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brother to kahakaha who fell Anonymous 08/10/2017
Brothers Percy William Edgar Sarndra Lees 18/03/2010
Buenos días, me podrían decir Joel 14/10/2016
Buona sera, sono Federico, e Federico Pantano 05/10/2010
Buried in Hanmer Springs C Townsend 04/01/2015
Buried in Hanmer Springs C Townsend 04/01/2015
Buried in Hanmer Springs. C Townsend 04/01/2015
but how many deaths there per 546730588674672 26/02/2013
C.F Mcintosh is a relative of amy 01/07/2015
c.m bartlett died 15 12 Anonymous 28/04/2008
CA Carr / possibly Catherine Anonymous 27/09/2018
Ca you name the all blacks Peter 15/02/2018
Called herself Beanor not Glenda Berg 10/02/2017
Calling it a 'charge' Ian McGibbon 09/06/2017
Came across Te Kooti flag Mo 11/02/2010
Came up from Wellington in a Anton 22/01/2020
Can anybody give me some more Malcolm Piper 05/08/2018
Can anybody tell me the Russell Armitage 26/01/2021
Can anyone remember my father Fonda Anne Cherry now Aaltonen 16/02/2016
Can anyone remember or give Lindsay Cameron 12/10/2014
can anyone show me any good history project 02/04/2009
Can anyone tell me how this Eve MAY 25/03/2016
Can anyone tell me how to Geoff Carrel 27/04/2018
Can anyone tell me if there Shaub 21/02/2021
Can anyone tell me the names Tiano 11/06/2020
can anyone tell me when this Anonymous 01/06/2020
Can anyone tell me who has Anonymous 17/02/2018
Can I see photos of ships Anonymous 03/04/2019
Can someone tell me if this Matt 25/07/2011
Can Te Atapo Brown contact me Gail Wilson-Waring 29/03/2014
Can you check whether G E M J Hansen, Kapiti Coast, NZ. 29/04/2012
Can you confirm my christopher storey fawcett 27/04/2014
Can you find out where the Noel Ellis 06/08/2016
Can you find out? I'm Laurent 10/06/2011
Can you help? Eagle Airways eric tarrant 13/11/2013
Can you or anyone assist as Ian Nichols 01/05/2010
Can you please amend the name Mary Bonham Carter 06/07/2016
Can you please confirm is Sheridan 24/07/2010
Can you please give me the Peter Wight 30/05/2013
Can you please help me. My kate spackman 28/11/2011
Can you please post the full Josh gardiner 17/01/2021
Can you please provide me Sue Nicholson 19/04/2009
can you please tell me how or john kairau 12/10/2012
Can you provide any Stuart 10/04/2014
Can you tell me exactly where Kath 02/04/2013
Can you tell me the burial McMillan 22/01/2014
can you tell me what kirrie Anonymous 28/07/2008
Can you tell us more about Siegfried Rambaum 16/11/2011
Can't believe I saw Beneath Luvvie 20/04/2010
Can't spot any references to Fran 14/10/2020