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This article was written by Tim Shoebridge with the assistance Gareth Phipps and produced by the NZHistory team. 

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Murray Belchamber (ex Sgt) TF

Posted: 31 Aug 2021

I transferred into 2 armoured Sqn Waikato as their Medic from 1st Field Ambulance and remained with that unit until it was disbanded to merge with QA (Wai/WEC) I went on from there to 1 NZ Scots and eventually to @ Cant NMWC
I now read several references to QA Squadron but no clear indication of the origin of the name (Queen Alexandra's). How was it bestowed?

Marie Kirkup

Posted: 25 Apr 2020

Could anyone shed light on why my grandfather was at School of Farriery at an Artillery Training Depot in Gloucester on 23/01/1918.? He was fighting on the Western Front