Rolls of honour and obituaries

Page 4 – Railways Department Roll of Honour

This Roll of Honour lists 450 men from the Railways Department who died in the First World War. It was originally published in the Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives, 1919 and 1920, with some later additions. Military units are given as they appeared in the original roll and are not necessarily the serviceman's final unit.

We have linked each name to that soldier's page on Auckland War Memorial Museum's Cenotaph database (apart from three staff who served with British forces). From this database you can find links to the full service records for each soldier on Archives New Zealand's website. You can also download this roll as a spread sheet. We have linked names to obituary notices in the New Zealand Railway Review where these are available. 

NameBranchMilitary unit
Ahern, L. J.Locomotive1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Ahern, R. J. [obit.]LocomotiveF Company, 9th Reinforcements.
Aldridge, A. G.TrafficAuckland Infantry Battalion.
Ander, E. F.  [obit.]LocomotiveE Company, 8th Reinforcements.
Andrews, H. L.MaintenanceOtago Infantry Regiment.
Andrews, J. R. D.LocomotiveMachine-gun Section, 2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Bagnall, L. J.Traffic1st Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
Baldwin, R. L. W.Traffic3rd N. Z. R. B.
Ballantyne, A. S.TrafficOtago Infantry Battalion.
Banfield, W. H.Traffic3rd Battalion, N.Z.F.A.
Bannerman, E. I.  [obit.]LocomotiveWellington Infantry Battalion.
Barclay, G. L.Traffic1st Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Barnard, C. V.Traffic2nd Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Barry, G.Maintenance1st Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
Barry, J. P.Locomotive2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Bateman, H. O.  [obit.]Locomotive4th Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Bateman, T. H.Locomotive1st Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Beaton, R.Traffic1st Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment.
Beck, G.  [obit.]Locomotive2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Beekman, A.TrafficN .Z. Field Engineers.
Begg, A.Locomotive4th N.Z. Infantry Brigade.
Bennett, C. F.MaintenanceD Company, 14th Reinforcement.
Birmingham, W.Maintenance3rd Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment
Blackburn, R. E.Head OfficeN.Z.F.A. 1st Brigade.
Blackie, J.TrafficOtago Infantry Regiment.
Blaikie, A. J.TrafficA Company, 16th Reinforcement.
Blaikie, S. J.Traffic4th Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Blake, H. D.MaintenanceNo.5 Company, Machine-gun Corps.
Bock, E. T.MaintenanceN.Z. Machine-gun Section.
Bollinger, H.Traffic2nd Battalion, 3rd N.Z. Rifle Brigade.
Bond, A.TrafficAuckland Infantry Battalion.
Bond, R.TrafficC Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Bowles, P. M.Traffic3rd Company, 2nd Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment.
Bowles, W. B.Stores2nd Battalion, 3rd N.Z. Rifle Brigade.
Boyes, A. C.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Otago Regiment.
Braithwaite, H. W.Traffic2nd Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Brambley, P. R.TrafficF Company, 16th Reinforcements.
Bremner, W. L.TrafficCanterbury Infantry Regiment.
Brennan, L. J.LocomotiveAuckland Infantry, 7th Reinforcements.
Brogan, W. A. **LocomotiveAuckland Infantry Regiment.
Brown, J.Traffic1st Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Brown, M. C. [obit.]LocomotiveOtago Infantry Battalion.
Brown, N. E.LocomotiveCanterbury Infantry Battalion.
Bruce, H. S.LocomotiveOtago Infantry Battalion.
Bryden, W. C.Locomotive3rd Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment.
Brydon, R. O.Traffic1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Budge, J. A.Traffic3rd Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Burke, D. P. [obit.]TrafficWellington Infantry Battalion.
Burnett, A. MaintenanceNo. 2 Company, N.Z. Engineers.
Burnett, P. J.Traffic1st Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment.
Burns, A. C.  [obit.]TrafficWellington Infantry Battalion.
Butler, W. M.LocomotiveA Company, 2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Cairns, R. J.Locomotive2nd Anzac Cycle Corps.
Campbell, M. D.TrafficDivisional Signal Company.
Campbell, T.Maintenance2nd Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
Cannell, H. N.Traffic17th Company, 2nd Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Cardno, G. A.Traffic1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Carleton, A. H.Traffic2nd Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment.
