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Hello my grandad Herbert david stephenson 23/11/2008
The original Memorial was Anonymous 21/11/2008
Hi there I am year five Nicole 21/11/2008
the marae is so cool and i waimarie 21/11/2008
This Wikipedia page includes admin 19/11/2008
how many soldiers were Anonymous 19/11/2008
Hi Corrina Your best bet admin 18/11/2008
I do not have any Corrina Hubbard 18/11/2008
I have a family bible from Tracy Jacobs 15/11/2008
The closure of public places Jamie M 14/11/2008
Some more odds and admin 14/11/2008
Thanks, John You can email admin 12/11/2008
I have photos of the John Martin 12/11/2008
William Henry Johnson was my Deric Toms 11/11/2008
I have close-up phtos of the Anonymous 11/11/2008
In 1918 Katherine Mansfield admin 10/11/2008
Arrived Wellington 50 years Mary nee Woolnough 07/11/2008
No there weren't - see admin 07/11/2008
Hi Lise You would need to admin 03/11/2008
I think the difference with admin 03/11/2008
i go to wellington college Coll boy 03/11/2008
i hate to think that soo Anonymous 03/11/2008
150 soldiers buried at adele 03/11/2008
MY GRANDFATHER WAS SAMUEL Anonymous 02/11/2008
Dear Hiroshi You can see the admin 26/10/2008
Now is the hour is a Hiroshi Onodera Mr. 26/10/2008
the 1st contingent of 16th Anonymous 25/10/2008
The Fighting admin 24/10/2008
My Grandfather Pte Victor Robert Beeston 24/10/2008
Living in New Zealand Christopher H. Jellicoe 23/10/2008
Hi Michael Thanks for this - admin 22/10/2008
Check out this handwritten Michael Lemme 22/10/2008
I produce a podcast, and am Lise Mendel 22/10/2008
Born on the 3rd of July 1874 Anonymous 16/10/2008
I have pictures of the Sixth Anonymous 15/10/2008
My family came to New Anonymous 15/10/2008
we have a certificate such damin 15/10/2008
were there vaccinations for Anonymous 14/10/2008
I am responding to your Tom W cotter 13/10/2008
My grandparents were married Anonymous 13/10/2008
Hi Jamie, I meant to add Dave Wilson 12/10/2008 Dave Wilson 12/10/2008
where in nz would I find janita 11/10/2008
This memorial is actually in Ann goulden 11/10/2008
i bought some edmonds flakey Anonymous 10/10/2008
Hi Dave Thanks very much for admin 10/10/2008
I have discovered a better Dave Wilson 10/10/2008
I was browsing through Dave Wilson 10/10/2008
Submarine Lost Through Enemy Dave Wilson 10/10/2008
I am wondering if there are Hazel Matthews ( nee Linnett) 05/10/2008