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Merchant marine

Page 9 – Merchant marine Roll of Honour

This roll was compiled by Trevor Richards and lists the names of New Zealand-born or -resident seafarers who died during the First World War while serving aboard merchant ships. With the exception of the Belgian-registered Menapier, the ships listed sailed under the flags of British Empire countries or colonies (mainly the UK, New Zealand and Australia).

It’s hard to say for certain how many New Zealanders died during the merchant marine’s war. In those days shipping companies treated seafarers below officer rank as casual employees; the men – and they were overwhelmingly men – changed ships frequently and even New Zealand short-sea traders might employ people from many countries, often for just a single voyage. To make matters even murkier, the recording of personal information was far less comprehensive than it was for members of the armed forces.

This table can also be downloaded as a spreadsheet which includes ranks and extra notes for each seafarer.  If you have additional names and other information, please email: [email protected] or add a community contribution at the end of this page.

Bannatyne, Walter James1619/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
Bargrove, Geoffrey Robert1619/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
Bedwell, Clifford Norman2927/06/1917ArmadaleAtlanticU-60
Blackwood, Frederick George2526/03/1918RFA Lady Cory WrightEnglish ChannelUC-17
Boyd, Stuart Wavel3130/12/1915PersiaMediterraneanU-38
Briant, Ernest George198/06/1917HuntstrickAtlanticU-39
Brookes, Archie Howard3726/06/1918WimmeraTasman Seamine (Wolf)
Brown, Leslie236/11/1918BakaraSierra Leoneillness
Carmichael, D /09/1918TahitiAtlanticillness
Colley, Herbert John4113/06/1917KelvinbankAtlanticU-69
Dale, Allan Edward3924/04/1917AbossoAtlanticU-43
Daniel, Harry Archibald2919/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
Davies, Norrie208/08/1915HMS IndiaNorwegian SeaU-22
Drake, Ernest Allen3420/03/1918BooraraEnglish ChannelUB-31
Dunbar, Robert Mutch Masson2310/07/1917Seang ChoonAtlanticU-87
Evans, Joseph Albert5124/07/1915VentnorNorth Seamissing
Fisher, David /09/1918TahitiAtlanticillness
Gillman, Louis B.3913/03/1916MatatuaSt John, New Brunswick, Canadaaccident
Haggerston, J378/03/1917GeorgianMediterraneanUB-47
Harding, Matthew3328/05/1917LimerickAtlanticU-86
Harris, John George Edward2626/04/1918LlwyngwairNorth SeaUC-64
Herbert, Frank Thomas5230/12/1915PersiaMediterraneanU-38
Hoare, Donovan O'Bryen1819/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
James, Frank Harold2723/10/1917SeistanNorth SeaUB-57
Jonas, Bernard2619/10/1917AustraldaleAtlanticU-22
Kane, Augustine Russell5930/12/1915PersiaMediterraneanU-38
Kell, Herbert James Graham4426/06/1918WimmeraTasman Seamine (Wolf)
King, Thomas Inman2727/06/1918Llandovery CastleAtlanticU-86
Kitson, Reynolds Hamilton357/06/1915MenapierNorth SeaUB-10
Lewis, Hugh324/12/1918HMS Kildonan CastleEnglandillness
Maberley, E 5427/02/1916MalojaDover Straitsmine (UC-6)
Macdonald, Allan Cameron1813/02/1915AndromedaEnglish Channelshipwreck
Mackie, James4719/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
Mackinnon, Niel Hugh 23/01/1918BirkhallMediterraneanUC-23
Marshall, Adam Houliston1719/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
Marshall, Robert Joseph1919/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
Massey, Leon Joseph1819/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
McDonald, Colin Boyd1819/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
McIntyre, James332/02/1918AvantiEnglish ChannelUB-59
McKenzie, Ian Kenneth2019/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
Millar, Charles Adolphus3121/04/1918LandoniaIrish SeaU-91
Millington, Robert Perrett Taipo2519/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
Moag, Roger2712/12/1917HalifaxAtlanticmissing
Morrison, William Maver3112/12/1917HalifaxAtlanticmissing
Mowatt, Douglas Lodder2526/06/1918WimmeraTasman Seamine (Wolf)
Mulvenna, John2726/06/1918WimmeraTasman Seamine (Wolf)
Murphy, Francis George2123/10/1918HMS VictoryEnglandillness
Murray, Allan Chamberlain2316/06/1918MelanieNorth SeaUC-40
Neale, Richard Raymond4230/05/1918AusoniaAtlanticU-62
Nichol, Alexander John4026/06/1918WimmeraTasman Seamine (Wolf)
Petersen, Frederick  307/02/1917Saint NinianNorth SeaUB-34
Phillips, Henry /09/1918TahitiAtlanticillness
Pollock, Robert Scott 19/03/1918HMS MotaguaAtlanticcollision
Proudfoot, David3431/07/1915IberianAtlanticU-28
Proudfoot, John Frederick1619/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
Ramsay, Alex Mckinley1719/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
Rawson, Henry3328/12/1917Alfred H. ReadIrish Seamine (UC-75)
Robertson, W H2319/02/1918BarrowmoreAtlanticU-94
Rogerson, Thomas  4519/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
Scrivener, Ernest William41?19/09/1916MaunganuiPort Tewfik, Suezaccident
Scully, Albert Edward William259/11/1917UmgeniAtlanticmissing
Shattock, Ernest Arthur4320/03/1918YochowMediterraneanU-33
Shaw, William  1519/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
Smith, John Gordon1919/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40
Steers, Arthur285/06/1917TurritellaPacificWolf
Tait, Robert418/02/1917LuxAtlanticU-60
Tall, John4414/10/1916HMS Kildonan CastleEnglandillness
Tanner, Samuel2211/06/1917City of PerthAtlanticU-70
Tennant, Charles245/09/1918TahitiAtlanticillness
Verge, Henry5226/06/1918WimmeraTasman Seamine (Wolf)
Williams, William Harry2019/11/1917AparimaEnglish ChannelUB-40

†Died after the end of the First World War on 11 November 1918. Ship likely in the process of being decommissioned from the Royal Navy.


This list has been compiled from a range of sources including the: Commonwealth War Graves Commission database; Publict Trust Office Notices of Deceased Estates; Papers Past; NZ Marine Department annual reports; NZ Army Reserve Rolls 1916-17; NZ Electoral Rolls - seaman voter lists; NZ War Graves ProjectBirths Deaths and Marriages; National Archives (U.K.), crew lists filed under designation BT99;; and information kindly supplied by Errol Martyn of Christchurch.

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