Carr, E. M.Traffic1st Battalion, 3rd N.Z. Rifle Brigade.
Carruthers, W. T.Traffic1st Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Carter, R.TrafficDivisional Signal Corps, N.Z. Engineers.
Cassin, H.Maintenance4th Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Cavanagh, J.Traffic3rd Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Charleston, A. A. [obit.]LocomotiveWellington Infantry Battalion, Main Body.
Christie, A.Traffic1st Battalion, Wellington Infantry Regiment
Christie, W. J.Locomotive2nd Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R. B., 10th Reinforcements.
Christophers, H. H.Maintenance2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Clapham, H. A. G.Locomotive2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Clark, G.Maintenance2nd Battalion, Wellington lnfantry Regiment.
Clark, G. K.Traffic10th Reinforcements, N.Z. Engineers.
Clark, H. G.Traffic2nd Battalion, N.Z.F.A.
Clark, H. J.LocomotiveOtago Infantry Regiment.
Clark, J. A.Locomotive8th Company, 2nd Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Clark, S. G. [obit.]TrafficWellington Infantry Battalion.
Clayton, J.LocomotiveMachine-gun Corps.
Cleave, J. P.Locomotive1st Battalion, Auckland lnfantry Regiment.
Clive, P. D.Traffic13th Company, 2nd Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Cloke, J.Locomotive4th Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Close, P. M.LocomotiveN.Z. Machine-gun Corps.
Cockburn, E.Traffic3rd Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Codlin, P.LocomotiveA Squadron, 8th Reinforcements.
Cogle, .J. F.LocomotiveA Company, 3rd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Colley, W. L.LocomotiveCanterbury Infantry Battalion.
Connett, F. C. W.LocomotiveSamoan Garrison.
Cook, R. J.LocomotiveWellington Infantry Regiment.
Coote, P. S. [obit.]LocomotiveCanterbury Infantry Battalion.
Corbett, R. S.Maintenance11th Company, 1st Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Couperthwaite, P. [obit.]MaintenanceOtago lnfantry Battalion.
Craw, G.Locomotive3rd N.Z.R.B.
Crean, P. L.TrafficB Company, 1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Crimins, C.Traffic3rd Battalion, AuckIand Infantry Regiment
Crosswell, A. G.LocomotiveN.Z. Field Artillery.
Crouch, F. B.TrafficImperial Army.
Crowe, E. O.LocomotiveC Company, 44th Reinforcement.
Culpitt, H. W.Maintenance2nd Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Dale, A. E.Locomotive2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Dale, A. E.TrafficCanterbury Infantry, 7th Reinforcements.
Dalley, J. T.Locomotive1st Company, 2nd Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
Dalley, S. M. C.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Daniels, D. B.LocomotiveNo. 4 Field Company, N.Z. Engineers.
Darragh, J. A.Locomotive1st Battalion, Otago Regiment.
Davidson, J. H.LocomotiveWellington Infantry Battalion.
Davies, F.TrafficD Company, 1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Davis, F. E.Traffic1st Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Davis, L. H. M.Traffic1st Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Dent, G. B.Locomotive12th Battery, 3rd Brigade, N.Z. Field Artillery.
Dick, H. J.TrafficN .Z. Field Engineers.
Dobby, G. T.Traffic2nd Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Donne, S. E.MaintenanceRailway Operating Section, N.Z. Engineers.
Downes, T. S. [obit.]MaintenanceOtago Infantry Battalion.
Doyle, J. J.TrafficA Company, 9th Reinforcements.
Dukes, W. H.Maintenance13th Company, 2nd Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Duncan, W. M.Head OfficeN.Z. Medical Corps.
Eagleson, RLocomotive1st N.Z. Light Trench-mortar Battery.
Eden, J. A.Traffic2nd Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Edwards, S. G.Locomotive1st Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment.
Egan, J. P.Maintenance1st Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Evans, R. D. J. LocomotiveNo.3 Company, N.Z. Engineers.
Falla, L. M.LocomotiveN.Z.F.A., 7th Reinforcements .
Farland, C. T.Maintenance1st Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Farnsworth, E. E. [obit.]Traffic1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Fearon, A. E.TrafficF Company, 8th Reinforcements.
Feil, R. B. J. **LocomotiveN.Z.R.B.
