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The contents of the medical Kevin Gray 16/07/2009
The very last word should be alan graham 15/07/2009
I finished high school in Anonymous 84 14/07/2009
Thanks, Dianna and Feijoa - admin 14/07/2009
Another classic cafe in the Dianna 13/07/2009
The Woodward Buttery in feijoa 13/07/2009
WHY have you not put the Kevin O'Brien 13/07/2009
"Lift Your Head Up High" by Wendy 12/07/2009
Hello, We have the original Daniel 12/07/2009
Hi Coral Thanks for sending admin 11/07/2009
I have very fond memories of coral gallagher nee williams 11/07/2009
Hi..can anybody tell me of Graham Logie 10/07/2009
hey I'm a NCEA level 3 Matthew Robinson 10/07/2009
St Paul's Church, Michael Jeans 10/07/2009
Hi Me - thanks for this. admin 09/07/2009
There is a re-dedication of Me 09/07/2009
Hi Bill The short answer admin 09/07/2009
One soldier honoured here is Geoff Hayes 09/07/2009
It was used on ships and on admin 08/07/2009
Hi I am looking for old Bill Wilson 08/07/2009
my guestion is the flag a nonymous 07/07/2009
This memorial pre-dates the Stuart Park 07/07/2009
thought you might be Rita J Hohener 06/07/2009
This image is of the War Kirsty Cox 06/07/2009
the name of T MORGAN on the Jenny Morgan 05/07/2009
Hi Hanna We don't produce admin 04/07/2009
Hi there, I am a teacher at Hanna Mason 04/07/2009
You may be interested in a Thomas Jedrusyna 02/07/2009
Kiaora Maata Wharehoka. He Tony McCracken 01/07/2009
The Britomart Transport Neill Atkinson 01/07/2009
Kiaora ra Tony and Maata Wharehoka 30/06/2009
Very significant artefacts Rod Hinchco 30/06/2009
Could you please explain why Anne 30/06/2009
Please can you tell me the Gillian 28/06/2009
In my family it's always Justin Mora 26/06/2009
hi I was just wondering how mia 26/06/2009
Ka pai Rawiri. Kia kaha ki bk 25/06/2009
Kia ora! Aae, kei te koorero Rawiri 25/06/2009
I was 8 years old after the drf 25/06/2009
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I went to school here from Eloise 24/06/2009
I am interested in the Bill Anderson 24/06/2009
If anyone has a soldier Adele Pentony-Graham 23/06/2009
This is an amzing page, I Muzza inglis 22/06/2009
Hi Frank I had a look at admin 22/06/2009
Could any one give me the Frank upton 20/06/2009
Tina Te Ara provides this admin 19/06/2009
-who is Ngati Whatua Tina 19/06/2009 Jonathan 19/06/2009
I have just read on your Linda 18/06/2009