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You have spelt yielding Anonymous 25/04/2009
Re Pūhā - yes admin 24/04/2009
Thanks for the reminder, admin 24/04/2009
This is still not in Anonymous 24/04/2009
Does the word puha carry a Anonymous 24/04/2009
A good starting place is his admin 23/04/2009
Hi I'm doing a project on Anonymous 22/04/2009
Hello,in my country, we Che 22/04/2009
Hi Sue For any NZ Second admin 19/04/2009
Can you please provide me Sue Nicholson 19/04/2009
my father and grand father sylvia 19/04/2009
I'm writing a book on 485 Geert Beelaert 19/04/2009
Hi Tony You best bet would admin 16/04/2009
Kia ora Gina Thanks very admin 16/04/2009
I'm interested in a picture Tony Abrahams 16/04/2009
I am friends with a mrs Anonymous 15/04/2009
Alex Mc Coll died while one Anonymous 13/04/2009
Kia ora, This page is of my Gina Melody-Roore 10/04/2009
Thanks to the contributor Bryce 10/04/2009
Hi Gerard Yes, we can either admin 09/04/2009
The memorial originally Gerard Hehir 09/04/2009
Kei te pai. Me koe? Ae, kei admin 08/04/2009
Hey Hey Kia ora Kei te pehea Anonymous 08/04/2009
This really helped me with Beattie 07/04/2009
Hi Neil Yes please, any admin 07/04/2009
Our Cricket pavillion on the Neil McCorkell 07/04/2009
alex mc coll was a very Anonymous 06/04/2009
I have a photo of my father Peter Balloch 05/04/2009
hello i was wondering if you tania isaia 03/04/2009
Hi History Project Probably admin 03/04/2009
can anyone show me any good history project 02/04/2009
The trenches of the Western Damien Fenton 02/04/2009
i think it could have beeen Anonymous 02/04/2009
hey , i was just wondering kate 01/04/2009
Kia ora Rae Thank you very admin 31/03/2009
do you know a good website janet 31/03/2009
Kia ora, Alan Tillick's Rae Staight (nee Tillick) 31/03/2009
hi could you please tell me Anonymous 31/03/2009
Hmm, not so sure this is the admin 29/03/2009
His fathers name isnt put Anonymous 29/03/2009
We have a cottage in the James Bundy 24/03/2009
this land marks wonderful,, Sam 23/03/2009
Fair comment. We have put it admin 21/03/2009
I am appalled by the caption Anonymous 21/03/2009
Interestingly, a admin 20/03/2009
Hi Thanks for info!!!!! Dakota 18/03/2009
Great to come across some of Anonymous 18/03/2009
Is Awanui a place name it Trix 17/03/2009
Sorry - I have posted three Anonymous 16/03/2009
The slab with the names on Kevin Andrews 14/03/2009