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Kia ora, I am trying to Kat 24/08/2010
Hi, My Father Gordon Robert McKennie 23/08/2010
You posted this n 2008 but I Raewyn 22/08/2010
I saw Manawatu play France Matthew 20/08/2010
In terms of 'grassroots Steve Watters 20/08/2010
Please can we have a list of Anonymous1 19/08/2010
Hello, I travelled to New Roberto Accornero 19/08/2010
Kia Ora, Well i was Ilai 18/08/2010
Wendy - I am writing a book Michael Smythe 16/08/2010
I still have a complete 30 Wendy 15/08/2010
Born and bred in Whanganui bronwyn dalley 13/08/2010
My ex girlfriend is part Unknown 12/08/2010
Since this photo was taken, Stuart Park 12/08/2010
Hi Stuart Looks like we are admin 12/08/2010
Thanks for this, Stuart. admin 11/08/2010
The building is the former Stuart Park 11/08/2010
I think this is the Taupo Stuart Park 10/08/2010
Hi Cameron - I suggest you admin 09/08/2010
I am trying to locate your KiwiRugby 09/08/2010
splore tapapakanga hoanikai 07/08/2010
Dear Frances, Be assured I Ken Weston 05/08/2010
Dear Ken - this is Frances 04/08/2010
Frances, I have Mostyn's WW1 Ken Weston 04/08/2010
Thanks for this, this helped James B 03/08/2010
I am a student of evasion Michael Moores LeBlanc 03/08/2010
Kia Ora While looking at Ruth 03/08/2010
Dear Sir,Madam, I would Martin Tay 02/08/2010
Hi .. whos the Ready to Roll Tony Whitehead 01/08/2010
what is 'A' in maori? What Jawdie 01/08/2010
Hiya, Anyone know what a Tash 28/07/2010
Hi, I'm a Year 13 student, Dana 26/07/2010
Can you please confirm is Sheridan 24/07/2010
Does anyone remember a Paul Wood 22/07/2010
Does anyone know if this Jay Shulamith 20/07/2010
I am doing a research on the Hans Saestad 15/07/2010
Hi Mark, Thanks very much admin 13/07/2010
I doubt that this photo Mark Derby 12/07/2010
I believe the soldier laying Patrick Boyle 10/07/2010
Some in the Chinese Lorna Wong 08/07/2010
I teach Accounting and I Dave Rungan 08/07/2010
Found this video of Steve0 07/07/2010
Trying to find the lyrics Barbara 07/07/2010
I would like to know if this CHRISTINA WILDEY 06/07/2010
Does anyone have any walter dobbs 04/07/2010
i am writing my grandsons Nikau 04/07/2010
this gun is one of the light Peter MacDonald 03/07/2010
this is a very good picture Peter MacDonald 02/07/2010
the Troops were evacuated to Peter MacDonald 30/06/2010
Hi Andre - you should be admin 30/06/2010
i need news footage of Andre 30/06/2010