarumaruDeleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Ross, Alexander Miner 100 Vivian St, Wellington  
Ross, Arthur James LabourerTokomaru, Manawatu 
Ross, David Sawmill Hand Box Company, Ohutu, Rangitikei 
Ross, Donald William CarterDunollie, Runanga  
Ross, George Storeman 19 Tasman St, Wellington  
Ross, James Miner Nokomai, Southland  
Ross, JohnFireman 39 France St, Auckland  
Ross, John Hardy Farmer Ngarua  
Ross, Louis George Coach-painter 19 Rose Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland 
Ross, Robert Flax Employer Waikanae, Horowhenua  
Ross, William Labourer care of G.P.O. Wellington  
Rosser, William Shams LabourerWestshore, Napier 
Rostron, FrankWaterside Worker 7A Crawford Terrace, Wellington 
Roughan, John Farm Labourer Kaiwaka Station, East Coast, Wairarapa  
Rouse, RobertEngine-driver Te Kiri  
Rowe, William Charles Cook care of Adelphi Hotel, Kaikoura  
Rowell, WilliamWharf WorkerOld Porirua Rd, Khandallah 
Rowland, Alexander [NR]Hastings St, Hastings  
Ruane, John Waterside WorkerWhakatane  
Rudd, Charles James Insurance Agent 156 Brougham St, Christchurch  
Ruff, Sidney H. Attendant Mental Hospital, Porirua 
Ruffy, Arthur WilliamSlaughterman 310 Hazeldean Rd, Sydenham, Christchurch 
Rundle, Edwin Shearercare of McFarlane Bros., Kiyawa, Pahiatua  
Rundle, George Shearer care of G.P.O., Christchurch 
Rura Flax-mill Hand Tauranganui 
Rura, Tame [NR] Mercer 
Rushbrooke, Alban George Farmer Manawera, Te Aroha  
Rushworth, Harold Bricklayer Marshland Rd, Shirley  
Russell, Charles HenryFarmer100 Nelson St, Auckland  
Rutherford, William Lyllton Stoneworker 28 Burleigh St, Mount Eden, Auckland 
Rutter, Charles Manager of Coal-yard 29 Allnatt St, Temuka  
Rutter, Henry Edgar Chief Officer s.s. "Komata”, Wellington  
Ryan, James Miner Raetihi  
Ryan, John Sawmill Hand Hihitahi  
Ryan, John Mill Hand Manunui, King-country  
Ryan, John Timothy Roadman Shannon 
Ryan, Michael Miner Club Hotel, Kaitangata  
Ryan, Patrick Roy Farm Hand St. Leonards, Culverden  
Ryan, WilliamLabourer Invercargill  
Ryan, William Michael Farm Labourer Longbeach, Ashburton  
Rye, James Ship's Fireman Criterion Hotel, Greymouth 
Rylands, Henry Carpenter's Labourer P.W.D. Camp, Featherston Deleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Salisbury, John Percival Van-driver 115 Willis St, Wellington 
Samms, George Wearslronmoulder 93 Tilford St, Woolston, Christchurch 
Sampson, William George Steward Walker's Private Hotel, Dunedin  
Samuels, John Painter 43 North Rd, Papanui  
Sanders, Percy Harold Miner Ngakawau  
Sanders, Robert Miner Post-office, Waiuta, near Greymouth  
Saunders, Ernest Robert Carpenter Featherston  
Saunders, George Henry Plasterer 48 Broadway Terrace, Wellington 
Saunderson, Bertram Gordon Shearer Eskvale, Amberley  
Scanlan, Patrick Labourer Hotel, Ngahauranga  
Scanlon, John Dairy-farmer Kauwhata  
Scholes, D'Arcy Greaser s.s. "Maunganui," Port Chalmers  
Schultz, George Leopold Hairdresser 7 College St, Wellington  
Scoones, William Henry Albert Coal-trimmer William St, Kilbirnie, Wellington  
Scott, Arthur LabourerPost-office, Te Mata, Raglan  
Scott, George Arthur Shearer Guthrie's Boardinghouse, Christchurch 
Scott, Robert Slaughterman care of Dalziell, Makerau Mill  
Scott, Robert Forrester Labourer Gore Rd, Bluff  
Scott, Robert William Carpenter 72 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington 
Scott, Thomas Stuart Douglas Labourer Pongaroa  
Scott, Walter Farm Hand care of A. G. Simpson, Hunterville  
Scroggins, Thomas Silas File-fitter 14 Rata St, Whangarei  
Sears, James Bushfeller Mataroa  
Seifert, Robert Shearer Masterton  
Selby, Frank [NR] Imperial Hotel, Wellington  
Selby, George [NR] 28A Patangata Crescent, WellingtonDeleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Selby, George [NR]care of G.P.O., Wellington Added to list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919 p.2081)
Selby, Robert Painter 12 Stout St, Gisborne 
Sexton, CharlesWool-roller Karaka, Runciman 
Sexton, Michael Draper's AssistantDevonport 
Sexton, William Book-keeper Whitehead's Coffee Palace, Auckland  
Seymour, Francis Emanuel Seaman Young's Private Hotel, Wellington  
Seymour, Mathew Bradbury Blacksmith Mangatina, Buller 
Shanley, Gerald Seaman Wellington  
Sharkey, Robert Pipelayer Huntly  
Sharkey, Robert S. [NR] Patea  
Sharkie, James Robert Driver 148 Adelaide Rd, Wellington  
