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Rolls of honour and obituaries

Page 3 – Post and Telegraph Roll of Honour

This Roll of Honour lists 234 men from the Post and Telegraph Department who died in the First World War. It was originally published in the Appendix to the Journal of the House of Representatives, 1919, F-1. We have linked each name to that soldier's page on Auckland War Memorial Museum's Cenotaph database. From this database you can also find links to the full service records for each soldier on Archives New Zealand's website. We have linked names to obituary notices in Katipo where these are available. We have not yet been able to find two names on Cenotaph (J. McGregor and J.A. Mackay). If you can help us identify these men, please email [email protected]

A'Court, F. A.Postman.
Aisher, F. J.Cadet.
Aitken, G.Exchange Clerk.
Alborough, D. B.Messenger.
Aston, F. C.  [obit.]Cadet.
Babb, A. P. T.Cadet.
Bailey, W.Cadet.
Baker, F. C.Cadet.
Barden, H. W.Cadet.
Bates, E. J. [obit.]Postman.
Bayliffe, R. E.Clerk.
Beaumont, E. H. [obit.]Cadet.
Bennett, E.Exchange Clerk.
Birkett, W. A.Postman.
Bishop, W. N. C.Cadet.
Blackie, D. R. M. [obit.]Cadet.
Boundy, S. T. W.Clerk.
Bowden, K. R.Exchange Clerk.
Brooks, J. K.Clerk.
Brown, J. M.Temporary Lineman.
Brownlie, S. G.Exchange Clerk.
Bruce, W. C.Lineman.
Bryant, H.Temporary Lineman.
Bryant, L. N.Cadet.
Burke, H. H.Temporary Lineman.
Burrell, J. G.Clerk.
Burrows, E. [obit.]Clerk.
Byres, G. W.Cadet.
Calder, K. M.Cadet.
Callan, A. T.Chauffeur.
Campbell, R. J.Clerk.
Chamberlain, D. H.Cadet.
Ching, L. G.Lineman.
Clark, P. N.Clerk.
Clarke, W. R. H. [obit.]Telegraphist.
Comeskey, P. L. C.Temporary Lineman.
Corlett, F.Temporary Lineman.
Cormack, J. H.Cadet.
Corney, E. H.Cadet.
Crawford, E.Temporary Lineman.
Cribb, C. W. E.Senior Mail Clerk.
Crowe, F. J.Temporary Lineman.
Cutler, C. J. K.Clerk.
Darby, W. D. [obit.]Assistant Head of Mail Staff.
Dean, R. E.Lineman.
Deehan, J. E.Telegraphist.
Devaney, T. M.Exchange Clerk.
Doran. E. J.Clerk.
Doyle, P. E.Clerk.
Duff, G. K. [obit.]Telegraphist.
Dumbleton, R.Telegraphist.
Duncan, G.Temporary Lineman.
Dunn, J. C.Messenger.
Edwards, G. F. [obit.]Messenger.
Edwards, J. H. [obit.]Telegraphist.
Egglestone, R. E.Telegraphist.
Elliott, A. T.Temporary Lineman.
Eriksen, J. J.Exchange Clerk.
Falconer, W. C.Cadet.
Falvey, T. J.Lineman.
Farquhar, W. T.Exchange Clerk.
Fenton, E. I.Clerk.
Findlay, W.Clerk.
Fisher, E. H.Telegraphist.
Fitzgerald, G. J.Cadet.
Fitzpatrick, J. A.Postman.
Foster, F. J.Postman.
Fox, G. D.Temporary Lineman.
Francis, L. P.Postman.
French, A.Clerk.
Funke, H. H. [obit.]Distributor.
Gallagher, W. J.Postman.
Gaskin, H. H.Temporary Lineman.
Geddes, J. H. Z.Cadet.
Gillet, H. J. A.Telegraphist.
Grace. T. P. M.*Clerk.
Griffen, R. W. **Temporary Lineman.
Guthrie, E. H.Postman.
Guthrie, L.Lineman.
Hadlee, W.Postman.
Hanna, W. J.Cadet.
Hartmann, H.Postman.
Hastedt, R. C.Telegraphist.
Hay, G. G.Telegraphist.
Henderson, W. A.Telegraphist.
Hind, W. E. R. [obit.]Cadet.
Hockley, B. C.Temporary Lineman.
Hodson, V. E.Messenger.
Hogan, T. P.Telegraphist.
Hollyman, H. L. [obit.]Telegraphist.
Horscroft, C. A.Postman.
Hosie, W. G. [obit.]Postman.
Howe, L. A. S.Postman.
Hunter, H.Temporary Lineman.
Husband, H. A.Clerk.
Huse, A. E.Exchange Clerk.
Hutchison, W. W.Lineman.
Israel, G. E.Lineman.
Jackson, F. J. [obit.]Temporary Telegraphist.
Jamieson, L. [obit.]Telegraphist.
Johnson, F. T.Lineman.
Jory, G. L.Telegraphist.
Kelly, G. G.Temporary Clerk.
Kiernan, J. A.Lineman.
King, P. T. [obit.]Sorter.
Kirk, H. F. [obit.]Exchange Clerk.
Krohn, M. ***Temporary Lineman.
Lambeth, T. B.Sorter.
Lander, G. K.Postman.
Latimer, L. V. [obit.]Postman.
Laws. H. P. C.Cadet.