Findlay, J.MaintenanceOtago Infantry Battalion.
Finlayson, K. C.TrafficOtago Infantry Battalion, Main Body.
Finlayson, P.MaintenanceNo.4 Company, Machine-gun Corps.
Fitzpatrick, T.LocomotiveC Company, 50th Reinforcements.
Foley, W.TrafficDivisional Signal Company, N.Z. Engineers.
Ford, S. R.Locomotive3rd N.Z.R.B.
Forsyth, N. L.Traffic1st Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Fotheringham, W. L.  [obit.]Locomotive11th Reinforcements, N.Z. Engineers.
Fowler, R. G.Locomotive2nd Battalion, 5th Reinforcements, N.Z.R.B.
Fox, C.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
Foy, J. M.Traffic2nd Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
French, P. W.Locomotive3rd N.Z.R.B.
Frood, J.Locomotive3rd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Fruin, F. G.Maintenance3rd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Fry, F. L.TrafficD Company, 10th Reinforcements.
Furk, R. H. Traffic44th Specialists.
Galvin, G. B.MaintenanceE Company, 13th Reinforcements.
Gambling, E. W. [obit.]Traffic1st Battalion, Auckland Infantry.
Gardiner, C.Locomotive2nd Entrenching Battalion.
Gilmour, F. D.Traffic3rd N.Z. Rifle Brigade.
Glastonbury, A. G.MaintenanceE Company, 1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Godfrey, J. A.Traffic1st Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
Goodhue, C. N.MaintenanceA Company, 8th Reinforcements.
Goodhue, L. E.Maintenance3rd Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Gordon, J.Maintenance4th Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Gordon, W. E.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Graham, F. J.Traffic1st Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Graham, John  Traffic2nd Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
Grant, W. J. V.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Gray, G. C.Locomotive3rd N. Z. R. B.
Green, H. C.TrafficN.Z. Mounted Rifle Brigade, M.G. Squadron.
Greene, J. G.Traffic1st Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment.
Guiness, W. J. P.TrafficC Company, 2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Gunn, W. G.TrafficC Company, N.Z. Machine-gun Section.
Hall, A. C.  [obit.]TrafficN.Z. Medical Corps.
Halley, W.Traffic2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Halsey, W. J.LocomotiveOtago Infantry Regiment.
Hamill, C. P.Locomotive5th Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Hamilton, A. R.Traffic2nd Battalion, Otago Regiment.
Hamilton, A. S.Locomotive9th Company, 2nd Battalion, Wellington Regiment, 1st N.Z. Infantry Brigade.
Hamilton, W.TrafficOtago Infantry Regiment.
Hansen, J. A.MaintenanceD Company, 13th Reinforcements.
Harding, A. E.Locomotive1st Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
Harding, L. C.  [obit.]LocomotiveOtago Infantry Battalion.
Harris, A. S.Maintenance2nd Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment.
Harris, J. H.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Hartland, J. W.Traffic2nd Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Hartley, E.Maintenance1st Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
Harvey, L. G.MaintenanceE Company, 1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Hastings, N.LocomotiveWellington Mounted Rifles.
Haxton, G. W.Traffic3rd Field Company, N.Z. Engineers.
Haydon, A. L.LocomotiveN.Z. Medical Corps.
Hayward, A. R.LocomotiveOtago Infantry Battalion.
Heard, G.Maintenance3rd Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Heaton, E. D. H.AccountsB Company, 4th Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Hedges, A. H.MaintenanceOtago Infantry Regiment.
Hedlund, A.K.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment.
Henderson, L. A.LocomotiveNo. 2 Field Corps, N.Z. Engineers.
Henderson, W.Maintenance2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Henry, J. W.Traffic2nd Battalion, Otago Regiment.
Hickey, E.LocomotiveH Company, 12th Reinforcements.
Hilton, J. P.Traffic1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Hislop, R *TrafficRailway Engineers.
Hislop, W. A .Locomotive1st Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Hooper, G. S.LocomotiveE Company, 1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Houghton, R.LocomotiveA Company, 40th Reinforcements.
Houlihan, T.Traffic2nd N.Z. Entrenching Battalion.
Howells, I. J.Maintenance1st Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Howie, W. J. **TrafficAuckland Infantry Regiment.
