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Hi, I look after the Barbara Lyon 17/08/2009
I was one of the two Paul Heiser 16/08/2009
My father was Tracey Paul E. Simpson 15/08/2009
Iam trying to find a photo Brian Hurley 12/08/2009
The gates have now been Joy Baker 12/08/2009
Have a piece of the original Tony White 12/08/2009
was bastion point taken nakita 12/08/2009
Hello I have a marble mantel Al Haslem 11/08/2009
Josh, do you have a Mary Ann Nolene 11/08/2009
I recently purchased a Kiwi Chris Walker 11/08/2009
what does Ehoa mean samuel 05/08/2009
He was my 3rd Great Josh 04/08/2009
Hi Confused chick Find out admin 03/08/2009
what does the mau movement confused chick 03/08/2009
hey just wandering if you jermaine 01/08/2009
Linda - English is a de S 01/08/2009
Hi Lesley, These are listed admin 01/08/2009
I was travelling to work in Andrew 01/08/2009
I'd like to understand all Lesley Evans 31/07/2009
I would like to see some J 29/07/2009
Hi Hanna You will get a Me 28/07/2009
Hey there... I have heard Anaru 27/07/2009
I have more photographs of L. M. Seaton 27/07/2009
This is my ancestor. Pieta Gilbert 26/07/2009
last time i was in Anonymous* 23/07/2009
Thanks, Alan - we've changed admin 16/07/2009
The contents of the medical Kevin Gray 16/07/2009
The very last word should be alan graham 15/07/2009
I finished high school in Anonymous 84 14/07/2009
Thanks, Dianna and Feijoa - admin 14/07/2009
Another classic cafe in the Dianna 13/07/2009
The Woodward Buttery in feijoa 13/07/2009
WHY have you not put the Kevin O'Brien 13/07/2009
"Lift Your Head Up High" by Wendy 12/07/2009
Hello, We have the original Daniel 12/07/2009
Hi Coral Thanks for sending admin 11/07/2009
I have very fond memories of coral gallagher nee williams 11/07/2009
Hi..can anybody tell me of Graham Logie 10/07/2009
hey I'm a NCEA level 3 Matthew Robinson 10/07/2009
St Paul's Church, Michael Jeans 10/07/2009
Hi Me - thanks for this. admin 09/07/2009
There is a re-dedication of Me 09/07/2009
Hi Bill The short answer admin 09/07/2009
One soldier honoured here is Geoff Hayes 09/07/2009
It was used on ships and on admin 08/07/2009
Hi I am looking for old Bill Wilson 08/07/2009
my guestion is the flag a nonymous 07/07/2009
This memorial pre-dates the Stuart Park 07/07/2009
thought you might be Rita J Hohener 06/07/2009
This image is of the War Kirsty Cox 06/07/2009