Sharky, Joseph Labourer Lower Hutt, Wellington  
Sharp, George Gardener Wellington  
Sharp, Joseph Sailor 124 Austin St, Wellington  
Sharp, William Blacksmith care of Mrs. Lundborn, Cains Avenue, Gonville  
Shaw, Albert Shearer C.P.O., Dunedin  
Shea, Thomas Daniel Miner Coffee Palace, Waihi  
Sheath, John Farm Labourer Tapanui  
Sheedy, Austin Labourer Tarawhati, Kairu  
Sheehan, Frederick George Labourer Te Akatarawa Station, Hakataramea  
Sheehan, John Patrick Wharf Labourer 13 Jessie St, Wellington  
Sheehan, Patrick [NR] Pukemiro Collieries, Huntly  
Sheehy, Lawrence Ship's Butcher Zealandia Private Hotel, Wellington 
Sheehy, Patrick Ploughman Metropolitan Hotel, Christchurch 
Sheilds, William Flax-mill Hand Post-office, Tokomaru  
Sheils, John Henry Sculleryman Windsor Hotel, Wellington  
Shepherd, Charles SamuelVeterinary SurgeonRangiririAdded to list 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Sherrock, Alexander Contract Paddocker Rangitane, Longburn  
Shields, Alexander Labourer Post-office, Tokomaru  
Shields, James Joseph [NR] 29 Boulcott St, Wellington  
Shivers, John Freezing-works Employee Owhanga  
Short, Gordon Joseph Seafarer care of – Rutherford, Patea, Waverley  
Short, Percival Bartle Master Painter Churcher St, Feilding 
Short, Robert Porter 516 Colombo St, Christchurch  
Shorton, John Evangelist care of Mrs. Paterson, Longburn 
Shovlin, Con Bridge-builderMatawai 
Shutts, Robert Draper Labourer Berry St, Masterton  
Simmons, Cyril BarmanWoodford House, Upper Queen St, Auckland  
Simon, Frank Steward care of s.s. "Takapuna," Wellington  
Simpkin, Samuel Farrier 54 Herbert St., Gisborne  
Simpkins, Percy Labourer Hastings St, Napier 
Simpson, Alexander Bootmaker care of P. W. Renata, Pukehou  
Simpson, Fred Carman Railway Hotel, Richmond, Nelson  
Simpson, John Kerr Clerk 58 Collin St, Hawera  
Sims, Frank Bertram Clerk Beach Rd, Onehunga  
Sims, Norman Leslie Joiner Water St, Onehunga Deleted 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Skalding, Thomas Joseph Carter NapierDeleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
SkeIton, William Farm Labourer care of C. Prebble, Lyndhurst  
Skelton, John Thomas Labourer Ngatapa, via Gisborne  
Skelton, Joseph Mansfield Storeman Summer St, Eden Terrace, Auckland 
Skinner, John Alexander Labourer Waihi  
Skinnon, Patrick Engine-driver Ahaura  
Slattery, Patrick BarmanReefton  
Sleath, Francis Joseph Cheesemaker Matangi  
Sloan, John Binnie Acrobat Shamrock Hotel, Dunedin  
Sloan, William Farm Hand 245 Milton St, Sydenham, Christchurch  
Small, Frederick Hotel Porter Esplanade Hotel, Auckland  
Smith, Albert Henry Lewis Engineer Contractors Camp, Raetihi  
Smith, Alex Willis Labourer care of C. Gray, Ohaupo  
Smith, Alfred Labourer 6 Harrison Place, Wanganui  
Smith, Alfred Ernest Electrical Engineer 13 Bath St, Richmond, Christchurch  
Smith, Arthur Miner Center Boardinghouse, Taumarunui 
Smith, Bernard Labourer Imlay Freezing-works, Gonville, sometime Eltham 
Smith, Charles [NR]75 Newton Rd, Newton, Auckland  
Smith, Charles William Cook Napier 
Smith, Charlie Domestic s.s. " Mararoa," Wellington  
Smith, Charlie Henry Labourer Otira  
Smith, David Tobacconist Gladstone House, Waihi  
Smith, Edward Charles Labourer 72 Boulcott St, Wellington  
Smith, Eric Sailor s.s. "Huia," Auckland  
Smith, Francis Thomas Gardener 211 Aldwyn's Rd, Linwood, Christchurch  
Smith, Frank General Labourer Kaiteratahi, Gisborne 
Smith, Frank Sailor Sailors' Home, Lyttelton  
Smith, Frank Greaser care of Huddart-Parker Co., Wellington 
Smith, George Carpenter Freezing-works, Reotahi  
Smith, George John Bushman Paparatu, Waingake 
Smith, Harold Driver 7 Malcolm Lane, Wellington  
Smith, Harry Labourer care of Mrs. Davis, Allen St, Christchurch  
Smith, Henry [NR] Frances St, Paeroa  
Smith, Henry Ernest Hotel Porter Morrison's Bush, Greytown  
Smith, Hugh Labourer Aohanga  
Smith, Jack Miner Denniston  
Smith, James [NR]4 Domain Terrace, Auckland  
Smith, James Labourer Awatuna, Westland  
Smith, James Steward care of G.P.O., Wellington  
Smith, John Wool-shed Employee Seddon  
Smith, John FarmerRuatangata West  
Smith, John Bertram Railway Employee care of Mr. Stent, 7 Pitt St, Auckland  
Smith, John Ramon Cook s.s. "Pateena.," U.S.S. Co., Nelson  
Smith, Louis George Foreman Wellington  
Smith, Percy Shearer Aohanga, Akitio  