Hunter, A. J.MaintenanceN.Z. Engineers.
Hunter, H.TrafficOtago Infantry Battalion.
Islip, E. E.Locomotive2nd Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Jackson, A.Locomotive3rd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Jackson, C. P. M.Traffic3rd Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
Jackson, J. G.  [obit.]TrafficWellington Infantry Battalion.
Jacobs, H. D.TrafficN.Z.F.A. (D.A.C.), 7th Reinforcements.
Jessen, J.TrafficN.Z. Field ArtiIlery.
Johnston, C. G.Locomotive1st Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Johnston, G.MaintenanceN.Z.R.B.
Johnston, J. E.TrafficB Company, 1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Jury, V. R.MaintenanceN.Z.R.B.
Kelly, F. G.  [obit.]TrafficOtago Mounted Rifles.
Kennedy, J.Locomotive3rd Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment
Kenyon, B. D.LocomotiveN.Z. Engineers. 9th Reinforcements
Kerambrun, J. B. M.  [obit.]Locomotive1st Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Kilburn, D. A.MaintenanceSignal Section, 1st Battalion, Auckland Regiment
Kilkenny, M. H.TrafficNo.2 Company, Machine-gun Corps.
Kimber, G.Traffic3rd Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Kinsella, P. T.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Knowles, T. E.LocomotiveWest Riding Regiment.
La Broome, W. T.Traffic1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Laloli, J. H.Traffic4th Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Lamb, A. D.Traffic2nd Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Lambert, E.  [obit.]LocomotiveAuckland Infantry Battalion.
Lambeth, T. A.TrafficOtago Infantry Regiment.
Lauder, O. S.Locomotive8th Company, 1st Battalion, Otago Regiment.
Lennon, G. E.Traffic1st Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Letford, F. E.Traffic1st Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Lilley, C. D.Traffic1st Company, 2nd Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Lindop, W. H.MaintenanceB Company, 7th Reinforcements.
Lock, B. G.MaintenanceNo. 3 Company, Machine-gun Corps.
Lockett, R. L. B.  [obit.]LocomotiveWellington Infantry Battalion.
Mace, W. H. C.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
MacKay, J. R.TrafficD Company, 3rd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Magnusson, O.Locomotive3rd Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Mann, S. L.Maintenance3rd Battalion, Otago Regiment
Mansell, F. J.Traffic1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Marshall, J. T.LocomotiveC Company, 50th Reinforcements.
Martin, C. F.  [obit.]Traffic3rd Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Martin, J. H.LocomotiveNo. 5 N.Z. Light Railway Operating Section, N.Z. Engineers.
Masciorini, W. J.LocomotiveC Company, 36th Reinforcements.
Massicks, E .J.LocomotiveA Company, 9th Reinforcements.
Mather, A. B. W.LocomotiveWellington Infantry Battalion.
Matheson, N. M.Traffic2nd Battalion, Canturbury Infantry Regiment.
Matthews, L. T.Locomotive1st Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
Mattingley, F. A.TrafficF Company, 17th Reinforcements.
May, J. G.Maintenance2nd Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
McAnnally, H. J.LocomotiveA. Company, 4th Battalion.
McArthur, A. A.LocomotiveB Company, 11 th Reinforcements
McCabe, B. A.Locomotive3rd Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
McCarthy, J. C.Traffic1st Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
McCombe, J. S.LocomotiveD Company, 12th Reinforcements.
McConnell, C. D.Traffic2nd Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
McConnell, R. J. P.LocomotiveB Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
McCreanor, J.Traffic2nd Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
McDonald, J.MaintenanceB Company, 4th Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
McEachen, P. J.TrafficOtago Infantry Battalion.
McFarlane, D. S.  [obit.]LocomotiveWellington Mounted Rifles.
McGahan, C. W.MaintenanceA Company, 3rd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
McGee, F. N.  [obit.]LocomotiveNo.1 Field Company, N.Z. Engineers.
McGinn, J. H.  [obit.]Traffic2nd Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
McGregor, J.Locomotive1st N.Z.R.B.
McKay, C. D.Traffic7th Company, 3rd Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
McKellar, D. I.Traffic1st Battalion, Otago Regiment.
McKenzie, W. L.Traffic3rd Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
McKinstry, L. G.Traffic7th Reinforcements.
