Map of Ottoman Empire in 1914

Map of Ottoman Empire in 1914

You can also download a hi-res copy as a pdf (8.7mbs).

This map shows the boundaries and major cities of the Ottoman Empire at the start of the First World War in 1914.

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joshua s rotenberg MD

Posted: 20 Aug 2023

There was no Palestine in the ottoman empire. What became Palestine after World War I was administratively divided as follows: the three Sanjaqs of Jerusalem, Jaffa - Gaza , and Nablus were part of the Province of Damascus (Sham), while Acre was the seat of the Province of Saida

Clark Nall

Posted: 07 Jun 2014

Hi. The borders in Europe and with Russia reflect the current situation, not 1914. The Ottomans ceded a bit of territory to Bulgaria in 1915 (seen here in green that is marked incorrectly on this map. The border with Russia reflects the post WW I Soviet/Turkish border rather the Ottoman/border of 1914. The correct border is marked in blue on the map found in this Wikipedia article:


Posted: 21 Feb 2014

Hi Friendy - my understanding is that West Thracia was part of Bulgaria at the time the Ottoman Empire entered the FWW in 1914, awarded in the Treaty of Bucharest following the Second Balkan War of 1913.

You will see it included on our Buglaria FWW map.

I freely admit this is not an area we have specialist expertise in, so happy to be corrected if we have got this wrong. Regards, Jamie Mackay


Posted: 20 Feb 2014

Map is wrong. Where is west Thracia?