Smith, Reginald Raymond Searle Bootmaker Linwood, Christchurch 
Smith, Richard John Theatrical 88 Rangitikei St, Palmerston North 
Smith, Robert Labourer Sandy Bay, Nelson  
Smith, Robert Engine-driver care of Mr. Chapman, Miramar, Wellington  
Smith, Sydney[NR] care of Flax-mill, Kaikoura 
Smith, ThomasMotor Mechanic Ohingaiti  
Smith, Thomas Fireman s.s. "Moeraki," Wellington  
Smith, Thomas Jackson Cook and Baker Wellington  
Smith, Thomas Rube Farmer Post-office, Dannevirke  
Smith, Walter William Shearer "The Pines," Victoria St, Masterton  
Smith, William Labourer Kohiwai Station, Masterton 
Smith, William Carpenter Cambridge  
Smith, William Porter 53 Armagh St, Christchurch  
Smith, Wynne [NR]Westport Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Smyth, Edgar King Miner Otira, West Coast  
Smyth, George [NR] G.P.O., Invercargill  
Smyth, Hartland Dealer Auckland 
Snoswell, Seth Cook Hamilton  
Somerville, Andrew Flax-miller 2 Fitzherbert St, Palmerston  
South, Frederick Thomas Sutherland Labourer Featherston  
South, Richard Fireman 134 Willis St, Wellington 
Spalding, James Storeman care of Mrs. Johnston, Petone  
Spalding, Thomas JosephFarm Labourer Ranfurly St, HornbyAdded to list 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Spargo, Benjamin Henry Baker Seddon St, Raetihi  
Sparks, John Miner Huntly 
Spence, Robert Policeman Police-station, Lambton Quay, Wellington 
Spencer, Donald Contractor Hukarere, Inangahua  
Spencer, Edwin Arthur  [NR]Post-office, Carterton 
Spier, Arthur Caterercare of Brown Bros., Rongotea  
Spillane, Thomas Labourer Enrica House, Carlyle St, Napier 
Spindler, William[NR] 15 Allen St, Christchurch  
Spring, DavidTrimmerBeach Rd, Ashburton  
Stace, Robert Percival Salesman 117 Bright St, Gisborne Deleted 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Staff, WalterTailor 30th Reinforcements, NgaruawahiaAdded to list 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Staite, Jack Farm Labourer Lepperton 
Stalker, Lawrence Store Hand Auckland  
Stammers, Edgar Stanley Labourer care of J, Donohue, Maitland Rd, Temuka  
Stammers, Thomas Arthur Labourer Frankton Junction  
Stanley, Donald Gas Inspector Parnell, Auckland  
Stansfield, John Thomas Farm Hand Ngutuwera, Patea 
Stapleton, Sydney Carpenter Hamilton East Deleted from list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2081)
Stapleton, Sydney LabourerRaetihi Added to list 3 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919 p.2081)
Steel, Thomas Charles Waterside Worker 330 Tinakori Rd, Wellington  
Steele, Hugh Miner Dunollie, via Greymouth Deleted 30 August 1919 following appeal (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Stephens, Tom Keith Waterside Worker 23 Federal St, Auckland  
Sterling, John Labourer care of Public Works Department  
Stevens, Frederick George Fireman 38 Taranaki St, Wellington  
Stevens, Jack Miner Glencoe House, Masterton  
Stevens, Laurence Traveller 73 Canongate St, Dunedin  
Stewart, FrankSeaman s.s. "Navua," Auckland  
Stewart, JamesFarmer Cambridge, Waikato  
Stewart, James Railway Surfaceman Ongarue  
Stewart, John Groom Tokomaru Bay  
Stewart, Leslie Night-porter People's Palace Hotel, Cuba St, Wellington 
Stewart, William Quarryman care of Mrs. H. Rothery, Te Kuiti  
Stimpson, Ralph Steward 338 Durham St, Christchurch  
Stone, John Seaman 2 Russell St, Westport  
Stone, Warren David Labourer Kaiwaka  
Stott, Harold Commercial Traveller Elbson Rd, Hastings  
Stott, HarryImporter and AgentWellesley St, Auckland Added to list 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Stott, Harvey Albert Agent Middlesex, Wellesley St East, Auckland Deleted 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Stove, Gavin Flax-cutter Otane St, Patetonga  
Strang, Archibald Muir CarpenterKakaunui, Pahiatua  
Stratton, Arthur John Farm Assistant Kimberley Rd, LevinDeleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Strawbridge, Alexander Charles Labourer Ethelton, Canterbury  
Street, Charles Labourer Raetihi  
Stride, William Labourer Carlton House, Queen St, Masterton  
Stuart, Jack Labourer Dargaville  
Stuart, John Labourer Huntly, Pukemiro  
Stuart, Thomas Semple Labourer Military Camp, Featherston  
Stych, Thomas Edwin Bootmaker care of Post Office, Swanson, Auckland  
Sugrue, Michael Labourer Post-office, Hastings  
Sullivan, Charles A. Farmer Te Kowhai  
