bay of islands

Events In History


The early French explorer's visit to New Zealand ended in his death, and the bloodshed of hundreds more in retribution.

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Thomas Kendall was one of New Zealand’s first Christian missionaries. He pioneered the transcription of the Māori language, and also investigated how Māori understood the universe.

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Musket Wars

  • Musket Wars

    Thousands of Māori died in the intertribal Musket Wars of the 1810s, 1820s and 1830s. Muskets changed the face of intertribal warfare, decimating some tribes and drastically altering the territorial boundaries of others.

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  • Page 3 - Beginnings The Ngāpuhi chief Hongi Hika is usually seen as responsible for beginning the Musket


  • Missionaries

    The Christian missionaries of the pre-1840s have been described as the 'agents of virtue in a world of vice', although they were not immune to moral blemish themselves.

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  • Page 5 - Wesleyans and CatholicsHow Maori responded to the arrival of Wesleyan and Catholic missionaries in the Bay of