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People from the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, Volume 5

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  • Abel, Erwin Leonard Guy Grocer, businessman, athlete, racehorse owner
  • Alley, Geoffrey Thomas Farmer, rugby player, adult educator, librarian and library administrator
  • Ashton, Joey Matenga Moriori, Ngāti Mamoe and Ngāti Kahungunu; railway worker, sportsman, dance band leader
  • Barnes, James George Clerk, athlete, military aviator, prisoner of war, politician, sharebroker, sports administrator, community leader
  • Bellwood, James Charles Labourer, physical education instructor, sports coach
  • Blazey, Cecil Albert Insurance company manager, military administrator, sports administrator
  • Bridson, Gordon Hardware merchant, swimmer, naval officer, farmer
  • Broughton, William James Jockey
  • Brown, Gordon Alexander Accountant, co-operative retail manager, businessman, rugby administrator, local politician
  • Burrows, James Thomas Teacher, sportsman and administrator, military leader
  • Burton, William John Lithographic draughtsman, rifleman, archer
  • Carson, William Nichol Warehouseman, rugby and cricket player, soldier
  • Cavanagh, Victor George Sportsman, compositor, rugby coach and administrator, newspaper manager
  • Cave, Henry Butler Cricket player, farmer
  • Clarke, Ian James Rugby player, farmer, rugby administrator
  • Couch, Manuera Benjamin Riwai Ngāi Tahu; builder, rugby player, shearing contractor, probation officer, community leader, politician, Mormon missionary
  • Cross, Cecil Lancelot Stewart Basketball player, sports administrator and broadcaster
  • Dawson, Pearl Howard Veterinarian, hockey and cricket player, sports administrator
  • Delamere, Monita Eru Te Whānau-a-Apanui and Ngāi Tahu; rugby player, dry-cleaner, Ringatū leader, community leader
  • Ellis, Leslie James Jockey, racehorse trainer
  • Grant, Alexander McGregor Surgeon, horse-racing administrator, racehorse owner and breeder
  • Jarden, Ronald Alexander Athlete, rugby player, businessman, sharebroker
  • Lamason, Ina Mabel Cricketer, hockey player and umpire, secretary, sports administrator and writer
  • London, Harold David Public servant, philatelist, cycling administrator, editor, local historian
  • Love, Eruera Te Whiti o Rongomai Te Āti Awa; rugby player, interpreter, military leader
  • Love, Makere Rangiatea Ralph Te Āti Awa leader, public servant, sports administrator, local politician, Māori welfare officer, land claimant
  • Lupp, Sybil Audrey Marie Mechanic, motor-racing driver, garage proprietor, motor vehicle dealer
  • McCarthy, Winston John Broadcaster, journalist, writer
  • McConachy, Clark Billiards and snooker player
  • Mander, Peter Garth Yachtsman, yachting administrator, businessman
  • Newman, Jack Transport operator, businessman, sportsman and administrator, local politician
  • O'Connor, Patrick John Shearer, blacksmith, wrestler
  • Paewai, Manahi Nitama Rangitāne and Ngāti Kahungunu; doctor, rugby player, local politician, community leader
  • Peek, Charles Edward Teacher, child welfare administrator, billiards player
  • Poananga, Brian Matauru Ngāti Porou and Rangitāne; sportsman, military leader, diplomat
  • Porritt, Arthur Espie Athlete, doctor, sports administrator, governor-general
  • Read, Norman Richard Carpenter, athlete, salesman
  • Ruru, Lena Matewai Te Aitanga-a-Māhaki; community leader, sportswoman, pianist, Māori welfare worker
  • Simons, Dorothy Edith Sportswoman, sports journalist and writer
  • Smith, John Burns Ngāpuhi; baker, rugby player, soldier, sportsman
  • Smithells, Philip Ashton Physical educationalist, university professor
  • Sullivan, John Lorraine Rugby player, driver, salesman, rugby coach and administrator, company director
  • Walter, Cyril Vincent Hockey player and coach, sports writer, teacher, bookseller
  • Watene, Puti Tipene Ngāti Maru and Te Arawa; rugby league player, politician, industrial welfare officer
  • Webb, Thomas Clifton Lawyer, rugby player, politician, diplomat
  • White, Evelyn Freda Show-jumper, racehorse trainer
  • Wilkie, Elsie Hamer Lawn bowler, sports administrator



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