Sullivan, Daniel Thomas Bushfeller Cowper St, Greymouth  
Sullivan, John Shepherd Koparakare, PoukawaAdded to list 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Sullivan, John Driver Raymond St, Timaru  
Sullivan, Joseph Labourer Blenheim 
Sullivan, Richard B. Tailor Palmerston North  
Sullivan, Robert Surfaceman Taihape 
Sullivan, Thomas Labourer 158 Durham St, Christchurch  
Sullivan, Timothy Attendant Ohiro Benevolent Home, Wellington  
Sullivan, Walter Signal-erector N.Z.R, Wellington  
Summers, Thomas Fireman Dodd's Café, Lambton Quay, Wellington 
Surry, Arthur Seaman care of U.S.S. Co., Dunedin 
Sutherland, Albert Edward Fireman N.Z.R., 140A Upper Symonds St, Auckland 
Sutherland, James Seaman care of R. Robinson, 2 Bradford St, Parnell Deleted 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Sutton, Francis LeslieMill owner(31st Reinforcements), Westerfield, AshburtonAdded to list 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Sutton, William Labourer C.P.O., Winton, Southland  
Swaanenbeck, John RoadmanRongotea  
Swales, James Ship's Fireman 74 The Terrace, Wellington  
Swan, Andrew[NR] care of Mr. Joseph Gavin, Strand Private Hotel, Ghuznee St, Wellington  
Swan, James Farm Labourer Napier 
Swan, Robert Labourer 13 Alfred St, Newton, Auckland  
Swanberg, Arthur JamesFireman 13 Lorne St, Wellington  
Sweeney, Ernest Labourer Karioi  
Sweeney, Patrick [NR] care of U.S.S. Co., Westport  
Sweetman, John Miner Warea 
Synnott, Thomas Lawrence Labourer Gisborne  
Tadman, Clifford Farmer Adelaide House, Hobson St, Auckland  
Tait, Francis JohnBushman care of E. Barnett, Ward St, Springlands, Marlborough Deleted 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Tait, James Labourer Glenhope, Waimea  
Taka, Mahirahi[NR] Paparauma 
Takiari Waha [NR] Pohatuiri  
Talke, Charles Joseph[NR]Auckland  
Tamihana, Herewini Labourer Mangere  
Tammenan, Frank Coal-trimmer s.s. "Calm," Timaru  
Tangey, John Barman Te Aroha  
Tangney, Jerry Farm Labourer Patetonga  
Tangney, Michael Flax-cutter Patetonga  
Tapara, Tae FarmerOparure 
Tarahanga, Tukotahi[NR] Tangoao  
Taratu, Te Kahui[NR]Kahotea  
Tarbutt, Ralph Watchmaker Claudelands, Hamilton  
Targuse, John David Piano tuner Eden Terrace, Auckland  
Taro, Tua[NR] Morrinsville  
Tarpey, Patrick Farm Labourer care of Mr. Richards, Waihao Downs  
Tattersall, Richard Randolph[NR]175 Victoria St, Auckland 
Tau, Rupert Labourer Te Hoe  
Taurua, Tuatu [NR]Kahuwera  
Tawhana, Te Puki [NR]Mangapehi  
Taylor, Arthur Porter Shades Hotel, Christchurch  
Taylor, E. Miltiakes Subcontractor Taiti, Lower Hutt  
Taylor, Frederick Shepherd Ike Ike Estate, Taniwha  
Taylor, George Tiler's Labourer Mount Albert, Auckland  
Taylor, George Maxwell Shearer Omatane, Utiku  
Taylor, H. S. Labourer care of G.P.O., Auckland  
Taylor, Henry E. [NR]care of New Freezing works, Wanganui  
Taylor, Jack Miner Waiuta 
Taylor, James Fireman Brown's Boardinghouse, Cuba Street, Wellington  
Taylor, John Labourer Ngatapa  
Taylor, Joseph Ernest Labourer care of Peter McCormick, Closeburn Station, Queenstown Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Taylor, Reginald Labourer Public Works Camp, Featherston  
Taylor, Stanley Fireman care of s.s. "Manuka," U.S.S. Co., Wellington  
Taylor, William Myles Salesman Princess St, Dannevirke  
Te Puke, Taki[NR]Ngaruawahia  
Te Ruinga, Pita Labourer Te Hoe 
Te Waka, Kaitangata Apera [NR]Tui Pa  
Third, George Ploughman Ship "Raranga," U.S.S. Co., Wellington 
Thomas, Frank Labourer Totara Valley, Pleasant Point  
Thomas, George Motor-driver care of James Bell, Twyford House, Hastings 
Thomas, Harry Farm Hand Te Rahu Rd, Te Awamutu  
Thomas, Hilton Charles Scrub-cutter Matata, Bay of Plenty 
Thomas, Laurie Harold Driver 152 Adelaide Rd, Wellington  
Thomas, Walter Baker Bankfield, St. Andrew's  
Thomas, William Labourer Shannon  
Thomas, William Henry Orchardist care of C. H. McKay, Lower Moutere  
Thompson, Alfred WilliamMarine Fireman Sailors' Home, Lyttelton  
Thompson, Arthur Machine Expert care of Booth, Macdonald, and Co., Gisborne  
Thompson, Arthur Dealer 15 Leeds St, Linwood, Christchurch  
Thompson, Charles Alfred Carpenter Sedcole St, Pahiatua Deleted 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Thompson, James [NR] Otunui, Taumarunui  
Thompson, James Poultryman care of Mrs. Newport, Silverstream, Upper Hutt  
Thompson, James Bert Farmer Kaupokonui  
