Knitting for Empire

Knitting for Empire

New Zealand soldiers living in the misery of trenches in Belgium in 1917 could be certain of a few comforts from home. Hand-made socks, balaclavas, scarves and gloves were included in the parcels women sent them. New Zealand women had always knitted, but the craft took on a new meaning during the war. ‘Sock day’ was held in May 1915 after soldiers reported that a pair of socks only lasted a fortnight when the wearer was on active duty.

Her Excellency’s knitting book appeared in August 1915. This 193-page book, produced by Lady Liverpool, was New Zealand’s first locally published knitting book. It contained patterns for socks, balaclavas and gloves and was designed to fit snugly into a woman’s knitting bag. There was even a rousing song, Canadian in origin but popular in New Zealand:

Knitting, knitting, knitting, with a pray’r in every row,
That the ones they hold in their hearts so dear
May be guarded as they go.


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Nicki Stewart

Posted: 28 Jun 2014

Alexander Turnbull Library (National Library) in Wellington , NZ have 2 versions (1915, and 1917) of 'Her Excellency's Knitting Book' . You can order photocopies or digital files from them online.

Annie mcentyre

Posted: 22 Jun 2014

Hi June,

Do you still have your copy of Her Excellency's Knitting Book to sell? I would be interested in purchasing it.

june holman

Posted: 03 Jan 2014


I am in Uk Have a copy of the book which has a handwritten dedication to her neice, by her Excellency, Annette Liverpool. As nobody responded to my posting on this site last year I have put it for sale on eBay UK. Item number 231125645162. I see that a couple of people are interested in obtaining a copy.

Nicki Stewart

Posted: 16 Nov 2013

I am also seeking a copy or PDF of this book or other pictorial references to womens or soldiers handcrafts of WW1,


Sandy Cowan

Posted: 04 Nov 2013

I am seeking a copy (pdf if possible) of this book or something similar regarding WW1 knitting patterns for a project I will be involved in during 2014.
Many thanks, Sandy

Anna Cottrell

Posted: 03 Oct 2013

I would like to ask if anyone has any WW1 knitting needles.
Thank you,
Anna Cottrell

Jeff Reznick

Posted: 04 Aug 2013

Hello - I'm seeking to purchase a copy of this book for purposes of scholarly research. If anyone might have and be interested in offering a copy, I'd appreciate being in touch. Thank you. ~ Jeff Reznick, Rockville, Maryland, USA

june holman

Posted: 31 Jul 2012

I have a copy of this book which has a small inscription on the first page which says "cousin Alice from Annette with best Christmas Wishes 1915".
As I have no emotional attachment to this book, I would like to sell it and wonder how I should go about it, as I am in UK and it obviously has more meaning to the people of New Zealand. Please let me know otherwise I will put it on eBay. Thanks