Dead horses by the River Jordan

Dead horses on the banks of the River Jordan near Jisr ed Damieh, date unknown.

These horses may have been killed during attempts by the New Zealand Mounted Brigade to secure the river crossing at Jisr ed Damieh, 22 September 1918.

The capture of the Damieh pontoon bridge was the first major objective of ‘Chaytor’s Force’ – a multinational force made up of New Zealand, Australian, West Indian, and Jewish volunteer troops.

After a determined Turkish counter-attack was repelled, the bridge was finally secured following a daring bayonet charge by West Indian infantry, supported by squadrons of the Auckland and Canterbury Mounted Rifles. The capture of the Damieh crossing allowed Chaytor’s Force to cross the Jordan and advance towards Es Salt and Amman, which fell to the New Zealanders on 23 and 25 September.

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