Niue Island recruits

Niue Island recruits

Recruits from Niue drilling during their first week of training at Narrow Neck camp, October 1915.

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Jamie M

Posted: 01 Jul 2020

Kia ora Makaui - try Margaret Pointer and Kalaisi Folau, Tagi tote e loto haaku, My heart is crying a little: Niue Island involvement in the Great War 1914-1918, University of the South Pacific, Suva, 2000

Makauli Leumate Nuhisifa

Posted: 27 Apr 2020

2019 I still waiting for the list of all names of 150 Niuean. 130 return home. Where are the rest of the 20 barried.?
Please I still waiting for a reply?

John Divine Paola Talagi

Posted: 14 Mar 2017

Praise the LORD for the 150 strong Niuean Soldiers that went to Great War WWI. Monuina. John Divine Paola Talagi. Descendant of Private None Manamana of Tamakautoga Village, Niue Island.


Posted: 05 Nov 2012

Thanks for this Linda. Also, we provide a Roll of Honour for Niuean troops who were killed here:


Posted: 05 Nov 2012

James Cowan's book "Maori in the Great War" originally published 1926 - republished 2011 lists the rolls of Maori who went to war 1914-1918, including the men from Niue (B company) page 190-194. He then lists the roll of honour 241-252. If you look at there is information on researching solders personel files and a link to archway at archives - go there and enter name of soldier to see digitalised personnel record (try Fanavai). Also helpful to try Cenotaph database at Auckland War Museum - advanced search - enter Niue - limit to World War 1 and search.

Makauli Leumate Nuhisifa

Posted: 23 Oct 2012

I want to know where can I get a list of all the Niuean who went. I want to know the names of all the Niuean men who to war in world war 1 in Gallipoli. How many returned. How many didn't make it back. Where are they buried?