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Do you have any information linn 20/03/2016
Do you have any information linn 20/03/2016
Do you have any knowledge of Te Inuwai Elia 01/05/2020
Do you have any similar Lesley Miller 08/09/2012
Do you have or can you send Marilyn Bennett 18/07/2013
do you have the list of Anonymoussssss 21/06/2011
do you know a good website janet 31/03/2009
Do you know if this is Clara Jane Baird 30/09/2011
Do you know the names of the Lynn 30/08/2013
Do you know the names of the Anonymous 13/01/2009
Do you know who was the first Stuart Park 25/05/2019
Do you mind adding Lin Li 23/07/2014
Do you recall a show called Merv 27/01/2012
Do you want photos relating Sue Penman 10/08/2020
Does any one know if there is Royce Broome 10/05/2018
Does any one know which ship Howard Fitz-Gerald 16/09/2014
Does anybody know if there Doug Hopkins 24/09/2010
Does anyone have a rough idea Anonymous 23/11/2016
Does anyone have any Norm Roberts 14/05/2015
Does anyone have any walter dobbs 04/07/2010
Does anyone have any Anonymous 03/05/2009
Does anyone have any info on James 12/11/2012
Does anyone have information Warrior193 12/08/2013
Does anyone have information Lorraine Wilson 06/11/2014
Does anyone have information Robertina Downes 20/05/2018
Does anyone have the actual Pat 11/09/2012
Does anyone have the music Cjhris Hill 10/09/2009
Does anyone know any Telecoms Jacqui 16/01/2015
Does anyone know if this Jay Shulamith 20/07/2010
Does anyone know the family michael guard sheehan 27/07/2011
Does anyone know the history jon 20/08/2014
Does anyone know what Michelle 29/05/2018
Does anyone know when these Dudley Meadows 25/03/2015
Does anyone on here know my Christina 03/07/2018
Does anyone remember a Paul Wood 22/07/2010
Does anyone remember these Maree 01/04/2017
Does E ai ki etahi, kaore Roimata 13/04/2011
Does the Charles William Kyle Dalton 28/03/2016
Does the name, Lennox Cowie David Cowie 09/06/2014
Does the word puha carry a Anonymous 24/04/2009
doesn't give me enough info james 03/06/2014
Doesn't poto mean small? Chontelle 16/09/2009
Don't Blind-spott deserve a Jon 24/06/2009
Don't rely on the date of the Kyle Dalton 03/01/2014
Don't you just love the Ray Wiley 22/03/2011
Donnelle we are looking for Anne 16/10/2018
Doug Miller is correct about David Jackson 11/03/2020
Dr Huirangi Waikereperu is a M Bristow 27/09/2011
Dr Jamieson was actually not Praxeas 26/06/2012
Dreadfully unfair system. I Laura Hart 30/07/2018