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Ellen Louisa Snellgrove. Born Kim Young 14/05/2018
Ellen Luff was my Great Jo Field 30/01/2015
Ellen Perry born at Helen Hollings 22/09/2017
Ellen Vickers Howell Ann Elder nee Donnelly 01/07/2020
Ellen Yates is my great Isobel Connelly (née McGregor) 02/02/2020
Ellender is my great Sharon O'Reilly 02/11/2018
Elsie was my Grandmother, Lynette Geange (nee Fischer) daughter of Betty (nee Ross). 27/10/2019
Emigrating to New Zealand on Graham Lowe 10/06/2011
Emily Bland from Ashburton Maurice Halder 15/06/2012
Emily Frederiksen was the Oline Ball ( nee Andersen ) 21/09/2018
Emily Kinley Black nee Wilson Sarah 28/08/2014
Emily Rosalee Morgan (nee Christine Richardson 18/07/2019
Emily Schulze (nee Clinch) Christine Richardson 18/07/2019
Emily Smythe's niece Nora Barbara Strathdee 21/12/2015
Emily Whitmore, Turua, wife Elizabeth Price 22/12/2015
Emily’s mother and father Diana Bastion 19/09/2017
Emma actually died in FMG 03/02/2020
Emma Fergusson was my great Mr.T.J.Lanning 11/04/2018
Emma Jane GUNDRY was born in Jeanette Grant 11/08/2020
Emma Jane GUNDRY was born on Jeanette Grant 09/12/2020
Emma Maria JANES (née DALTON) Jan Powell 12/10/2017
Emma Monk is Emma Mant. Here Helen Edwards 22/07/2018
Emma Nixon married H,J Delysse Storey 03/01/2013
Error Anonymous 21/10/2019
Esther was my great Earl Hart 22/07/2019
Ettie is Lottie Worsdell David Stevens 08/05/2018
Euan Dickson was awarded the pencil 1 14/06/2015
Euphemia Ferguson Gray was Anonymous 24/05/2017
Euphemia Foster Denise Cherrie 03/04/2012
Eva Holland, The Glen, Shonagh Love 11/05/2018
Evelyn's father Clement White M Burnell 26/11/2018
Evening Post, Volume CXXVII, Sarndra Lees 27/07/2014
Evening Post, Volume CXXVII, Sarndra Lees 27/07/2014
Evening Post, Volume LXXXIX, Sarndra Lees 03/12/2013
Evening, do you have a photo Daymon Wickens 07/01/2014
every year on anzac day the Jessica and max Lepper 25/09/2008
Ex-pupil George Douglas Fox Glenn Reddiex 19/03/2016
Excellent page, thanks. Lyn Nuttall 23/05/2011
F W WYATT was my Grandfather, Roger Frederick Wyatt 01/01/2019
F. COLE is likely to be the Will ESLER 28/05/2016
F/Sgt (NZ425319) Francis Roger Collins 20/09/2017
Fair comment. We have put it admin 21/03/2009
Families requested an oak Rowan Carroll 26/11/2010
familiy murcott 10/12/2012
Fanny is my great great David Stevens 07/05/2018
Fanny Mary Hannan was also my Anonymous 29/09/2019
Fanny PREECE nee DOELL 13 Nov Will Esler 30/05/2017
Fanny Walsham was born Annette Batchelor 19/09/2017
far out I just posted a Doreen Poupouare 22/12/2014
far too much Dave Dobbyn. Anonymous 11/12/2017