Featherston camp

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Featherston camp
Featherston camp

Featherston Military Training Camp and the First World War, 1915–27

Featherston Camp was New Zealand’s largest training camp during the First World War, where around 60,000 young men trained for military service on European battlefields between 1916 and 1918.

At its peak, Featherston Camp could sleep and feed more than 9000 men, and train them to be infantrymen, artillerymen, mounted riflemen, and machine gunners. The government used the camp as a German prisoner of war camp and military hospital in 1918-19, and as a storage facility from 1919-26.

For more information, download Featherston Military Training Camp and the First World War, 1915–27 by historian Tim Shoebridge (2011):

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The government demolished the camp in 1926, though the site was re-used in the Second World War as a camp for Japanese prisoners-of-war between 1942 and 1945. For more information about Second World War camp, see:

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