Thompson, John Labourer 8 Douglas St, Auckland  
Thompson, Walter Oscar Miner Waiuta, West Coast  
Thompson, William Blacksmith People's Palace, Cuba St, Wellington  
Thompson, William Henry Labourer Wellington  
Thorn, James Market-gardener 2 Hobson St, Wellington  
Thornbury, Alfred Frederick Miner Bluff  
Thornthwaite, William Farm Labourer Moa Flat, Heriot 
Thornton, Joseph Telegraph Lineman 2 Turner St, Auckland  
Titi Flax-mill Hand Tuakau  
Titus, Harry Mill Hand Post- office, Shannon 
Todd, David McArthur Labourer Elizabeth St, Dominion Rd, Auckland  
Todd, Robert Henry Labourer Ngatarua Station, Taihape  
Todd, Rowland DavidShepherd Diamond Peak, GoreAdded to list 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Todd, William Seaman s.s. "Clansman," Auckland  
Todd, William Richard FarmerMasterton Rd, Woodville Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Tohill, Francis Railway Employee 39 Molesworth St, Wellington  
Tohill, Harry Tailor 81 Carlyle St, Napier 
Tohill, John Patrick Tram Motorman care of Mr. Innes, Tauawa, Tinui, Masterton 
Toker, Patrick William Farmer Arahura  
Tomkins, George Seaman s.s. "Mararoa," Wellington 
Tonkin, Ernest Insurance Agent Warren St, Hastings  
Toto, Timi Labourer Te Hoe  
Tozer, Allred Frank Cheesemaker Te Kiri  
Tracy, Peter Farm Labourer Pukepito, Otago  
Travers, William Barman Marquis Hotel, Carterton  
Tree, John Scrub-cutter care of H. Carlson, Aohanga  
Trickett, James Stewart Labourer 119 Grey St, Auckland  
Trott, Arthur Joseph Labourer Mahirakau 
Trouland, William John Flax-grader Blenheim 
Troy, George Kelvin HouseOhakune Junction  
Troy, John Traveller Putaruru  
Troy, Thomas Ploughman Hastings  
Trueman, Thomas Butcher “Haremai,” Mount Eden Rd, Auckland 
Tua, Wiremu H. [NR]Paeroa  
Tukiri, Awa Sam[NR]Pukemiro Mine  
Tukis, Henry [NR]s.s. "Claymore," care of U.S.S. Co., Auckland 
Tunnicliff, Leopold Guy Dairy-farmer Cameron's Line, Feilding 
Turner, Hercules Patrick G. Labourer Port Chalmers, Otago  
Turner, Lincoln Evans Labourer Te Kauwhata  
Turner, Sydney Ship's Steward s.s. "Victoria, " Wellington  
Twomey, Maurice Labourer Kirikau, Wanganui River 
Tyson, John Fireman care of U.S.S. Co., Dunedin  
Urquhart, Henry Ritchie School-teacher Hepburn St, Ponsonby  
Vales, James [NR]care of McDerment, Rutuiromana Station, Napier 
Vaughan, Albert Carpenter Gisborne  
Vaughan, Creighton James Agent “Fairfield," Lower Symonds St, Auckland  
Vaughan, FrankJockey Auckland  
Vautier, Raymond Le Brocy Steward s.s. "Mararoa," Wellington  
Vendeleur, Edward Labourer Waipukurau  
Vernon, Valentine Iron-turner G.P.O., Auckland  
Virtue, William Thomas Basketmaker Regent St, Woolston, Christchurch  
Waite, Charles Porter Criterion Hotel, Napier 
Waite, John WilliamPloughman Tapanui Added to list 27 November 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3603)
Waldrin, George Cook care of U.S.S. Co., Auckland  
Walker, Alexander Traveller 20 West Cambridge St, Christchurch 
Walker, Charles General Labourer Konini, Pahiatua  
Walker, Francis John, alias Smith, Francis John Fireman Korakonui, Te Awamutu 
Walker, Gilbert Farm Hand Kihikihi 
Walker, Harry Labourer Kapuni, Taranaki  
Walker, James Anderson Labourer Matapu, Taranaki 
Walker, James Smyth Casual Labourer 293 Armagh St, Christchurch  
Walker, James William Farmer Waiotu, West Taupo 
Walker, James William Salesman and Traveller 24 Jessie St, Wellington  
Walker, John Herbert Fireman s.s. "Moeraki," U.S.S. Co., Wellington 
Walker, William George Engineer Pukemiro Colliery, Pukemiro  
Wall, Benjamin Fireman care of G.P.O., Wellington 
Wall, Stanley Labourer Whatatutu   
Wallace, Arthur Miner Paradise, Glenorchy 
Wallace, Robert Roadman Millerton 
Wallis, Albert Labourer Greymouth  
Wallis, Frederick Seaman s.s. “Manuka," U.S.S. Co., Dunedin  
Walmsley, Francis Porter Club Hotel, Palmerston North  
Walsh, James Labourer Tasman Hotel, Nelson  
Walsh, John Walsh Teamster Waikuku, care of More's Mill  
Walsh, Michael Station Hand 473 Manchester St, Christchurch 
Walsh, Paul Taxi-driver Scott St, St. KiIda, Dunedin  
Walter, Clifford John Slaughterman Waipaoa Freezing-works, Kaiteratahi 
Walters, Matthew Shearer Wairoa  
Walters, Percy Labourer Kamo Rd, Whangarei  
Ward, Gordon Miner Ngakawau  
Ward, Harry Samuel Orchardist, Attendant Mental Hospital, Porirua  
Ward, James Labourer Glencoe House, Masterton 
Ward, Martin John Cook Tinui 