McKone, J.TrafficD Company, 3rd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
McLaughlin, A. J.MaintenanceK Company, 11th Reinforcements.
McLean, F. A.LocomotiveB Company, 2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
McMahon, E.TrafficOtago Infantry Battalion.
McMahon, T. J.TrafficN.Z. Mounted Signal Troop.
McMillin, J. J. G.Traffic16th N.Z. Company, Imperial Camel Corps
McMurtrie, D. A.TrafficOtago Infantry Battalion.
McPeak, J. R.TrafficN.Z. Mounted Rifles Brigade.
McVicar, W. RTrafficC Company, 19th Reinforcments.
Melrose, R M.Locomotive4th Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Menzies, J. W. C.Traffic1st Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Menzies, S.TrafficD Company, 1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Merrin, P. F. J.LocomotiveSpecial Physical and Bayonet Training Class, Trentham.
Meyenberg, W. R.Traffic1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Miles, I.TrafficCanterbury Infantry Battalion
Millar, J. S.Locomotive1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Minifie, A.Maintenance3rd Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
Molloney, J. A.LocomotiveMachine Gun Corps.
Moosman, L. J.LocomotiveA Company, 12thReinforcements.
Morris, E. G. M.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Moyna, E. T. J.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
Moynihan, D.Traffic1st Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
Muirhead, J.Locomotive1st Battalion, Otago Regiment.
Mullany, E. J.Traffic4th Brigade, N.Z.F.A.
Murcott, S. G.TrafficOtago Infantry Battalion.
Murray, A. R.TrafficNo.2 Field Ambulance.
Nankivell, A.LocomotiveN.Z.F.A.
Nelson, C. A.  [obit.]Locomotive3rd Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Nicolson, A. J.Locomotive8th Company, 1st Battalion, Otago Regiment.
O'Connor, P. M.LocomotiveE Company, 13th Reinforcements, N.Z.R.B.
O'Donnell, P. J.Traffic3rd Brigade, N.Z.F.A.
O'Donnell, D. [obit.]MaintenanceOtago Infantry Battalion.
O'Keefe, J. [obit.]LocomotiveWellington Infantry Battalion.
O'Leary, J. W.LocomotiveC Company, 2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Olsen, N. C.Locomotive3rd Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
Owens, J. D. H.LocomotiveOtago Infantry Battalion.
Page, W. E.Traffic2nd Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
Paget, A. W.TrafficNo.4 Field Company, N.Z. Engineers.
Parker, W. E.TrafficN.Z.F.A., 9th Reinforcements.
Parr, E. A.Locomotive1st Brigade, N.Z. Div. Artillery.
Patton, H. L.Traffic1st Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
Pengelly, R.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment.
Percival, H. R.Locomotive1st Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Percy, L. C. F.Locomotive1st Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Perry, S.MaintenanceB Company, 3rd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Pilkington, J.LocomotiveN.Z. Engineers.
Porritt, J. O.Maintenance1st Brigade, N.Z.F.A.
Porter, S.TrafficA Company, 12th Reinforcements
Potts, J. K.MaintenanceWellington Infantry Battalion.
Pratt, A. M.Head OfficeNo. 1 Stationary Hospital.
Pugh, F. G.TrafficA Company, 2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Quigley, R. [obit.]TrafficCanterbury Infantry Battalion.
Radford, E. W.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Radford, L. R.Locomotive3rd Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Rae, T. H.TrafficC Company, 2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Ramsay, R. G.TrafficC Company, 7th Reinforcements.
Rasmussen C. L. M.Locomotive13th Battery, 3rd Brigade, N.Z.F.A.
Ravenwood, H. C.Locomotive1st Battalion, 16th Reinforcements.
Raynor, J.LocomotiveC Company, 4th Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Reed, S. H.Locomotive1st Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Rendall, T. G.Traffic2nd Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Rennie, J.LocomotiveOtago Infantry Regimemt.
Reynolds, S.MaintenanceCanterbury Infantry Battalion.
Rice, J.Traffic1st Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment.
Roberts, J. P.Traffic3rd N.Z.R.B.
Roberts, P. G.Traffic4th Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Robertson, A. M.Locomotive1st Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Robinson, A. H.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Otago Regiment.
