This map shows the location of the 294 cemeteries in New Zealand which include official war graves or memorials for service personnel who died during the First World War. To qualify for an official Commonwealth War Graves Commission grave or memorial, the serviceperson must have died between 4 August 1914 and 31 August 1921. For each cemetery we have indicated the number of personnel buried or memorialised there, and provided a link to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website for more information. In the case of cemeteries in which three or fewer personnel are buried (blue pins), the individuals are named and links are provided to their service record information on the Cenotaph website.

These cemeteries include CWGC graves and memorials for 1748 personnel, including those who served in Australian (15), UK (12) and South African (1) forces and were buried in New Zealand. See also separate maps showing cemeteries in Western Europe and the UK and in Gallipoli and the Middle East where New Zealanders are buried or memorialised.