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This is a prototype house Peter Norton 06/01/2011
Hi from taranaki. The Johny Graeme Duckett 05/01/2011
Bill Houghton in the photo, Sharren Davis 04/01/2011
This man is Alexander Uhlig. Peter Scott 03/01/2011
if you want to know more Rita J Hohener 02/01/2011
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This a newly dug position, Peter MacDonald 29/12/2010
My Grand father served on Alan 28/12/2010
Manaakitanga- refers to the Ken 28/12/2010
I was an 18-year-old serving Gaute Grov 28/12/2010
I heard that there is still Anonymous00900 27/12/2010
Thanks very much for putting admin 24/12/2010
The original site of the toni Cooke 24/12/2010
As a former Vicar's Warden Mary Carmine 23/12/2010
The heading Waihi war Mary Carmine 23/12/2010
hello Frank, Found some info charlie 23/12/2010
Hi Aditi - we would love to admin 21/12/2010
Hi! Okay I don't really Aditi Verma 21/12/2010
Hi, In 1993 I took part in Damien N 20/12/2010
Yes, a Field, & Machine gun, Jim Taylor 19/12/2010
Kia Ora, What is the year Anonymous12345 17/12/2010
Priscilla is Pirihira in Brad 16/12/2010
Regarding Charlie Goodwin on AlisonC 16/12/2010
Dear Frank Thanks for your Imelda Bargas 16/12/2010
Cool, I like it how you got Tamsin 15/12/2010
Richard Seddon I am told was Liz Cutler 15/12/2010
In 1962 I was a principal Frank Walmsley 14/12/2010
My grandfathers name was Greg Noyer 14/12/2010
Priscilla is Priscilla. It's Bakedpotatoes 12/12/2010
My Great Grandfather was Keith Benton 09/12/2010
I would like to get a copy Ottmar Fiebel 08/12/2010
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On October 14, 1968, New Paul Jeffery 05/12/2010
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My late father, James Oliver Deborah Hall-Chadrou 01/12/2010
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I own a painting very Mal Sainty 30/11/2010
Tena koe, tena koutou My John Tapene 30/11/2010
what is priscilla in maori? priscilla 29/11/2010
I love this site, Maori yes, Lisa Webber 29/11/2010
Families requested an oak Rowan Carroll 26/11/2010
The beautifully illustrated Rowan Carroll 26/11/2010
I would appreciate a adele 25/11/2010
Hi Adele, I have been given Teresa Neilson-Watt 25/11/2010
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My Grandfather William Graham Jones 22/11/2010
Iam trying to find out more roger m fox 20/11/2010
My father joined HMS New Philip Congdon 20/11/2010
I am the Secretary of Clan Maureen MacDonald 17/11/2010
Hi there! I've recently Erin 17/11/2010