Ward, Robert Daniel Wharf Labourer 34 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington  
Ward, William Contractor Te Uku 
Wareing, Frank Railway Lineman 135 Nelson St, Petone  
Watkins, John FletcherStation Hand Te Paki, Parenga, North Cape 
Watson, Harry Labourer Mahirakau, Ohura  
Watson, James Farm Hand care of T. Allen, Rockville, Waikari 
Watson, John Bushman Akitio  
Watson, Norman James Lockwood Traveller "Ruahine," Day's Bay, Eastbourne 
Watson, William [NR]care of C. Gray, Pahautanui  
Wearing, Thomas William Timber-worker 24 Kilbirnie Crescent, Wellington 
Wearn, William Engine-driver Bright St, Cobden 
Weatherhead, John Waiter and Attendant care of G.P.O., Wellington  
Webb, John Robert Fireman 2 Chandler St, Nelson  
Webb, Patrick Charles[NR] Greymouth  
Webb, William Ernest Labourer Halcombe  
Webber, Charles William Agent care of C. W. Webber, 97 Gloucester St, Christchurch  
Webber, Sydney Robert Steward 3 Holland St, Wellington  
Weber, Lewis Paper-runner Barbadoes St, Christchurch  
Webley, Herbert Labourer care of Post-office, Marton  
Webster, Edward Wharf Labourer 19 Martin St, Wellington 
Weekes, Russell Military-badge Maker 86 Dixon St, Wellington  
Wells, George Carpenter Wanganui  
Wells, Joseph Wheeler Useful General City Buffet, Christchurch  
Wells, William Thomas Lavender Miner Karangahake, Ohinemuri 
Welsh, Charles Labourer Kaiapoi Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Welsh, Joseph James Waterside Worker 17 Waripori St, Newtown, Wellington 
Wenham, Victor Sidney Joseph Bushman Petone  
West, John Bushfeller Dannevirke  
West, Thomas Edward Head Gardener Ugbrook, Blenheim 
Wetiri, Te Waru [NR]Pungarehu  
Wevemey, Patrick William Miner Waiuta  
Whealon, Frank Labourer 5 Queen St, Petone  
Whear, Tom MinerWaiuta  
Whear, William Miner Waiuta  
Wheeler, Justin Sheil Bacon-worker Johnsonville  
Whelan, John Station Hand care of Secretary, Shearers' Union, Wellington Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Whelan, William Fireman s.s. "Paloona," Wellington  
White, Arthur Scrub-cutter Camp, Wainui, Parakakau  
White, George Cook care of F. D. Helmore, Balmoral, Canterbury Deleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
White, J. [NR] Palmerston North  
White, John Casual Labourer Green Lane, Auckland  
White, Joseph Station Hand Arawhata, Fordell  
Whiting, Richard Seaman 18 Burgoyne St, Newton, Auckland 
Whitty, Henry Lewis Ship's Steward 369B George St, Dunedin  
Whyte, James Labourer 250 Fitzgerald Avenue, Christchurch  
Wiggins, John Hugh Signalman N.Z.R., care of Signal Inspector, Railway, Christchurch 
Wiig, Bertie Kaiti Machinist Queen's Private Hotel, Wellington 
Wiki, Tame [NR]Mercer, Huntly  
Wild, William James Labourer Waimate   
Wilkie, David James Flax-mill Hand Shannon 
Wilkinson, Arthur Missionary, L.D.S. Maori Agricultural College, Korongata  
Wilkinson, John Marine Cook care of Mr. Love, Happy Valley, Brooklyn 
Wilkinson, Samuel Driver care of Post-office, Dannevirke  
Wilkinson, William Labourer care of Post-office, Te Kuiti  
Williams, Albert John Labourer Ngahauranga  
Williams, Albert John Dairy-farm Hand Mount Roskill Farm, Auckland  
Williams, David FarmerPatetonga 
Williams, Edward Bushfeller "Grey Home in the West," Raukokoro, Opotiki  
Williams, Edward [NR]43 Courtenay Place, Wellington  
Williams, Edward Reginald Printer's Machinist 25 Bath St, Christchurch  
Williams, Eric Pantryman Trocadero Hotel, Wellington 
Williams, Frank Labourer care of Post-office, Mauku, via Pukekohe  
Williams, George Driver Karioi, Waimarino  
Williams, George Douglas Labourer Horopito  
Williams, Henry Second Cook N.Z.G.S. "Hinemoa” 
Williams, Henry S. [NR]Orumatua Station, Moawhango, near Taihape  
Williams, Jack Miner Bealey Flat, Arthur's Pass  
Williams, James Farm Hand Waimauku, Waitemata  
Williams, James Labourer Waihao Downs  
Williams, John William Labourer 14 Tennyson St, Wellington 
Williams, Leslie Shearer "Waiau Toa," Clarence Bridge, Kaikoura 
Williams, Martin Fencer 404 Gladstone Rd, Gisborne  
Williams, Thomas Hairdresser 90 Dixon St, Wellington 
Williams, William Wool-roller Te Parae  
Williams, William Edward Erector Onerahi 
Williams, William John Farm Labourer Awakeri  
Williamson, Alfred[NR]care of Defence, Palmerston North  
Williamson, Peter Labourer Christchurch St, Kaitangata  
Willis, Charles Herbert Flax-cutter Dipton  