Lee, J.Temporary Lineman.
Lethaby, A. J.Postman.
Lind, A. J. [obit.]Clerk.
Lippett, A. H.Messenger.
Lloyd, G.Clerk.
Lynskey, G. B.Telegraphist.
Lyon, G. E.Telegraphist.
Macfarlane, J. C.Postman.
Mackay, J. A.Temporary Lineman.
MacLeod, R. B.Telegraphist.
Macmorran, J. [obit.]Clerk.
Magee, J. M. ****Temporary Lineman.
Maher, J. J.Exchange Clerk.
Marcussen, C. D.Clerk.
Marslin, W. T. [obit.]Cadet.
McCall, A.Sorter.
McCarthy, L. I. J. [obit.]Assistant Despatch Clerk.
McCarthy, R. H.Assistant Despatch Clerk.
McDonald, J. F.Head Postman.
McElroy, G.Temporary Lineman.
McErlean, J. C.Foreman Storeman.
McGregor, D.Postman and Messenger.
McGregor, J.Temporary Splicer.
McKay, A. D. D.Telegraphist.
McKenzie, H. A.Exchange Clerk.
McKinnon, A. D.Clerk.
McLean, A. A. [obit.]Postmaster.
McLuckie, A. A.Postman.
McManus, J. B.Postman.
McMillan, L. J.Temporary Lineman.
McNeish, G. F.Cadet.
McNulty, V. J.Cadet.
McQuillen, B. *****Temporary Lineman.
McRoberts, E. O. [obit.]Counter Clerk.
Meffin, G.Cadet.
Middleton, G. E.Exchange Clerk.
Mills, S. C.Cadet.
Minifie, C. F. N. [obit.]Senior Clerk.
Minnis, H. W.Telegraphist.
Mitchell, V.Clerk.
Mitchell, W. R.Carpenter and Joiner.
Monahan, J. J.Postman.
Moore, G. V. T. [obit.]Senior Clerk and Telegraphist.
Morris, E. V. J.Postman.
Mulvihill, J.Assistant Despatch Clerk.
Munn, R. R.Assistant Despatch Clerk.
Murray, A. J.Telegraphist.
Newell, F, L. [obit.]Postman.
Newman, R.Postman.
O'Brien, W. T.Postman.
Oliver, R. J.Messenger.
Olver, D.Telegraphist.
Ormsby, W. G. R.Cadet.
Osborn, T. A.Telegraphist.
Parker, E. L. C.Cadet.
Paul, J. C.Clerk.
Pearce, S. L. [obit.]Messenger.
Pearson, G. G.Postman.
Percy, A.Temporary Lineman.
Philips, E. M.Cadet.
Poole, F. A. [obit.]Assistant Despatch Clerk.
Power, T. F.Postman.
Price, J. C. [obit.]Exchange Clerk.
Raxworthy, C. H.Clerk.
Redmond, J. T.Acting-Postmaster.
Reid, F. F.Telegraphist.
Reid, S. B.Exchange Clerk.
Rice, S.Postman.
Robb, D. T.Telegraphist.
Roche, W.Postman.
Rodwell, J. A.French-polisher.
Ross, V. J.Clerk.
Ross, W. B. ******Lineman.
Rossiter, A. A.Lineman.
Roulston, H. L.Sorter.
Sage, W. G. [obit.]Clerk.
Salisbury, C.Foreman Lineman.
Salmond, G. C.Telegraphist.
Scales, R. D.Clerk.
Scott, D. C.Cadet.
Scott, R. F. C. [obit.]Clerk.
Scrivener, L. R. [obit.]Exchange Clerk.
Sheary, J. E.Telegraphist.
Shepherd, P. J.Cadet.
Signal, W. C.Telegraphist.
Simpson, W. L. [obit.]Cadet.
Sinclair, J. L.Telegraphist.
Smith, W. K.Clerk.
Sotheran, O.Telegraphist.
Sparkes, E. P.Postman.
Speedie, S. B.Chauffeur.
Spooner, E. J.Clerk.
Stainton, F. H. B.Clerk.
Steele, J. W. [obit.]Cadet.
Stephen, E. A.Telegraphist.
Steven, J.Telegraphist.
Stevenson, T. J. [obit.]Messenger.
Storring, A. N.Telegraphist.
Strachan, J. T. [obit.]Cadet.
Sullivan, J.Postman.
Taylor, J. B.Telegraphist.
Taylor, N. O.Counter Clerk.
Thayer, H. R.Clerk.
Thorburn, J.Temporary Lineman.
Thwaites, R.Lineman.
Tremain, C. W. H.Telegraphist.
Trembath, G. H.Postman.
Tweedy, G. F.Clerk.
Uatuku, T. I.Cadet.
Vincent, M.Temporary Lineman.
Voigt, F. E. P.Cadet.
Wainwright, F.Cadet.
Wakelin, W. R.Clerk.
Wallace, G.Temporary Lineman.
Wallace, T. B.Postman.
Walsh, H. V.Postman.
Waterman, A.Clerk.
White, J. L.Lineman.
White, M. A. [obit.]Clerk.
Wiles, H. M.Telegraphist.
Williams, L. J.Cadet.
Wood, J. R.Telegraphist.
Wootton, P. J.Sorter.

* Cenotaph and service record suggest initials should be T. M. P. Better known as Hāmi Grace, see video and read more about him here
** Service record spells his name Randolph William Griffin 
*** Charles Maxwell Krohn 
**** Spelt 'McGee' on service record 
***** Spelt 'McQuillan' on service record 
****** Surname should be 'Brown-Ross'

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