Fundraising for the Philomel

Fundraising for the <em>Philomel</em>

This montage of images shows a street sale of flowers in Wellington, 1916. The women in the photos were fundraising to purchase summer uniforms for the men of HMS Philomel and HMS Pyramus, whose standard uniforms were not suitable for the hot climates of the Middle East. The montage, which was published in the Free Lance on 1 September 1916, was accompanied with the following caption:

A street sale of flowers was conducted in the streets of Wellington on Friday last week by the Ladies’ Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Sailors’ Society. It was in aid of a fund to provide thin clothing to the sailors of H.M.S. Pyramus and H.M.S. Philomel. A sum of just short of £220 nett was raised, and this amount has since been cabled away for the purpose stated.

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