Willoughby, Harry Labourer care of Public Works, Featherston 
Wilman, Charles Alfred Lambton Driver 9 Argyle St, Wellington  
Wilson, Adam Dodds Farm Hand care of G. Shaw, Ngamoko, via Hastings  
Wilson, Charles Spencer Labourer Pipiriki House, Wanganui  
Wilson, DanielBlacksmith 163 Grafton Road, Auckland Added to list 30 August 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2767)
Wilson, David Labourer Post-office, Feilding  
Wilson, Edward, Taylor[NR]Martin Square, Wellington  
Wilson, George E. Bushfeller Castlepoint  
Wilson, George Geddes Contractor Christchurch  
Wilson, Harry Miner Post-office, Ngahauranga, Wellington  
Wilson, Henry Cheesemaker Maharahara 
Wilson, Herbert Timekeeper Public Works Department, Featherston Camp  
Wilson, Horace Hairdresser 356 Lambton Quay, Wellington  
Wilson, James Miner Bealey Flat  
Wilson, James Labourer Port Awanui  
Wilson, James Labourer and Mill HandAllanton  
Wilson, John Labourer 263 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch  
Wilson, John Labourer and Winch-driverDenniston  
Wilson, John Foundry Worker Queen's Private Hotel, Lambton Quay, Wellington  
Wilson, John Labourer Pleasant Point, Levels 
Wilson, John Henry Bullock-driver Tiniroto, Cook  
Wilson, Joseph William Labourer 77 Brougham St, Wellington 
Wilson, Kihi Labourer Patirangi  
Wilson, Matthew Farm Labourer care of H. Conway, Selwyn  
Wilson, Richard [NR] Mount Eden, Auckland  
Wilson, Samuel George [NOR}care of G.P.O., WellingtonDeleted 12 August 1920 (NZG 1920 p.2477)
Wilson, Thomas Henry Stable Hand Auckland  
Wilson, William Henry [NR]care of Mrs. Durrant, Tapiri St, Kirbirnie, Wellington  
Wilton, Arthur Miner Avondale, Eden  
Wilton, Harry Seaman s.s. "Monowai," care of U.S.S. Co, Auckland  
Win, John HowardFarm Labourer Awa, NelsonAdded to list 6 October 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.3131)
Winchman, Charles Fisherman Southbridge (now Kaikoura)  
Windsor, John Elie Labourer Mahoe, Stratford  
Winslow, Harry Albert Labourer 27 Wellington St, Auckland 
Wiremu, Tame Labourer Orere Point 
Wiri, Kungi Farm Hand care of C. Penotiti, Hinuera 
Wiseman, Daniel Labourer Te Kauwhata  
Witihana, Riki Labourer Te Hoe  
Wolstenholme, George Labourer Tane Hemp Co., Rangiotu 
Wood, Edward, Labourer [NR]"Leviathan," Manners St, Wellington 
Wood, James Post-office Hastings  
Wood, Leon John Hotel Porter Metropolitan Hotel, Auckland  
Woodcock, Ernest Farm Hand Bollard's Avenue, Auckland  
Woodmansee, Byron William Steward care of Hospital, Christchurch  
Woods, Stanley Eric School-teacher Newborough, Oamaru 
Woods, Walter Labourer Parawa, Southland  
Worley, Alfred Dealer Auckland 
Worley, Francis Roy Circus Driver Te Aro Hotel, Willis St, Wellington  
Worrall, James Kirkwood Plumber 140 Tancred St Linwood, Christchurch   
Worrall, William Accountant 652 Barbadoes St, St. Albans, Christchurch 
Wrack, William Alexander Gasfitter Whangarei  
Wreathall, Harold Ploughman 137 Willis St, Wellington  
Wright, Albert Edward Fireman care of Post-office, Lyttelton  
Wright, Alfred[NR]Te Kuiti  
Wright, Ernest Victor Farm Hand care of Mrs. Gibson, Morrinsville  
Wright, John [NR]Kawhatau 
Wright, Osborn Victor Grocer Auckland  
Wright, Percy Arthur Ship's Steward 232 Riddiford St, Wellington Deleted 25 September 1922 (NZ Gazette 1922 p.2667)
Wright, Thomas Blacksmith Finnimore Terrace, Vogeltown 
Wrixon, Henry James Coach Hand Crawley and Co., Wellington 
Wykes, Alfred Miner Great South Rd, Huntly  
Wylie, Benjamin Charles Henderson Mechanical Engineer 33 Grey St, Devonport  
Yarra, Sydney Austin Traveller Rutland Hotel, Wellington  
Yates, Horace Steward care of Mr. Alcock, Cotto St, Auckland 
Yeadon, Arthur Henry Carpenter 14 Cockburn St, Wellington 
Yewer, Albert Cook Waipawa  
Yoeman, William Wallace Coach-builder 140 Ensor's Rd, Christchurch  
Young, David Labourer 162 Esk St, Invercargill  
Young, George Bushman Manawahe  
Young, George Richard Stonemason care of J. Young, Ohaupo, Waikato  
Young, John A. Student King's College, AucklandDeleted 29 July 1919 (NZ Gazette, 1919, p.2473)
Young, Mick [NR]Post-office, Wairoa 
Young, Patrick Fencer Makomako, Tokomaru Bay 
Young, Robert Labourer Linton  
Young, William James Labourer 201 Lichfield St, Christchurch  
Young, William John Shearer care of Mr. McDonald, Ngakonui, Wairarapa 
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What do you know?