Robinson, H.MaintenanceN.Z. Field Ambulance, 2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Roger, D.Maintenance1st Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
Rollings, E. A.Locomotive1st Battalion, Otago Regiment.
Ross, H. L.Traffic1st Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Ross, J.MaintenanceC Company, 7th Reinforcements.
Rowland, C. K.LocomotiveC Company, 4th Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Rowland, J. B.TrafficMachine-gun Squadron, N.Z.M.R
Russell, G. E.LocomotiveAuckland Infantry Battalion.
Ryan, T.Locomotive3rd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Samson, W.Traffic1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Sanderson, A. R.Traffic2nd Battalion, Auckland Regiment
Sandford, H. W. H.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
Sangster, W.Maintenance1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Sangwell, W. H. P.Traffic1st Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
Scannell, M. [obit.]Traffic1st Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
Schaw, A. H.LocomotiveNo.2 Company, N.Z. Engineers.
Scott, A.LocomotiveD Company, 17th Reinforcements.
Scoullar, W. A.Traffic3rd Battalion, 3rd N.Z. Rifle Brigade.
Scully, P. A.Traffic2nd Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Selby, W. G.LocomotiveOtago Infantry Battalion.
Shannon, E. A.LocomotiveOtago Infantry Battalion.
Shaw, G. E.  [obit.]TrafficAuckland Infantry Battalion.
Shea, J. H.Locomotive3rd Battalion, Wellington Infantry Regiment.
Sherlock, A. C.TrafficIst Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
Sherwood, S. H.Maintenance2nd Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Short, J.Traffic10th Reinforcements, A.M.R.
Simmonds, W. H. R. [obit.]Locomotive1st Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment.
Simpson, H. [obit.]Locomotive2nd Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Small, C. R.Locomotive2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Smith, B. A.Traffic1st Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Smith, E.TrafficN.Z. Field Engineers.
Smith, J. R. **TrafficAuckland Infantry Regiment.
Smith, W. L. [obit.]Locomotive1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Snelling, J. M.Locomotive4th Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Snow, F. J.TrafficN.Z. Machine-gun Battalion.
Sowerby, F. H.Locomotive1st Battalion, Wellington Infantry Regiment.
Spowart, M. W.LocomotiveD Company, 13th Reinforcements.
Stansell, L. B.Traffic4th Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Starkey, L. E.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment.
Stewart, W. D.LocomotiveOtago Infantry Battalion.
Stokes, C. H.Traffic1st Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment.
Storey, T. H.TrafficN.Z.R.B.
Strachan, J. B.TrafficD Company, 8th Reinforcemnnts.
Strickett, R. G.LocomotiveE Company, 33rd Reinforcements.
Stuart, G. L.Locomotive1st N.Z. Light Trench-mortar Battery.
Stuart, J.Maintenance1st Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Sullivan, J. B. [obit.]Locomotive1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Sullivan, F. J.TrafficN.Z. Engineers.
Sutherland, F. N.Maintenance1st Battalion, Otago Regiment.
Sutherland, F. V.MaintenanceAuckland Infantry Regiment.
Sutherland, H.Locomotive11th Reinforcements, A.M.R.
Sutherland, T.TrafficOtago Infantry Battalion.
Swann, G. [obit.]Locomotive1st Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Syder, H. C.Maintenance4th Reserve Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Sykes, J. W.Traffic1st Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Symonds, A. H.Locomotive3rd N.Z.R.B.
Symons, B.Traffic2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B., 4th Reinforcements.
Tapsell R. R.TrafficB Company, 2nd Maori Contingent.
Tawhai, H. T.TrafficNo.2 Platoon, 4th Maori Contingent.
Tayler, W. C.TrafficNo.3 Company, N.Z. Machine-gun Corps.
Taylor, J. C.TrafficJ Company, 11th Reinforcements.
Taylor, S. A. R.LocomotiveAuckland Infantry, 7th Reinforcements.
Terras, R. M.Locomotive4th Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Thomas, J. H.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Thompson, M. W.Traffic2nd Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Thrupp, G. E.Traffic8th Wellington Infantry Battalion.
Todd, J.  [obit.]Locomotive2nd Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
Tonkin, R. E.LocomotiveAuckland Infantry Battalion.
Trewern, H. A.LocomotiveOtago Infantry Battalion.
