Capture of the walls of Le Quesnoy, 1920

<em>Capture of the walls of Le Quesnoy</em>, 1920

Capture of the walls of Le Quesnoy by George Edmund Butler, 1920.

Butler’s painting shows how the men of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade liberated the fortified town of Le Quesnoy on 4 November 1918. Rather than risk civilian lives with an artillery bombardment, the New Zealanders used a ladder to scale the walls surrounding the town. Not only does this painting illustrate the qualities of courage and initiative that came to define the achievements of the New Zealand soldiers, it also manages to capture a sense of the teamwork, solidarity and mateship that became one of the trademarks of the life among the Anzacs.

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Posted: 17 Dec 2019

My husbands grandfather was at Le quesnoy - is there anywhere that I can purchase a copy of this print?


Posted: 30 Jun 2014

Sancerre -there is a quote in Colonel Hugh Stewart, The New Zealand Division 1916-1919, Auckland, 1921, pp. 591–2 which suggests Harold Kerr was second on the ladder, followed by Barrowclough - you can find this quote here:


Posted: 29 Jun 2014

My grandfather was in involved in the liberation of Le Quesnoy. He told his family he was second on the ladder, and this has been part of our family history. Is there anyway I can find out who the men were who were with Leslie Averill on the ladder?