Posted: 11 Dec 2023

It's interesting that in a couple of the comments below that there's still a concern there will be shame involved for families of those listed. I imagine there'd actually be a bit of pride, especially given that these ancestors often had some clever and bravely defiant ways of refusing to go to war for Britain.
The book "Dead Letters Censorship and Subversion in New Zealand 1914-1920" by Jared Davidson is very interesting and provides a deeper look into why so many people chose to default.


Posted: 28 Oct 2023

If I saw a relative or someone else's relative on this list, I'd think to myself, "Good on them". I'll be damned fighting for 'my country', for a war someone else started. They can go fight themselves.


Posted: 26 Feb 2023

Your list is very old and I wonder about what would a child say if he found his grandad or great grandad's name there, and the child never even met his grandad, would the child also be put to shame? I am not really wanting to support those whom defaulted, some could be rather innocent though. I worry about the modern-day children that might be sharing the stigma and what other kids at school would find out and torment the child whom had nothing to do with the defaulters decision?


Posted: 17 Nov 2022

People are missing the point these were different times. How else do we learn about injustices but by reading about them from articles documenting our history. To name them is not dishonering them but acknowledging the fact they may have just been standing up for their rights to not go to a pointless war for whatever their beliefs or concerns were at the time.


Posted: 30 Mar 2022

I think that it is totally disgusting that you post the names of people that did not want to go to war, where is their freedom of choice, they are not the ones that started the war, and if they didn't want to fight they shouldn't be shamed for it, send the politicians to war they start the shit they should be fighting and dying.


Posted: 23 Mar 2022

Rima, have you tried searching on findageave website, it may lead you to so.e of his family.

The New World Order Will Fail

Posted: 21 Sep 2020

I find it quite ironic that the government names and shames a list of people who refused to go into a pointless war - which was funded by the 'elite', all in the name of power and money, when members of this current government are buddy-buddy with Bill Gates, who is a genocidal maniac and wants to depopulate the world (ref: TED talk on climate change, saying how if we do a really great job on new healthcare, vaccines, etc. we can LOWER the populate by 10-15%). Who are the real criminals, one has to ask!? Certainly not the people on this list, in my opinion! Shame on the government for naming and shaming innocent people. Quite frankly, refusing to go to war and being rejected the right to vote isn't a loss in my view - who says voting is even legitimate? We have no transparency as to whether our votes even count. Where can we see who voted for who? There's no proof of anything! Therefore the voting system for all I know could be entirely rigged and fraudulent! I'd say there's more criminals, fraud, and corruption in the government than any of the people listed there on that list who refused to go to war. Just saying!

Rima Mitchell

Posted: 22 Sep 2017

Hi, my family and I are trying to locate a missing relative of ours, my Grand uncle by the name of NATUAIVA TEAUROA MAOATE, BORN: 05.08.1892 who left RURUTU, FRENCH ISLES 1916 via TAHITI to NEW ZEALAND..Maybe he enlisted in the army when he got to NEW ZEALAND?..No one has heard anything of him since...We would really want to know whether he died or survived in NZ..To give our family peace of mind..