Light Diet cartoon, 1918

<em>Light Diet</em> cartoon, 1918

'It's a long way to Tipperary': Cartoon drawn by Ernest Herber Thompson for his 1918 publication Light Diet: 150 Caricatures and Sketches Perpetrated by a New Zealand Artist in and out of Hospital.

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Jill Streatfeild

Posted: 17 Oct 2023

I believe I have the original of this cartoon. The tall officer is Ernest Bryant, my grandfather. The picture hung in my grandmother's house in Tunbridge Wells (UK) and I now have it on display at my home in Suffolk


Posted: 17 Oct 2023

The officer in NZ Medical Corps uniform is Captain Ernest Horace Bryant.


Posted: 03 Aug 2016

Hi there I have a copy of Light Diet which was signed for my grandfather in August 1919. Am trying to find out about the artist and if there is any value to this book.
are you able to give me any information regarding this book. It is signed by the artist Geo S Richardson.