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Thanks for this, Mark - admin 27/11/2009
Photos of the demolition of Mark 27/11/2009
Hello my name is carolyn Carolyn Hemi-Macdonald 26/11/2009
My Grandmother and her Lynette Eva Harvey nee Robinson 24/11/2009
is there the name of michael eddie 24/11/2009
LEGION OF FRONTIERSMEN Mike Subritzky 21/11/2009
Niniwa whangai Mateau Makiha Teresa Aporo 20/11/2009
Hi Ruth The usual way of bk 17/11/2009
I have a picture of my Ron Haworth 17/11/2009
Hi there I am wanting to RUTH 17/11/2009
as far as I remember,the war clare elliott 09/11/2009
Think I have just found my Robin Grace 07/11/2009
Hello I generally attend the steve buckley 07/11/2009
Hi Thomas Check out the NZ admin 02/11/2009
could someone please tell me tomas quigley 02/11/2009
We have a show jo 02/11/2009
Kia Ora Heta, you must be my Pieta Gilbert 30/10/2009
have just discovered this inonymous 30/10/2009
well yes im a moanaroa i rikkii te moanaroa hohua rika 28/10/2009
Kia Ora to all my Whanau in Dale Mulligan 25/10/2009
He was my great-grandfather, MATT MINCH 22/10/2009
When I found this page A fan. 20/10/2009
This painting was once Debra Headley 15/10/2009
Yep this is my ancestor too. Heta Gilbert 12/10/2009
It was erected sometime CKD 11/10/2009
I am always looking in the Jason S. 09/10/2009
See also this article and admin 30/09/2009
Gidday all - does anyone Criggie 29/09/2009
Thank you so much for making Frances 27/09/2009
i feel sad for poor young danielle 21/09/2009
my friend hes an old man he danielle mudgway 21/09/2009
Bonjour, Il existe à Philippe PERSYN 20/09/2009
I'd like to know more about Shiver 18/09/2009
Interesting...very Danae 17/09/2009
Zevon, there were 734 Neill Atkinson 17/09/2009
hi nz folks,i have been to william moore 17/09/2009
Whare means house or maori Chontelle 16/09/2009
Doesn't poto mean small? Chontelle 16/09/2009
how many survivors were there zevon 15/09/2009
what does heke & whare mean? Beth 15/09/2009
Hi Sue - please email these admin 15/09/2009
I have 2 plates, obviously Graeme Stevens 15/09/2009
Have pics, how do I attach Sue Baker Wilson 15/09/2009
Hi there, If you will give Noel woolf 12/09/2009
Hi Greg I found the admin 10/09/2009
The streaming footage on Greg Ward 10/09/2009
My uncle served with the Hiriana Gilly 10/09/2009
Does anyone have the music Cjhris Hill 10/09/2009
44 years ago, my family left Robert Brinkhuis 08/09/2009
Hello , yes it was me who John Jennings 07/09/2009