Tucker, J. N.Traffic1st Brigade, N.Z.F.A
Turner, E. G.LocomotiveN.Z.F.A.
Turner, W.Traffic2nd Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Vaughan, R. P.Traffic2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Vile, F. C. R.LocomotiveA Company, 3rd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Vincent, A. E.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
Wagstaff, F.Traffic31st Specialist Company.
Wakelin, L. T.Traffic4th Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Walinck, J.LocomotiveImperial Reserve.
Wallace, G. N.Traffic5th N.Z. Light Railway Operating Section.
Wallace, J. R.LocomotiveD Company, 8th Reinforcements.
Wallace, K. J.Locomotive2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Walters, C.Traffic2nd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Wareham, W. H.Maintenance1st Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.
Ward, A. L.  [obit.]LocomotiveOtago Infantry Battalion.
Warren, C. H. LocomotiveOtago Infantry Regiment.
Watson, R.Locomotive1st Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
Webb, W. W.MaintenanceAuckland Infantry Regiment.
Wellings, W.Locomotive1st Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
West, J. B.LocomotiveOtago Infantry Battalion.
Westerby, W. J.StoresN.Z. Medical Corps.
Westerholm, N. B. O.Locomotive1st Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Wharepapa, T.TrafficN.Z. Maori (Pioneer) Battalion.
Wheldon, A. J.LocomotiveC Company, 45th Reinforcements.
Whishaw, B. G.LocomotiveN.Z. Machine-gun Section.
Whitaker, .J. H.TrafficWellington infantry Battalion.
Whitaker, J. V.TrafficNo.1 Field Company, N.Z. Engineers.
Whitehorn, S. H.  [obit.]Maintenance1st Battalion, Wellington Regiment.
Whitfield, G. E.MaintenanceN.Z.F.A. Trench-mortar Battery.
Whiting, N. A.TrafficCanterbury Mounted Rifles.
Wiggins, H. A.Traffic2nd Battalion, 3rd Reinforcements
Wilkes, R.LocomotiveN .Z. Medical Corps.
Willcox, G. H. C.TrafficC Company, 3rd Battalion, N.Z.R.B.
Williams, A. F. S.Locomotive53rd Reinforcements
Williams, F. W. Locomotive48th Specialists.
Williams, G. [obit.]LocomotiveOtago Infantry Battalion.
Williams, H. J. T.TrafficCanterbury Mounted Rifles.
Williams, J. A. B.Traffic1st Battalion, Otago Regiment.
Williams, W.Locomotive1st Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Williams, W. E.TrafficF Company, 3rd Reinforcements.
Willicombe, C. W.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Otago Regiment.
Willis, E. J.Locomotive2nd Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Wilson, A.LocomotiveOtago Infantry Battalion.
Wilson, A. B. D.LocomotiveCanturbury Regiment
Wilson, D. M.  [obit.]Locomotive2nd Battalion, Otago Infantry Regiment.
Wilson, R.Locomotive2nd Battalion, Wellington Infantry Regiment
Wilson, V. H. G.LocomotiveN.Z.R.B.
Wisnofski, A. C.LocomotiveN.Z. Army Ordnance Corps.
Wood, O. J.LocomotiveN.Z. Medical Corps.
Woodall, A, D.Locomotive1st Battalion, Auckland Regiment.
Wright, J.Locomotive3rd Battalion, 3rd N.Z.R.B.
Wyatt, A.MaintenanceD Company, 11th Reinforcements.
Yorston, T. E. M.Traffic1st Battalion, Auckland lnfantry Regiment.
Young, F. G. R.  [obit.]  LocomotiveN.Z. Engineers

A.M.R. = Auckland Mounted Rifles

N.Z.F.A. = New Zealand Field Artillery

N.Z.R.B. = New Zealand Rifle Brigade

* This is Robert Arthur Hislop, believed to be the first New Zealand military fatality of the First World War. A sapper in the North Island Railway Battalion, he died on 19 August 1914 after falling from Parnell bridge while on guard duty six days earlier. Hislop had not enlisted with the NZEF at the time of his death so previously had no Cenotaph record or personnel file. Read more about his case here. It is interesting to note that he was included on the 1919 Railways roll of honour even though he was not added to the official New Zealand Roll of Honour until 2014.

** Added to Railways Department Roll of Honour after 1920

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