The Battle for Crete

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Listen to some of the stories of New Zealanders involved in the Battle for Crete, May–June 1941. They have been drawn from interviews in Megan Hutching’s book, ‘A unique sort of battle’: New Zealanders remember Crete, published in 2001. The military ranks are those held by the men at the time of the battle. Each image links to an audio extract and a transcript of the interview.

Lieutenant Haddon Donald, 22nd Battalion

Lieutenant Haddon Donald

Lieutenant Haddon Donald, 22nd Battalion, describes the fighting around Maleme airfield on 20 May 1941, and his involvement in a counter-attack against German troops near the Tavronitis River. Listen here...


Lance Corporal Allan Robinson, 6th Field Ambulance 

Lance Corporal Allan Robinson

Lance-Corporal Allan Robinson, 6th Field Ambulance, describes how captured patients and staff were made to act as human shields between the Germans and the Allied troops. Listen here...


Lieutenant Bert Dyson, 4th Field Regiment 

Lieutenant Bert Dyson

Lieutenant Bert Dyson, 4th Field Regiment, describes transporting ammunition up to the troops prior to the counter-attack on Maleme airfield, 22 May 1941. Listen here…


Second Lieutenant Peter Wildey, 7th Field Company

Second Lieutenant Peter Wildey

Second Lieutenant Peter Wildey, 7th Field Company describes a rearguard action fought by the New Zealanders during the retreat to Sfakia. Listen here…


Private Patira Edwards, 28th Māori Battalion

Private Patira Edwards

Private Patira Edwards, 28th Māori Battalion describes being helped by Cretan villagers during the retreat from Malame. Listen here (on 28 Māori Battalion)…

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